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What next after a Canon 300D and why?

Mounters 10 85 2 England
17 Jun 2007 12:43PM
I am thinking about upgrading from the trusty 300D to a 30D I have read that despite having a lower resolution the pixels are smaller on the 30D hence better definition, is that right? I would be interested to hear from anyone who has upgraded from a 300D to see what you found

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Anthony 15 5.6k 17 Scotland
17 Jun 2007 7:58PM
I did exactly this, and am so glad i did. My most recent posts are with the 30d if you want a look.

I moved because i wanted something faster, with a better buffer, and i found i was outworking the 300d. The 30d has helped me to enjoy my photography again, and was a great move for me.

Only you can decide if its for you, but either way, good luck. My opinion, do it, and you'll enjoy it.

All the best.

JennB 10 60 1 United Kingdom
17 Jun 2007 10:25PM
I changed from a 350d to 30d, happy with the results in picture quality. It handles so much better and the bigger screen is a dream compared to the tiny one on my 350d. I also upgraded my lense to a 24-70L, very pricey but worth every penny, its a beauty!
Jenn x
BRabbitts 11 3 United Kingdom
21 Jun 2007 10:45PM
I moved from the 300 to the 30d a year ago and as already stated by Jenn and Anthony you should find the 30d can do lots more than the 300.Good luck

snapman 11 9
24 Jun 2007 9:32PM
I went from a 300d to a 350d and recently to a 30d for some of the reasons above, faster, bigger buffer and burst rate, outgrew the 300d (30d over 350d purely for better build quality and faser frame rate as I now shoot a lot of mountain biking etc.) 30d is about all I reckon I'll need (for a little while, anyway. lol)
theredbaron 10 394 United Kingdom
25 Jun 2007 3:51PM
I went to 30D, all the lenses fit, its robust and not as small as 350D/400D. I find the 5fps useful and the additional functions.
scotty99 11 124
25 Jun 2007 4:06PM
Hope she doesnt mind namechecking her but jeanie (https://www.ephotozine.com/u16230) upgraded from 300D to 30D, and her gallery features her great work with these two cameras, so have a look through.
rusmi 13 37 1 United Kingdom
4 Jul 2007 3:10PM
it depend what set of lenses you have already. I had the magic 300D and when the secondary mirror failed I was asked too much monies to fix it so I decided to change camera. At the time - last november - I badly wanted the annouced 40D but Canon decided to keep it inside their warehouses so my options were canon 30D or Nikon D80. I went for the Nikon for its newer design and 10Mpixel Vs 8 (not so huge difference but I wanted 10Mpx). I NEVER regret my choice and I'm so happy with the D80 that I purchased 3 lenses for the Nikon and sold the 300D for spare on ebay.
strawman 13 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
4 Jul 2007 4:57PM
I have a 300D and have used the 20D and 30D, and have yet to upgrade.

First the good news on moving to a 30D. High ISO noise is a lot lower, next the frame rate and number it can shoot in a row a lot faster. Turn on time faster, spot meter gread adition. Levels displayed by colour handy, bigger display, slightly better viewfinder, two control wheels. Longer life camera.

And the bad news, well running at ISO 100 and 200 there is hardly any difference in resolution or image quality.

I tried a 5D and was blown away by the difference in image quality. For me image quality is the king, and the 30D, or rumoured 40D (presuming it uses the 400D sensor) or even the 80D (10mp to 8mp is nothing and you loose the Canon advantage at high ISO if you go Nikon) are not significantly better below ISO400, and this is the majority of my photography.

So I still have my 300D and have had it over 3 years and taken over 40k pictures it tells me.

For me the 30D upgrade is for functionality, the 5D for functionality and big image quality. But the price???

I am waiting till my 300D breaks or the October changeover to see what happens to Canon. Could be some last moment dumping of 5D's or a new lower cost full frame camera?

Just a counter point, oh and I am rolling over my lenses to L series when I see a good price so the jump is gentler. And each new lens brings an improvement from my 300D.

Till it breaks, and even then I will have a go myself at the mirror repair as it looks easy, nothing to loose Smile
KatieR 13 6.2k 6
5 Jul 2007 11:24AM
I use a 30D, and it's my first DSLR. I used Canon film SLRs before and it wasn't too much of a trauma to change in terms of ergonomics.

I was helping someone with a 350D for a work project this week, and while the light weight was nice for a change I found that buttons and dials were very awkward. The two-dial set-up of the 30D is much easier to use than the little button offered with the single dial on the 350D.

Also, although the weight was a relief, the 350D feels too small in my hands - I didn't like it with my 17-40mm on the front, either, as it was unbalanced.

I think you would find an upgrade strange to begin with but really come to enjoy the more solid body and better control layout.
Paul Morgan 16 18.7k 6 England
5 Jul 2007 12:15PM
I went from a 300D to an E1 and a batch of ZD lenses so much better. Less noise than the canon in low light impressed me and much more natural colours and focusing was more accurateSmile
alanO 10 4 Scotland
5 Jul 2007 12:41PM
I have had my "brilliant" 300D for 3 years now and felt i was "outgrowing" the functionality , particulary the lack of spot meetering and the slow(ish)read/write times.
After a lot of research the 30D semed to be the logical choice. i wanted to stay with Canon as my existing lenses would be kept.
I have had my 30D for a week and am loving every second of it.
I particulary like the extra weight and feel of the 30D. It feels so much more robust than the "plasticy" 300D. The dials and buttons are placed well (apart from the "usless" print button, which i feel I will never use) and easy to use.
The extra functionality of the 30D will keep me learning for a long time.
TimJ 13 482 2 United Kingdom
5 Jul 2007 12:44PM
I'm still using the 300D and went through the stages of wanting a 20D, then a 30D, etc. The reason I didn't upgrade was because the 300D does everything I want and I had a perception that if I upgrade then the image quality was going to be massively better, but in reality the lower noise at high ISO and an extra 2MP wasn't going to make a difference to me.

Hence I completely agree with Strawman's comments and I too plan to upgrade to the 5D or similar at some point. I'm playing the long game and getting lens that should prove to be worthy companions to a 5D.

Looking through your portfolio I noticed you use a superzoom (18-200) and the kit lens (18-55). You would notice a bigger difference in image quality by upgrading those lens than by upgrading the camera body.


samfurlong 11 2.5k United Kingdom
5 Jul 2007 3:16PM
Why do you want to upgrade? What is it about the 300D you find is limiting you?
Answer that and I will tell you exactly what to get, if the answer is nothing then stay with the 300D.

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