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What's staid?

SuziBlue 18 16.2k 10 Scotland
11 Jan 2003 4:57PM
I'm sorry Leanne that you feel you have to defend your opinions on this site. I enjoy discussing things and opening them up simply because I'm interested in people and what they have to say - to me a conversation is a journey and I enjoy it whether the terrain is smooth or rocky.

No offence or threat intended. Just interest in another human being.
photoid5 18 154
11 Jan 2003 10:00PM
We got interrupted Suzi, sorry.
What was the question again?

My thoughts are : I have been published for over 10 years. I live and work in Milan, Italy, and my work has appeared regularly in all of this country's best publications.

I would not insult this forum by posting my professional work.

(I post pics I have done on my own, shooting what I like, simply for the fun of it)

If Professional work is posted , the stakes change.
We will need to look at pictures of the family pet through different eyes.

What do you think ?

photoid5 18 154
11 Jan 2003 10:32PM
To clarify, I mean Photos taken for money.

I feel That changes the nature of the intention of the picture. ( the Why it was taken).
Hope this is clearer.
Big Bri 20 16.7k United Kingdom
11 Jan 2003 11:18PM
leanne, I don't see why you should feel restricted in what you post. I would love to see some of your prefessional work. This site isn't just for us mortals Smile
photoid5 18 154
11 Jan 2003 11:30PM
Brian, I will have a web site soon for professional use. And I will ask and need comments on it as well ?!

Even for commercial use the thing is to try to communicate who you are, competition being stiff,.

Some clients complain, but hey ! I'm still growing.

Do you really want to see big budget productions on Ephoto when you can buy any magazine ?
pablo perez 18 67
12 Jan 2003 2:05AM
having some pro photos could be a nice view,some of them could be very interesting,i believe, you just should not post what you dont like.
i believe that going on with helpful and honest comments,either they express likes or dislikes,is the only way to keep a healthy communication among all people.withdrawing will only diminish the amount of good advice and critics available to all.
SuziBlue 18 16.2k 10 Scotland
12 Jan 2003 10:46AM
I don't see a problem with your posting professional work either. There's the professional portfolio for exactly that if you didn't want to post it to the reader gallery. I often spend time in both the professional and reader portfolios as well as the reader gallery - they're invaluable.

Not sure why you'd feel the site would be insulted. This place is filled with amateurs AND professionals! The more the merrier - and the more illuminating - I say!
Pressman 19 88
12 Jan 2003 2:24PM
You're right to agree that there's a place on ePHOTOzine for amateur and professional images. That was what the site was set up to be a photo resource for everyone. That's why we have guides to buying large format, professional portfolio areas and advanced articles. BTW This is ePHOTOzine Pete testing as Pressman Pete. So Pressman Pete might not agree, but I'm sure he will.
photoid5 18 154
12 Jan 2003 3:06PM
I don't know about everyone else, but I post pictures in the readers gallery because I would like to receive comments and opinions about them.
I have also admired the professional porfolios, but I am referring specifically to the readers gallery here.
I do not need the feedback on my published work so why would I post it ?
photoid5 18 154
12 Jan 2003 3:17PM
I think I am lost in the wrong forum.
Good Luck and best wishes to Everyone at ePhotozine.
Paddy 18 254 8 England
12 Jan 2003 3:23PM
Hi Leanne, come on...you do great work.. we would like to see some of your published stuff.. just put it up and tick the box no comments ....go on..
we have missed you...lol))) chill out don't take it all soooooooooooo seriously, it's a fun site & were all here for on thing..Paddy
Pressman 19 88
12 Jan 2003 4:09PM
Leanne - many moons ago (yes I am old), my work was published daily as a press photographer. I was always grateful for feedback - good or bad.It would be nice to see some of your professional work.
Paddy 18 254 8 England
12 Jan 2003 4:14PM
Old is a state of mind pressman or was that staid...LOL))))
Pressman 19 88
12 Jan 2003 4:28PM
Night Nurse. Now you've got me all confused!
centur 19 106
13 Jan 2003 12:31AM
When I first became a member here I received some very well timed encouraging posts (in my mail box)..I am still very appreciative of them ...There was one however that although it was NOT what you would consider A flame ..it DID however test my metal ..so to speak ...WITH its obvious sarcastic tone ...It set me on my heels a bit... for at least a second ..lol ... Cheryl ..Leanne "staid" to me means :- restrained, held back, within the paramenters of conventional, it (the word) to ME implys... boring ...! eg a beige painted room would be staid compared with a red painted room..if you get my drift!...cheryl ...not a good metaphor really cos I quiet like beige Wink

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