What's your favourite film and why?

Paul Morgan 20 19.5k 6 England
17 Sep 2006 9:42AM
Highlander, great Queen soundtrack.

helenam 15 21
17 Sep 2006 10:27AM
"Good night and Good luck " - this is what I thought of, when I signed up to do journalism at university - pity I was 40 years too late
" Run Lola Run" - watched this with my brother and we both loved it, so it's a family favourite.
"Joyeux Noel" - for its gentle humour and hopeful view of humanity.
"last of the mohicans " - only for the soundtrack !
"brazil" - if you need to ask you won't understand !
deviant 17 3.1k 1 United Kingdom
18 Sep 2006 3:20PM

For being so right
paulcr 17 1.5k 9 Ireland
18 Sep 2006 3:22PM
Speaking of movies, can anyone tell me the name of the movie (quite old) starring Anthony Quinn where he plays the mayor of a town who all get together to hide their wine stocks in caves from the Germans during WW2. Paul
keithh 18 25.8k 33 Wallis And Futuna
18 Sep 2006 3:26PM
The Secret of Santa Vittoria
paulcr 17 1.5k 9 Ireland
18 Sep 2006 3:27PM
Cheers. Been wrecking my head for days.. Paul
CathyT 15 7.3k 18 United Kingdom
18 Sep 2006 3:33PM
Some like it hot.
Silver 15 77
18 Sep 2006 3:36PM
Reservoir Dogs.

Tiny budget yet it has fantastic casting and relied purely on character development and interaction, not big sets or fancy special effects. The 'flashback' style of direction also serves to keep the viewer interested as the plot unfolds.

Honourable mentions also go to; Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch, Alien, Fight Club, Pulp Fiction and Sin City.
JJGEE 16 8.0k 18 England
19 Sep 2006 11:01AM
Has to be

Doctor Zhivago ( 1965)

With Omar Sharif, Alec Guiness and Julie Christie to name a few of he cast.

Why - The story, the acting, the music and the scenery.

Second but a long way behind

West Side Story ( 1961)

Just a good all round film with singing, dancing ? and rivalry between the gangs - oh and Natalie Wood !

In general I like those wartime related films like
The Guns of Navarone
Where Eagles Dare
Battle of The River Plate ( is that the right title? )
The Dambusters

andydub471 15 11 United Kingdom
19 Sep 2006 3:33PM
Although its a very sombre film I must admit "Schindlers List" is one of my all time favourites. Its a well made film with some outstanding performances. Also, a film I watched recently which I recommend is "United 93", about the hijacked plane on September 11 2001 which never reached its target. It shows realtime events of that fateful day that will never be forgotten. Unlike many American true depiction films it doesnt seem dramatized over the top and is well worth watching. Andy
scott_jessuk 15 249 1 Scotland
19 Sep 2006 7:23PM
There are so may good films its hard to choose but If I had to say it would be Blade. Generally because of its complete madness and wesley snipes is the only man which could pull it off.

But then again Gladiator is another film which is rather good. I went to see that film Crank with jason statham the other day and I was in tears of laughter, so stupid but funny all the same. Blade gets my vote I think.

dunczilla 16 74 England
19 Sep 2006 11:30PM
Baraka - can make me well up in different places every time I watch it. A film that made me want to see the whole world.

Or Finding Nemo for light relief!

'Can I help you?'
randomrubble 17 3.1k 12 United Kingdom
19 Sep 2006 11:36PM
Fifth Element. So stylish.
starman1 18 61 United States
20 Sep 2006 7:57PM
I can't believe nobody's mentioned the cult classic yet......


"what's your favorite color" Magenta!
"where do you get your weed" Columbia!

And a chance to do the "Time Warp....."
Why should the actors have all the fun.........

But seriously......
I always stop to watch Shawshank Redemption or In Harm's Way when they're on TV even though I already have them on video.

It's hard to find but I like Kodachrome 64 slide film.

MikeRC 16 3.6k United Kingdom
24 Sep 2006 5:35PM
I could pick 22 but "Fargo" and "My Cousin Vinny" spring to mind.....Mike

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