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What settings should I have used?

cats_123 Plus
17 5.0k 30 Northern Ireland
17 Jul 2018 12:58PM
Hi All
Would have put this on the `critique' gallery but seems that counts for your one a day!!?
Anyway...took this shot using the rear viewfinder tilted vertically, so in effect shooting blind...

Have been using `Manual' more extensively, but struggling to understand how to improve a wider range of sharpness (I don't do reading!!!).

So, f/8.0 1/200 iso 200. The camera has obviously picked up the rear section of the shell to focus there any other setting that would widen the focal area?


Appreciate any comments, help
Thanks Jeff
Philh04 Plus
15 2.2k United Kingdom
17 Jul 2018 1:18PM
What you are seeking to increase is Depth of Field (DoF), I am guessing you are using an APS-C sensor so you should be OK stopping down to f11, increase your ISO to 400 and you will maintain your 1/200th shutter speed.

However as you get closer to your subject the narrower your DoF will become and the more critical it is to focus in the correct spot, at this distance your area of acceptable focus will be near enough to 1/2 - 1/2, i.e the DoF will be equal behind and infront of the plane of focus so I would focus manually and initially try to place the focus halfway through the snail.

Rather than keep stopping down to increase DoF you can focus closer to the front, it is often preferable to have the furthest parts going out of focus, or make the subject smaller in the frame by moving further away which will help with your DoF although you will then have to crop a little.
cats_123 Plus
17 5.0k 30 Northern Ireland
17 Jul 2018 1:28PM
Thanks Phil

Need to practice. That gives me a start point. At least I don't have moving target 😀
banehawi Plus
16 2.4k 4218 Canada
17 Jul 2018 9:42PM
Depends on your focal length, crop factor, and distance from subject, none of which we know. How many focus points you are using (you should select one)

What do you mean you shot blind. I have this mental imagebof the camera in selfie mode pointing the wrong way! Grin
cats_123 Plus
17 5.0k 30 Northern Ireland
17 Jul 2018 10:25PM
Well, "shooting blind" .. couldn't really see which focal point the camera had using an Olympus EM5 with a 40-150 lens...lens at 89mm...subject matter was about 3ft away...

The live view screen gives about 12 focus points and chooses one... it's not easy to manipulate the cursors when you're trying to hold focus... it's ok if you have the time to reset the shot...but in this case I was kneeling down!😀
banehawi Plus
16 2.4k 4218 Canada
18 Jul 2018 3:16AM
You should be able to stop the camera showing 12 points and simply choose one that you want, and havenit this way all the time, assuming you use Aperture priority, or shutter, or M. Thats the biggest issue here, where the camera focused. 3 feet is close, and your lens is effectively 180mm, so at 3 feet, you have a very shallow dof. Try a smaller f stop, or move further away and zoom more. The closer you get the shallower the dof, and the longerbthe focal length the shallower the dof.

So ideally, get close at 40mm and use f/8 to f/11; control the subgle focus point, you decide where to focus, not the camera. 1/200 is great for snails!
cats_123 Plus
17 5.0k 30 Northern Ireland
18 Jul 2018 8:19AM
Thanks Willie 😀

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