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What lenses do you expect to auto focus on your camera?

brian1208 18 11.8k 12 United Kingdom
18 May 2010 8:09PM
Samdra, one point you haven't picked up on yet was the distance between lens and subject. If you are close to the minimum focal distance (2.5 metres from memory) you will potentially run into trouble. I test my lenses at at least 5X minimum focal distance and beyond to start with as this will ensure that any problems are down to the lens / camera combo and only then reduce to the MFD for further tests.

As far as I know the tamron 200-500 uses the same trick as the other long zooms and, as reported, focuses well on bodies from the canon 10D through to the 7D - I have rechecked and not found a single report of this problem on the web (plenty of complaints about the lack of focus limiter and hunting in poor contrast / light situations though)

As Kenp says, the lens is sold as compatible with all canon APS-C bodies and nowhere says that it won't auto-focus at 500mm so you have a sound claim for you money back I would have thought (good must be fit for purpose and all that)

Another question - could you get clear focus lock when using manual focus? If you could then you know it wasn't a problem with minumum focal distance but is an AF problem. If you couldn't - then it would suggest you were too close

Also, have the others tried it on their camera bodies or just yours?
Blenkinsopp 15 320 4 England
18 May 2010 8:12PM
I've had an email from WHE - I am phoning to discuss the lens tomorrow (I presume they have at last received a report from Intro 2020.

Meanwhile I have looked on the Tamron website and it says " (5 stars) Perfect lens for shooting wildlife in their natural habitat. Ideal for sport ......................................."

It also mentions availability for CAF

Surely I have a claim when it doesn't autofocus as it isn't fit for the purpose they advertise it for
Blenkinsopp 15 320 4 England
18 May 2010 8:17PM
Sorry - I pressed refresh to view updates and couldn't get back on the site.

Brian - It has been on a 40D, 50D and 400D and the subject was just over 10 yards away.

My eyesight isn't good and I find manual focus difficult.

When I mentioned "fit for purpose" it was then that the WHE person said Nikon and Canon said their cameras auto focus with lenses with a maximum aperture of f5.6 or wider.

I will keep you posted on what happens tomorrow
LenShepherd 13 4.4k United Kingdom
18 May 2010 8:24PM

Quote:I have been told by a Warehouse Express person that I won’t have any come back about the auto focus as both Canon and Nikon only say their cameras auto focus with lenses of f5.6 or faster

What would you do in my situation?

On Nikon first although Nikon guarantee AF will work to Nikon's standard to f5.6 any Nikon AF point on any Nikon AF body works in good light with a slowing up of AF speed to effective f8.
There are some restrictions with some Canon bodies which Canon users will know more about.
In this respect Warehouse Express are not right.
You can only buy from WE by mail order so you are protected by Distance Selling Regulations. These say you can legally reject a product for any reason (even if it works perfect) for up to about 10 working days.
If you contacted WE about the first lens in under about 10 days (you have longer to return it) and similarly for the second lens if you tell WE you are treating the second lens (I presume an exchange lens) as rejected as it cannot be made to work on your camera WE should refund your money.
brian1208 18 11.8k 12 United Kingdom
18 May 2010 8:25PM
sounds like a faulty lens to me Sandra and I would suggest that reporting the testing you have carried out should be sufficient to make the point to WE.

Its a shame you've had these problems as it is a darned good lens for the money (in comparative testing with a buddy of mine who was shooting a Nikon 300 + sigma 150-500 OS we decided that they were equivalent for image quality and focus speed)
Blenkinsopp 15 320 4 England
18 May 2010 8:31PM
It was the same lens returned to me - they said it wasn't faulty and I thought it was just me until others tried it.- it was bought Feb 2009 and I'm still trying for a satisfactory conclusion.

To be fair I have always shopped with WHE Express (several cameras, lenses and many accessories) and have had excellent service from helpful and well informed staff until now.
kenp 15 96 United Kingdom
18 May 2010 9:43PM

Quote:SRS don't do Canon!!
....EXCUSE ME!........They do Canon fit Tamron lenses!
brian1208 18 11.8k 12 United Kingdom
18 May 2010 10:09PM
just for interest - does it manually focus OK on your 40D?
whipspeed 17 4.2k 22 United Kingdom
18 May 2010 10:13PM
Have you had your camera checked? I only ask as I had a 70-200 f4 that didn't focus and Canon looked at both and it was the camera (40D) and not the lens.
big fella 18 485 England
18 May 2010 10:33PM
I fail to see how this lens can be deemed to be "not fit for purpose"!

I thought that it was a given that unless you are using a 1 series body, you lose auto focus over certain apertures. Even Canon will tell you that using an extender on certain lens/body combinations you will lose autofocus, especially as the aperture decreases. Even the 1 series will only focus using the centre point with these combinations. I'm sure a thorough reading of the manual for both lens and body, will highlight a reason why you cannot achieve AF. I'm sure that there is a disclaimer about performance and non Canon lenses. My 20D manual is to hand and that states that autofocus will not work on a lens where the max aperture is f5.6 or smaller!

Unless you specifically asked for a lens to achieve autofocus at that aperture, with your 40D and they sold it to you on that basis, then you may have a chance of a refund.
brian1208 18 11.8k 12 United Kingdom
18 May 2010 10:57PM
I've been checking the web again and have now found positive results for AF with this lens at 500mm on:

canon 10D (Bob Atkins review)
Canon 20D (various users on several sites)
canon 40d (ditto)
canon 7D(my experience)
canon 350D (photozone tests)

so - my conclusion is that you have a dud Sandra

Big fella, see the above + the fact that Tamron sell the lens for use with APS-C canon bodies (with no proviso that it won't auto-focus at 500mm)
Overread 13 4.1k 19 England
18 May 2010 10:58PM
Big fella, that is true for lenses that report fully to the camera AF system, but as said earlier sigma (and tamron) will mod their lenses so that you retain AF even at the f6.3 end of the 500mm scaling on those lenses. And from what I have read most of those lenses retain a very usable AF and are very popular for their cheap cost (comparativly speaking) and long reach whilst still having AF and good quality sharpness.

The tamron lens should be able to achive AF and be decent with it, it won't be blindingly fast nor a wonder in lower lighting, but in good lighting one should get good Af performance out of it - even though the max aperture is over the canon limit.
MikeRC 16 3.6k United Kingdom
18 May 2010 11:51PM
I know it's a bit off topic but what is so special about this lens, at £865 ....with no VR I think it is overpriced.
Having just bought a Sigma 150-500 with VR for only £699 from WE I consider the Sigma to be much better value.

I'd considered the Tamron expecting it to be much cheaper but quickly discounted it....glad I did now.
Not yet tried the Sigma on moving targets but so far delighted.
kenp 15 96 United Kingdom
18 May 2010 11:57PM
Warehouse express are selling it as an auto focus lens , so they dont have a leg to stand on!.......finito!
brian1208 18 11.8k 12 United Kingdom
19 May 2010 7:01AM
my only worry for you Sandra is the time interval, since you say that you purchased the lens in Feb 09 - I've no idea how that will play out but hope you do get this resolved

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