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What's better than Om-D EM5? Can I use its lenses for an Olympus DSLR instead?

8 Oct 2016 5:50AM
Hi all
I got the retro looking OM-D EM5 as an easier to use camera for point and shoot rather than getting a DSLR.
I was never overly impressed with the image quality of this camera and should have gotten a DSLR. Coincidentally the view LCD screen has a crack so I can't use it or edit settings anymore. I was quoted $500 to get it looked at and maybe more to fix, so am thinking of buying a new camera body and keeping the lenses... but I want to get a better camera. Would this be possible to still use the lenses that came with the EM5? If so, what camera bodies are my options to give a better quality image?
Or is it just the lenses that really affect the image quality? If that's the case, are these lenses able to be put on a DSLR? Any help and advice would be appreciated! thanks!

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8 Oct 2016 9:51AM
The E-M5 is actually a very good camera and can give superb image quality when set up correctly and with the right lens. It is however quite a complicated beast and simply using it in Auto will not get the best out if it. Good guides to settings can be found and here and also here for example. A critical setting is the image quality which should be set to SF or at least F to get the best jpegs.

As to lenses - the E-M5 uses a M43 (micro four thirds) lens mount unique to Olympus, Panasonic M43 cameras you cannot fit these lenses to any other brand as each company uses it's own unique lens mounts e.g. Nikon have their 'F' mount, Pentax their own bayonet mount etc. Almost all M43 lenses give very good results, even most of the kit lenses (the little Oly 14-42 R is a low-price cracker for example). The one that gives most problems seems to be the Oly 12-50 - I've just got rid of mine as I found it the most irritating and unpredictable lens I've used in a long time - image quality at the long end was poor and focus suspect, unlike any other Oly or Panny lens I have.

My suggestion to you, if you have several lenses, is to either have your current E-M5 repaired or simply buy another but used E-M5 body - plenty of bargains around now, at least there are in UK.
cats_123 Plus
15 4.9k 29 Northern Ireland
8 Oct 2016 11:12AM
I've just bought an EM5...the guide like invaluable..thank you, Paul 😀
Fma7 4 1.0k United Kingdom
8 Oct 2016 11:36AM
I would be concerned that if you can't get good images with an EM5 will you get them with another camera.

Admittedly it has some shortcomings, all cameras do, but you should have a look at what others have achieved with it.

(Maybe someone can point to it but I thought there was an option to filter the gallery by camera type?)

StrayCat 15 19.1k 3 Canada
8 Oct 2016 5:16PM
This can't be a serious post. The E-M5 set on iA out of the box should give better jpegs than any camera you've used before, with any Olympus or Panasonic M4/3 lens, period. You did not say what lenses you have, are they Olympus M4/3? You say the camera is broken, yet you are judging its performance; try a working piece of kit, then pass judgement.
Carabosse 16 41.3k 270 England
9 Oct 2016 10:56AM
If you want to change the camera, but keep the lenses, you might like to try the Olympus Pen-F or the new EM-1 Mk II, both of which have a newer type of sensor.

But the EM5 should, in all honesty, produce professional quality photographs and has indeed been used by some professionals. If it doesn't then you may well have a faulty camera (sounds like it may have been dropped or whatever).

I agree with others that if you can't get superb images with an EM5, changing to another type of camera won't help you. Except changing a (possibly) faulty unit for one which works properly.

Good luck! Smile

10 Oct 2016 5:35AM
Thanks so much everyone! It sounds like it is most likely an 'operator fault' haha. Though I have been using a canon DSLR for work in the basic mode, only changing ISO if needed and the photos seem to come out a lot crisper than the EM-5. Then a canon DSLR user had told me the mirrorless cameras are really not comparable in quality to the DSLR so I was convinced it was the camera's quality.

Straycat - the lenses are the ones which came with the camera, sorry I don't have them with me to see what type but I guess just whatever comes standard with the pack.

Saxon image - thanks so much for those guides! I will review them once I get the camera fixed and work on setting it up a bit better.
thanks everyone!
Carabosse 16 41.3k 270 England
10 Oct 2016 1:24PM
It does sound as if your camera may be damaged though.

So, it could be down to that.
StrayCat 15 19.1k 3 Canada
10 Oct 2016 7:29PM
My comment above was based on 2.5 years of using 2 E-M5s extensively, along with an extensive set of MFT lenses; the E-M5 is known for its excellent quality jpegs, requiring no editing if you have the camera set up properly.
Andy_Curtis 5 808 United Kingdom
10 Oct 2016 9:17PM
I had an EM5 for over a year. Loved it, images were superb and I wouldn't hesitate to get another.

Something must be wrong for you to not like the images you are getting. I have had a full frame Nikon and I can't say I was blown away by how much better the images were.

Perhaps the fault is in the camera itself?
Carabosse 16 41.3k 270 England
10 Oct 2016 11:21PM

Quote: Coincidentally the view LCD screen has a crack so I can't use it or edit settings anymore

This extract from the OP's initial post may be a clue all is not well with his EM5...........
11 Oct 2016 4:06AM
Thanks again everyone. Yeah the LCD screen got cracked in my luggage but I'll price up if it's cheaper to get it repaired or buy a new body :-(
RamblinSam 6 31 United Kingdom
1 Mar 2017 11:01AM
Quote: 'Then a canon DSLR user had told me the mirrorless cameras are really not comparable in quality to the DSLR'

Ah well, some Canon and Nikon owners can be quite arrogant about their respective cameras - Owners of both these brands used to (and possibly still do) squabble a lot ... The fundamental difference between DSLR and Mirrorless cameras is how you view the image you are taking. If a DSLR manufacturer produced a Mirrorless camera, and both these used the same sensor, you wouldn't see any difference whatsoever.
As for me, I'm more than happy with my E-M1, as I know and accept that it's only failings, are due to me ...

Have to say that last week I met the Panasonic rep promoting their new, soon to be available model; I rather liked the layout of the controls on this, plus its spec appears to be better than the E-M1 Mk II, (I've no interest in video though) and being also a m4/3rds model, means I won't have to waste money on new lenses.
4 Mar 2017 5:47AM
thanks RamblinSAm. Always hard when a new camera comes up!
kodachrome 8 723
21 Mar 2017 7:21PM
Yes, it seems Panasonic are promoting the movie virtues of their M/4/3 cameras rather than stills and Olympus seem to be the other way round. I use my EM-10 just for stills and when I want to shoot some Video which is rare these days, its my Sony Camcorder, horses for courses is my book.

Nearly all the camera makers are now poring money into the movie side of the camera and this is seen also in the huge range zooms supplied for that, stills almost look like an after thought especially from Panasonic, nothing wrong in that but its a market that Panasonic and a few others are chasing.
Ramblin, most dyed in the wool photographers will be brand tribal, but in a way you can't blame them, they including me use a system we have grown to trust and operate and know the finished product, not to mention the foibles in photoshop for each brand of camera. There is a lot to take on board.

I lost my brand loyalty years ago, as I have several different makes and like them all,

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