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What software do you use?

Pete Plus
19 18.8k 97 England
27 Mar 2001 7:31AM
Let me know what techniques you would like using which software program and I will try to get these covered. Jim 'l fix it or what?

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tom hardwick 19 11
8 Aug 2001 1:28AM
If you can do us a tip-of-the-day for Photoshop that would be so useful, bring people to this page on a regular basis
and generate feedback.
icphoto 19 2.7k England
8 Aug 2001 1:28AM
Most Photo Mags only cover the use of the full version of Photoshop 5/6, the article that you have provided in Photography Monthly is one of the few that I have seen covering the use of Photoshop 5LE. More please!
28 Sep 2001 7:25PM
Has anyone got any sesible discussion concerning the different types of digital manipulation softwatre out there or what.I use "Adobe Photoshop 5.0" myself and I also use micrografx picture publisher 8.I find both of these products very good considering I am a professional photographer here in Ireland.Anyone got any other favourites out there in the digital photography world.By the way I also use the good old 35mm film medium also.I believe that it will be a very long time indeed before the good old 35mm disappears if it does at all.
shashin 18 1
29 Sep 2001 3:30PM
I use photoshop5.5 at work, and photoimpact6 at home. I prefer using photoimpact6(U-Lead). If you want a good set of plug-in filters to use, instead of the stupid `funky` effects filters most software supplies, I recommend nik-multi media Efex filters. They were designed with photographers in mind. You can find them at www.tech-nik.com (no I don't work for the company, I just like their products.
klakto 18 5
21 Nov 2001 10:05PM
As an alternative to Photoshop, has anyone considered using Photopaint that comes packaged with Corel Draw. Although little known about and understated software. This in my opion has just as much power as Photoshop if not more. It has been some time since I used it as my job requires me to use Photoshop (being the industry standard) but I think that if you get the chance to use it, you will be quite supprised at its capabilities.
Little Jo Plus
18 2.3k United Kingdom
4 Feb 2002 8:01PM
I have Adobe Photoshop Elements and Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7.04 installed. The latter is a great program, lots of features and a bit more complex than PS Elements.

I could do with some tutorials on photo editing, particularly when dealing with all the complexities of hue and that sort of thing.

A lesson on using layers perhaps that goes beyond the basics?

Some things look easy in the book, but are not so easy in practice.
25 Feb 2002 3:58PM
I have PSPv7 bought from Jungle for 34 (yes you read that right!) which claims it can work with 256 colours but this is not true though so what? I also have Photosuite III and Photo It. The two latter are user friendly though the clone tool in the former is a bit clumsy.

There is Photosuite 4 and Platinum but nobody seems to know the difference......

PSPv7 is very fluent but hideously complex. It needs a 504page basic manual, a 150page supplementary and a User Group (ask Google to find PSPUG for you) which indicates just how hard PSPv7 is.

Is Elements easy? All want is to be able to retouch both b&w and colours photos, caption them either in a panel below or stripped on a transparent overlay, and that's it. PSPv7 cannot handle the captioning on b&w unless you increase the colour depth to 24bits (16m colours) or 32bits which is 24 anyway plus an alpha channel.

My equipment generates 16million so no sweat for me but it could throw many out there. PSPUG also recommends 200Hz refresh which I repudiate but I have no technical knowledge so my opinion on that irrelevant. This help anybody? Bruce +++
23 Mar 2002 2:43PM
I use Photoshop Elements. I tried PSP, Serif's package (forget the name) and loads of others. Tried a trial version of Photoshop 6 - way too complicated!

Elements seems to be just about right for me. I'm fairly computer literate, use a laptop for work (engineering), use CAD, but not really an artist. I started with a Nikon F60 SLR and a scanner, then bought a Minolta Dimage 7 last year(shame about the new 7i) and have been playing with it ever since.


Bruce Crosby
pablo perez 17 67
20 Dec 2002 10:04AM
i use L View Pro.it features a numerical filter matrix and graphic colour control.it gives me great results for texturizing.
pablo perez 17 67
20 Dec 2002 10:08AM
i actually would like to get older and much more simple software.im just starting to experiment with some downloads i got along the way recently, so i may have a comment in a few days.
althoug i understand it is different working on pro comercial photo than on experimental art.
photoworks 18 325 United Kingdom
10 Jan 2003 10:10AM
i use photoshop 7.
bppowell 18 2.2k 2 England
10 Jan 2003 11:37AM
I use PhotoShop 7 at work along with Paint Shop Pro. I have used Corel Photopaint v8 and it is just as powerful as PhotoShop but a lot harder to use and magazines tend not to offer advice for it. If you take the trouble to lean it you would be well pleased with the results. Now they are up to version 10 or more.

pablo perez 17 67
12 Jan 2003 2:17AM
but does it actually has more to do with the program itself or the bunch of plugins you can load?
i'm usin irfan view as well and image enhancer.

i have tried by all possible means to get pearls girl,a plugin from the filter factory series,but havent succeded.
as i understand there are many more programs able to do what photoshop does,but using about a half less memory space.
bppowell 18 2.2k 2 England
12 Jan 2003 10:22AM
I think the main benefit of these programs is they coast about 1 tenth or less than the price of PhotoShop, but if you are in business and can claim back the cost as a legitimate business expense than why not go for the very best.


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