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What is a Photoagrapher?

GlennH 12 1.9k 1 France
25 May 2012 8:50AM
If you habitually take photos you are, by definition, a photographer, unless it needs to be defined in a professional, or even worse (Wink), elitist sense?

I think there's inherently a problem with going to great lengths to label yourself though, especially if the label involves art. That said, insecurity, paranoia, arrogance, and all the other various traits that we might like to believe we don't possess—all might contribute to something special. Just don't call it special yourself if you want anyone to like you!

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Dave B 15 113 United Kingdom
25 May 2012 9:02AM
You're a photographer when ..........

> As you drive along early in the evening you exclaim "Oooooo, just look at that light" in a loud voice thus drawing funny looks from your travelling companion

> You pray for stormy weather when you have free time to do what you want out & about in the open air

> When other's say "Oh what a lovely sky" and you look at the expanse of blue thinking "Nah, what it needs is cloud, cloud & more cloud"

> When you change your will to include the words "In the event of my death for god's sake don't let my partner sell my gear based on what they THINK I paid for it"

> When you see nothing wrong with getting up at stupid o'clock to drive to the Dorset coast to bag your 100th shot of sunrise over Durdle Door

> When you need that essential (obviously) piece of kit/software/IT you seriously consider whether you could eat even less to be able to afford it and not think that that's abnormal.

> When you spend way too much time than is healthy on sites like EPZ

…….. I could go on Wink
cameracat 14 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
25 May 2012 11:38AM

Quote:What is a Photoagrapher

Someone who picks holes in " Spelling " mistakes....Smile

Thankfully that department is on holiday.....Grin

My personal " Take " on the question is this, There is no such thing as a photographer, Its just a word or a name to describe what someone happens to be doing at a particular time/place.

My sister sent me a picture taken with her phone, So for a brief moment she was a photographer, Then she became a " Nurse " and when she gets home, She will become a cook, Or a mum, Or just plain old misery guts, Whatever really.......Sad

You are what you are, Some are less some are more......Wink
SlowSong Plus
9 7.4k 30 England
25 May 2012 12:11PM
I'm lots of things. But primarily I'm a woman, therefore I multi-task. Smile
Ade_Osman 15 4.5k 36 England
25 May 2012 6:46PM

Quote:I'm lots of things. But primarily I'm a woman, therefore I multi-task.

But can you reverse park your car???.........Sorry couldn't resist that! Tongue

Now diving for cover.......Ade
SlowSong Plus
9 7.4k 30 England
25 May 2012 8:09PM

Quote:But can you reverse park your car?TongueAde
Yes, perfectly. And whip up a perfect Victoria sponge at the same time. TongueGrin
looboss 11 3.1k 7 United Kingdom
25 May 2012 8:15PM
Is a photo booth a photographer?

gives you instructions how and where to sit, takes your photo and develops or prints them out and charge you a tidy sum for them yeap! definitively a photographer lol
looboss 11 3.1k 7 United Kingdom
25 May 2012 8:17PM
and to ad to my previous comments never changes into anything else, a photographer 100% beat that boys & gals Smile
Ade_Osman 15 4.5k 36 England
25 May 2012 8:48PM

Quote:Yes, perfectly. And whip up a perfect Victoria sponge at the same time

Tis a good job I'm happily married, I'm impressed.......Though I sure being a woman your fibbing about the parkingWink

Quote:Is a photo booth a photographer?

But can it make a bride & groom look like a million dollars, even if they're both pug ugly. Or can it capture a wild bird in flight?......

Ade Wink
looboss 11 3.1k 7 United Kingdom
25 May 2012 9:04PM
not all so called photographers can do all things... everyone specializes in something Smile
Overread 9 4.1k 19 England
25 May 2012 9:37PM
Here's a thought:

In the past (ie pre mass market cameras) everyone who owned a camera was a photographer provided they could use the tool itself. Only a very few were great and memorable photographers.

Today everyone can own a camera - and all those who can use the tool are photographers - but still only a very few are great or memorable photographers.

