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What's staid?

Digital1 19 93
10 Jan 2003 8:30PM
Right, now I have calmed down, lets continue.


I did not keep the offensive e-mails as the address I use in my profile is my general family address, this address is also used by my wife and daughter. I made the mistake of thinking everybody here were nice people who are both mature and considerate. Unfortunately this has proven to be not the case.

In the main most members have been a pleasure to commune with, but it doe's seem however some do not like the idea of an open discussion or freedoms to work for whom I like. It is not so much the e-mails that bother me, I just usually delete and move on. But why should I have to do this at all? Also on the last 2 occasions it has been my wife or daughter who have opened them as in the past I have had some very pleasant e-mails both asking for help or just a nice conversation. The one my daughter opened was not pleasant at all. I do not know if this is somebody with a grudge against Jessops or myself, or if it is just somebody's idea of a bit of fun. I just know I am not going to put up with it.

I have now restricted that address to people who are known to me, so any other unwarranted communications will not get through.

It has never been my intention to leave ephotozine, just no longer participate in debate or inquiries.


Thank you for your kind offer of sending the boy's around, I have just put a post-it-note on the screen to remind me not to comment on anything involving you :o) (just in Case)

Pete 20 18.8k 97 England
10 Jan 2003 9:17PM
Well as you're not going to spill the beans Baz I'd just like to say thanks to which ever selfish individual/s it was (you know who you are!) You've prevented others from valuable wisdom because of your narrow-minded stupidity!!!! If there is anything we can do to convince you to continue adding your expertise again Baz we'd appreciate it.
SuziBlue 18 16.2k 10 Scotland
10 Jan 2003 9:25PM
Having the freedom to dissent gives us the room for growth .. we need to be able to disagree not only with a photographer's technique but with each other too. If we want to ask someone why they felt a certain way about a style or a picture it would be a crying shame that we didn't in case we put their nose out of joint. I'm not saying we should be all fluffy-cuddly-bunnikins about all this - I enjoy the cut and thust of a good ding-dong as much as the next person .. but for heaven's sake let's just get on with the conversation.

Baz it's a shame you've had that experience especially when you've tried to help. Can't be nice getting stuff like that in your mailbox.

Leanne - when you say that old is a state of mind - are you saying that the photographer's state of mind is old to be doing work in that kind of style, or are you saying that the market commissioning him is old? Or something else? I wanted to clarify for myself what you were saying.
photoid5 18 154
10 Jan 2003 9:58PM
The market commissioning him is late teens. early twenties. The models pay for flattering portraits which they then use in their books or on their composite cards.

I think that most if not all fashion photographers start out this way. It finances the research needed to refine good photographic technique.

However, this style is designed to promote the model as a product and is not a good showcase for a photographer as it does not showcase his specialness ,: only that of the model/client.

Know that it is crucial that a photographer does not "give up" as many do, when their abilities outshine the limitations of such a job.

It is a learning/ experimental period. To grow out of in order to learn and experiment so much more.

I hope this answers your question.

Try this link :
BOB S 18 2.6k
10 Jan 2003 10:02PM
Leanne, have I missed something, but your first line says "Staid to me is old"

photoid5 18 154
10 Jan 2003 10:17PM
Read the second line. (How old are you, anyway ?)
BOB S 18 2.6k
10 Jan 2003 10:24PM
Leanne, you know you should not ask a gentleman his age, anyway, I am as old as my tongue but a little older than my teeth.
And some people often say that I should know better !!
photoid5 18 154
10 Jan 2003 10:27PM
BOB, you are a distraction. I am seriously trying to upload here...
SuziBlue 18 16.2k 10 Scotland
10 Jan 2003 10:47PM
Referring to 'I hope this answers your question' Leanne - thanks for replying Grin but it doesn't really answer it. You were saying that old is a state of mind, and also that one of Serge's pictures is, in your words 'so old'. Putting these two thoughts together it seemed to me you were saying that Serge has a closed or a staid mind in relation to the composition of this picture. However your overview of Serge's professional career seemed to suggest more of a naivete than a staidness of approach. Quite clearly he is an exceptional photographer and can turn his hand to anything .. his portfolio work shows models in a range of looks to appeal to different markets. Grin He has the talent to surprise, to amuse, to engage, to enchant.

Maybe you and I just don't agree, and that's fine too Grin

And age? Bob LOL ... I love this one - I'm old enough to know better and young enough not to give a damn Grin
photoid5 18 154
10 Jan 2003 11:07PM
Let's move on, eh, Suzi ?
J-P 18 396
11 Jan 2003 12:32AM
Baz, you should publicly name and shame these people through the forum - it's the only way to stop it. Forward a copy to the editor too.

I've been flamed too in the past; it put me off for a while but I've always come back.

SuziBlue 18 16.2k 10 Scotland
11 Jan 2003 2:07PM
Move on? I thought we were having a discussion Grin .. I just like the journey ..
photoid5 18 154
11 Jan 2003 2:40PM
Thing is , Suziblue , I find us digressing from the original subject posted which was a cry for freedom of expression.

Obviously we all have different tastes, that is what makes life interesting, is it not?

But to have to explain myself word for word and feel defensive about my opinions means quite simply that I don't feel free to post comments on this forum for fear of the consequences.

Interesting thing is that other people have been thru worse, apparently.

What is it you feel I still have to clarify?

Pressman 19 88
11 Jan 2003 3:16PM
Leanne.Some good points have been made by Suziblue and others. You have a right to express your opinions - its a pity they can be so abrasive at times.
photoid5 18 154
11 Jan 2003 3:27PM
OK.... ok , I'm gone !

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