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What's your favourite film and why?

ofman 15 59
15 Sep 2006 2:48PM
mines fight club

the whole story grabs me. its dark, disturbingly funny and is an insight into the psychology of modern living.

from a technical point of view i respond mainly to finchers strong direction (which is seen in all his movies, that's why he's my favourite). i even find brad pitt good! his second best role. second to seven (also by fincher). fincher is one of the best contemporary directors in my opinion. the mood, lighting, editing and sound design all hit the mark in fight club. but the main reason for my love of the film is it's story - leave the constraints and demands of modern living and embrace the instincts of human nature. brilliant.
javam 17 1.1k 19 United Kingdom
15 Sep 2006 3:07PM
Just one! Very tough.

I have recently reassessed how I judge a film to be good. There are lot of films I have seen that are undeniably great films but I think the best way to tell a good film is if it is something that you will sit and watch all of (including adverts) if it you are flicking through the channels and see it is on, even though you have it sat on a shelf on DVD.

Based on that criterion it would have to be the hunt for red october.

It is not the best script, acting, direction or fx, it is not deep, it is not thought provoking it is not arty, but I still find it so watchable.

Maybe I am just weird.

If you had asked for favourite director, most emotionally effecting film or best score I may have been able to produce a slightly more high brow response than naval types in submarines and a Russian with a Scottish accent, but you didnít so I canít.
Mayfly 16 485 2 United Kingdom
15 Sep 2006 3:07PM
Such a difficult question, there are so many good films...I guess I'll say Heat - Set against the amazing urban city of LA, with Pacino and De Niro giving their best. Supberb mix of action and a fast moving plot make this one of my Favs. Awesome DTS soundtrack too Smile

Fight Club's in my top 10 though Smile
Geoffphoto 15 13.5k United Kingdom
15 Sep 2006 3:28PM
A few of favourites of mine are ;

This is Spinal Tap - just makes me laugh every time I see it !
Saving Private Ryan - harrowing war scenes at Omaha Beach
Amadeus - stunning direction and great music
LA Story - wacky Steve Martin at his best
Annie Hall - wacky Woody Allen at his best

Is this OK for a start ??

_ 16 535 4 Virgin Islands, British
15 Sep 2006 3:30PM
Has to be Provia 100F.
Real life colours and super fine grain make it a superb all round film.

CathyT 15 7.3k 18 United Kingdom
15 Sep 2006 3:31PM
One of mine is Sleepers or anything with Robert De Niro in it...
JJGEE 16 8.0k 18 England
15 Sep 2006 3:33PM
Velvia 50 for colour transparency.
Tried as soon as it came out and the results were so much better than the Agfa I had been using - so stuck with it ever since.

Sadly it has been discontinued and I only have 10 rolls left.

Ilford Pan F for B&W negative.
Just seemed natural to buy Ilford - as they had such a repution for all things B&W.
paulstefan 17 509 1 United Kingdom
15 Sep 2006 3:37PM
I'd agree on Fight Club being up there.

I recently saw Crash for the first time which left quite an impression on me. Very well filmed IMO.


EDIT: Just saw Jeff's message. LOL!
Consulo 17 840 10 Scotland
15 Sep 2006 3:42PM
At the moment, probably Terrence Mallick's all conquering The Thin Red Line.

A beautifully poetic film in every way possible - it's a film I find deeply touching.
JohnHawthorne 16 1.7k 5 Scotland
15 Sep 2006 3:49PM
I particularly like Good Will Hunting, but it's difficult to pick a favourite.

Others I like for different reasons:

Groundhog day (honestly I do) - easy to watch, funny concept
Gladiator - gripping
Shrek - fun for everyone
Laurel & Hardy films (especially Way Out West!) - I'm laughing as I type this!

Yeah go ahead and laugh, I don't care. Wink
Geoffphoto 15 13.5k United Kingdom
15 Sep 2006 3:50PM
Yeh, I like Groundhog Day as well
Geoffphoto 15 13.5k United Kingdom
15 Sep 2006 3:50PM
Yeh, I like Groundhog Day as well
Geoffphoto 15 13.5k United Kingdom
15 Sep 2006 3:51PM
Yeh, I like Groundhog Day as well
stevekhart 15 4.5k 3 United Kingdom
15 Sep 2006 3:54PM
There's not many films you can watch over and over again.
LAF 18 1.7k
15 Sep 2006 4:00PM
So many films, okay, by genre:

Horror: Dog Soldiers
Action: The Rock
Drama: Stander
Comedy: Airplane

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