In much the same way most of use are drivers and cooks and cleaners and many other things. The only difference is that the term "photographer" is more desirable to have over many of the more mundane titles and thus people "want" to have it. Whereas most of the others people generally only get/want the title if they are getting paid.
Ade_Osman 15 4.5k 36 England
26 May 2012 12:36AM
I'd never claim to be a photographer, I make too many fundamental mistakes. Things like leaving lens caps on and batteries out and then scratching my head wondering why the damn camera won't work and that kinda thing Wink

I always had an interest and love practically every type of photography. I've flitted with the odd bit of pro stuff, weddings and such like.....But couldn't handle the stress, pressure and working to tight deadlines, despite customers being happy and me being recommended to others. I still get the odd call now, but I turn everything down unless it's something for the family and then I only do it after a lot of persuasion.

I've got what most folk would agree is quite a good wedding/corporate portfolio, if I were to show it off that is. But I don't really like doing it.......Much happier doing what I'm comfortable with, what I enjoy and what's in my comfort zone. Usually working with bugs and insects of some description.......At least they don't answer back and try to tell you what you should be doing unlike some shoots I've done, despite the folk in question not having a clue themselves Tongue

I do sometimes have a good laugh to myself in the EPZ galleries at folk who have all the gear and no idea, you know the kinda folk I'm talking about. The Numpties that have the very latest cameras, the very best lenses and they still can't get any reasonable results! The kinda guys who talk a great game in these forums, but whose portfolios are either devoid of shots or full of rubbish. (Pro togs excepted, we know why you don't post much and I don't blame you for that.)

Then you get other folks who have reasonably cheap priced compacts who get consistent results everytime and who you wish sometimes either had the spare money to go and buy a good camera or at the very least be given the opportunity to use one.........Because you know if they were given that opportunity they would be brilliant.

So do all these thoughts and doing what I do make me a photographer?......Er no, sadly not! I'm not good enough! I make mistakes when I shouldn't be making them. I don't know anywhere near enough. I don't have anywhere near the kit I would need to be taken seriously, despite having at least 6-7 Dslr's lying around the place of varying different ages and I've never studied photography, not properly........All I am is a reasonable (perhaps?) enthusiast........

I could change the plugs and oil in my car if I wanted too, doesn't make me a time served mechanic! I know a man who is, but I wouldn't want him working on my Ferrari.........The Ferrari I have in my dreams that isTongue

And therein lies the problem, photography is a great hobby, but lets be honest here: "There are far too many dreamers out there".......You know who you are? I'm glad for them really, because when they lose heart or interest and decide to sell all their gear, It makes for some great bargains and I then don't have to go and rent that special bit of kit I need for the odd wedding shoot or whatever it is I'm trying to do as I can pick it up just as cheaply secondhand.......Thanks guys GrinGrinGrinGrinGrin

A very tongue in cheek Ade Wink
keith selmes 14 7.3k 1 United Kingdom
26 May 2012 10:06AM

Quote:drivers and cooks and cleaners and many other things.
I'm a qualified driver with many years experience. Legally I'm a driver. There's no doubt about that.
But I cook to stay alive. I cook most days, but I wouldn't call myself a cook. I know how long to leave the fish in the oven because I kept the instructions off the packet.
I paint doors and windows sometimes. On odd occasions I have done painting as part of my job, but I wouldn't call myself a painter.
If I used a camera to the extent I sometimes do at work or for family snapshots, I wouldn't call myself a photgrapher.

Things like leaving lens caps on and batteries out and then scratching my head wondering why the damn camera won't work and that kinda thing

now thats a photographer Wink

(in building work, the plumbers and electricians used to tell me, everyone makes mistakes, it's getting over them that sorts the men from the boys)
SlowSong Plus
9 7.4k 30 England
26 May 2012 10:40AM
Well how do you label anybody as anything then? Whether they're paid or not? If it's their profession? I personally wouldn't call myself a photographer because it's not my job, just my hobby. But I've been plenty of other things. Wink
keith selmes 14 7.3k 1 United Kingdom
26 May 2012 11:24AM
Suppose a person was a marvellous photographer, but not a professional photographer, and lacking the business skills needed, and they earned their living as a shelf stacker.
I would happily call them a photographer. If a conversation was about employment, sure I would say there were a shelf stacker, but that does not describe the person.
I don't usually want to stick labels on people but I want to describe them as they are.

I've come across the idea that "you are what you do" in terms of what you do for a living, but it never made sense to me. Most people are more complex than that.
For some it is true I suppose, they are so wholly involved in one way of life, but so many do a job simply to get money, and so many people have a range of abilities and interests which they may or may not develop, what they do for a day job at the moment is not usually the real story. In fact I would say that as much as many people's lives revolve around their job, or profession, probably more people use their job to fund their real life.

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