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What's the most you've spent on a lens?

MarkE70 14 199
10 Mar 2008 5:41PM
I thought spending 700 odd quid on my sigma 50-500, a couple of years ago was loads. However, I'm now contemplating splashing out 4 grand on the canon 500mm f4 lens. I sometimes think I'm going mad when I consider what else I could do with the dosh. I know I will use the lens a lot but spending this much money on my "hobby" is casting doubts in my mind. Whats the most you have splashed out on your equipment? and will I sit back and say "I'm really glad I got this lens?"
landandlight 15 46 Scotland
10 Mar 2008 5:59PM
hehe, know that feeling. I recently spent 1650 on the 30mm lens for the Xpan...Gulp! Quality piece of glass tho.
User_Removed 15 51
10 Mar 2008 6:09PM
I know the feeling, I have spent a couple of grand this year but I put it behind me once spent in the knowledge that quality equipment adds to the pleasure of what we do. (I can't blame my tools Smile )


selclene 17 1
10 Mar 2008 6:21PM
I spent 4400 on a Canon 600 f4, I also dropped it of a small cliff on the beach luckily it still works just fine.

keith selmes 17 7.4k 1 United Kingdom
10 Mar 2008 6:29PM
samfurlong 15 2.5k United Kingdom
10 Mar 2008 6:43PM
I have the luxury of being able to justify it to myself by saying 'It's a tool of the trade' but it's still nice to own all the same.

Total kit is around the 25k mark. My favorite items being the 500 f4 (4K), MKIII bodies (2.5k) and my couldn't live without accessory the quantum turbo 2x2 at a shade under 500 (sounds cheap until you realise it is merely a souped up flash battery but once you've used one you'll never go back!).

Oh yeah got a nice 50mm f1 at focus too, total whimsical purchase for about a grand!! Taken some nice portraits with it lately though so I am glad I bought it.
rowarrior 13 4.4k 9 Scotland
10 Mar 2008 7:11PM
120 - that's probably why everyone gets better pics than me lol
KenTaylor 16 3.1k 2 United Kingdom
10 Mar 2008 7:15PM

Quote:120 - that's probably why everyone gets better pics than me lol

Or could it be they point it in a different direction Wink
10 Mar 2008 7:23PM
Last year - Nikon's 70-200 2.8 VR etc. etc. at 1.2K - lovely device...takes better pictures than I do...
Justification..? I know a young couple who together spend more on season tickets to watch some over-paid prima donnas kick a ball round a field... This year they'll have to spend the same again - I've still got the lens though Smile
elowes 16 2.8k United Kingdom
10 Mar 2008 8:11PM
In 1980 ish (can't quite remember) I bought an Olympus OM1. This cost me a months wages. I shortly after bought a 500mm Zuiko mirror lens second hand which cost me half a months wages. I then bought an OM2MD which was again equivalent to a months wages.

In today's terms I suspect that would be about 3,000.

My last lens cost me 695 and then 1,400 for the 5D.

I would have to have some serious need to spend 4,000 but if you have the money and can justify it to the family go buy it.

I have a friend who is an Arsenal fan and keeps expensive carp. I don't think I spend as much on my hobby/passion as he does but in any case it is all relative. At least when I have had my fun I can get some money back.

My next task is to convince the wife that the successor to the 5D will be really worth it and she can use my 5D as long as I can have it when I need a back up. I will obviously let her have to 70-200F4 and I will have to buy a longer zoom. What wife wouldn't be convinced?
KBan 16 512 4 United Kingdom
10 Mar 2008 9:15PM
When you think we spend 10 to 20 grand on a new car and take it back to the garage 3 years later and it's nearly worthless........... I think spending on a decent camera and good lenses is a good investment

Big Bri 19 16.7k United Kingdom
10 Mar 2008 9:24PM
I've found the more money I spend on camera gear... the less I use it. Sad
(unlike the car)

edit: to answer the question - about 1200

I wouldn't dream of spending more than that on a lens.

Then again, when I bought my first Canon SLR (an EOS 5000) I wouldn't have dreamt of spending more than a couple of hundred quid on camera gear.
Then I bought a 70-300 lens.
Then an EOS 300.
Then a Sigma 24-70.
Then a Canon 17-40, Canon 100mm F2, Canon 50mm 1.8, Canon 100mm F2.8 macro, Canon 70-200mm F4, Canon 300mm F4, Canon 24-70 F2.8, Canon 100-400mm IS, a 10D, a 5D and a 40D.

Mind you, I did sell the 300mm F4 Wink
sidaorb 15 3.9k 2 England
10 Mar 2008 9:38PM
870 two weeks ago on my s/h 120-300mm F2.8 Sigma
680 last year on a s/h 35-350mm Canon L

Dont think I'll spend anymore for a while.......honest lol......ok i'll try not to. Wink
Paul Morgan 19 19.5k 6 England
11 Mar 2008 12:51AM
Got myself a ZD 14-54 about 2 two years ago, think it retailed for abot 550 at the time.

I do like good deals though and always looking for bargins. Paid about 300 for a new 11-22 ZD and less than 500 for a 50-200 ZD new.
Carabosse 18 41.5k 270 England
11 Mar 2008 3:24AM
It's better than spending money on booze and fags. At least you can always put a lens on eBay! Wink

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