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What's your favourite camera?

nigelf22 17 583
24 Aug 2004 2:53PM
Olympus OM2 (will work without batteries) and 35mm Zuiko lens...
Burgy_Tog 17 634 United Kingdom
24 Aug 2004 4:42PM
I still hanker after a Contax RTSII, but for me probably a coin flip between the Nikon F2SB and the Canon F1n (both with drives)

Just Jas 19 26.3k 1 England
24 Aug 2004 5:16PM
I have to admit now to a great appreciation for my newly acquired EOS300V - I have just got 3 cracking sets of prints back of my recent visit to Amberly.

c_evans99 18 7.0k 1 Wales
27 Sep 2004 10:20PM
Since my last post in the thread I've developed a love for the Altix V - it's such a great camera to hold, grained leather cloth, satin chrome, shiny chrome, knurls, milled edge... I'm tracking down accessories for it... I have the viewfinder, and I've just bought the 90mm meyer telefogor lens for it, and some very nice contemporary 35.5mm filters... I'm thinking of buying another slightly diffeent version with a Tessar (mine has a Meyer Trioplan) and then I have to wind the primagon and lydith wideangle lenses Smile

UserRemoved 17 4.2k
27 Sep 2004 10:29PM
Prakica BX20.

It was my first SLR, jump up from 110 cameras and 35mm compacts.

Loved it to bits. (Still do).

Took many excellent (well excellent to me) photos with it.

Learned all about photography with it and built up a superb kit with it.

Absolutely love the shutter action. Its like having a couple of little soviet guys inside the camera banging away with sledgehammers. Real proper camera Clunk!

Almost manual everything and lenses with funny heiroglyphics on them Wink

randomrubble 17 3.1k 12 United Kingdom
27 Sep 2004 10:54PM
Fascinating thread. I want 3 votes.

First the Pentax MX with a 50mm 1.4 on the front. That was what really taught me about photography everything manual with the shutter and aperture in the viewfinder, I'll probably buy one sometime just for nostalgia!

I traded it against my other favourite, the only brand new body I have ever bought, and 14 years later I am still using the same T90. the little button you could by for just over a tenner that gives a second shutter button for vertical use is the best money I have ever spent in photography. The T90 is a genuine classic, and the most important camera of the 80's. The AF in the Minolta 7000 may have overshadowed it but in spite of not being AF in every other respect it set the pattern for everything that followed.

Vote 3 is for the Minox 35 GT, and I'm surprised to see no other votes for Minox. aperture priority control, super lens, super compact, super quiet. I still have that as well, though it is now very sickly and doesn't wind on properly any more... can't bring myself to part with it though.
asnood 17 49 United Kingdom
27 Sep 2004 10:57PM
Right... It has to be my Canon AE1. It goes everywhere with me. Iv'e had this battered relic since 1988 and it's never let me down. Mind you... Iv'e had a T90 for about ten years and it's the nicest handling camera ever.. full stop.

EVERYONE!!!! GO AND BUY A T90.. It was the first camera that is like all modern cameras. (FD lenses are pin sharp and you can pick them up secondhand for peanuts. )

asnood 17 49 United Kingdom
27 Sep 2004 10:57PM
Oh yeh.. The Nikon FM2.. Bulletproof.....

This is really hard!!!!!!

sillyconguru 17 4.4k
27 Sep 2004 10:59PM
My absolute favourite?......... Got to be a Nikon F-301.

I'm on my fourth one now (1st two got stolen, 3rd was cosmetically damaged so I traded it). Nothing spectacular about it, but what it does it does well.

I'm also quite fond of my other 3 Nikons (FA, F60, FG-20, because they're Nikons), Mamiya 645 Pro (because its the most expensive camera I've ever owned), Zorki 4K (because even though its old & wierd, its quite nice to use), and my trusty Lomo LC-A (my second one, the first of which -circa 1988- was stolen with one of my F-301s).
strawman 17 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
27 Sep 2004 11:03PM
I always liked the OM1 but never owned one. I am afraid to say my vote has to go for the 300D. Why well it really stepped up the pace in terms of offering a dSLR at a more reasonable price than what went before. Also I like its ergonomics, though not everyone does.

Plus people think its a basic SLR and thats an advantage if you want to take photo's in crowds.
mdpontin 17 6.0k Scotland
28 Sep 2004 7:42AM
Pentax ME Super. A wonderful little camera, which just fitted perfectly in the hand and handled superbly. When I accidentally smashed mine up, I replaced it with a P30t - very good, but just not the same.

Current favourite, Minolta Dynax 7. All the controls fall to hand very well and it has a reassuringly solid feel to it.

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