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What to buy?

rhody 18 2.8k 2 United Kingdom
8 Oct 2018 8:27PM
Good luck with your choice - so many variables but please do not worry about guarantees from Digital Rev or Panamoz etc.
Someone in our camera club had to make a claim on his Hong Kong sourced Canon EOS 5D MkIV last month. It was sent back to Canon as normal and they sent it back with a note saying the camera was performing perfectly and that their technicians could not reproduce the alleged fault in their service centre.
It turned out to be operator error on his new camera but the claim process worked perfectly and faultlessly via the HK guarantee. He had to pay for the postage but that was all.
AtterKing 2 8 United Kingdom
8 Oct 2018 8:50PM
Thanks @rhody, that's good to hear. I see plenty of positive reviews regarding their buying experience, but these will come naturally when saving 's. So it's great to hear a returns experience!
AtterKing 2 8 United Kingdom
8 Oct 2018 8:55PM

Quote:When Fuji, Panasonic and Olympus introduced mirrorless cameras they changed the mount and the sensor size and significantly reduced the weight and the bulk. With care and good conditions it's possible to get shots every bit as good as those from full sized kit. Certainly as good as high-end bridge cameras but with the advantage of interchangeable lenses and adapting other lenses with ease.

A lot of enthusiasts switched to Fuji,to MFT and to Sony's E-Mount models. Canon and Nikon were late to respond and their early mirrorless systems were somewhat half-hearted and simply weren't a big hit.

I imagine when Sony headed up the charts for full frame camera sales eventually topping those charts some of the folk at Nikon and Canon were worried - there was no way their existing mirrorless could compete and both have introduced their own full frame mirrorless machines.

But it would be wrong to think this means that the future is mirrorless.

There are swings and roundabouts. Essentially the differences, as I see them, hopefully others can add, are this:

EVF means the viewfinder can be used when shooting video - not possible on a DSLR where the back LCD must be used. This is also why people switched from 5D II to the GH4 and A7S for shooting video

EVF is more WYSIWYG - I tend to spot trees growing out of people's heads etc far easier than I ever did with an Optical Viewfinder

OVF works in real time, an EVF will have some lag

EVF allows focus peaking and focus magnification in the viewfinder.

EVF allows you to see in black and white through your viewfinder - same if you want to see other styles like vivid or landscape while you compose. You can also see the white balance result. You can see if highlights are blown, if shadows are too dark.

OVF allows you to see the real scene - but bear in mind that the one that's ending up on the memory card is probably more important

EVF lets you compose in the dark. By cranking up the ISO for preview purposes you get to see what several seconds of exposure will look like.

In astrophotography light pollution might enter the eyepiece via an uncovered OVF but won't via an EVF

Today's EVFs with a properly set dioptre are a hundred times better than the EVF you used years ago when handed a bridge camera at your cousin's party.

EVF means your battery does not last as long. With a DSLR you can compose and manual focus without using any battery power.

In general, but there are exceptions, traditional DSLRs have faster and more accurate autofocus than their mirrorless cousins. Traditional DSLRs have shedloads more lens and accessory options.

Do try and put a lot of your budget into a killer lens like the one in my post, did you see the reviews? If you use a cheap lens then the best body in the world will simply reveal all of its shortcomings.

Thanks for the comprehensive comparison and info there Chris, much appreciated.
AtterKing 2 8 United Kingdom
8 Oct 2018 9:04PM
Thanks so much for all your input here guys, it's really appreciated.

I'm still battling with the decision though. I've come to the conclusion that I've probably chosen the worst time ever to decide to get back into photography. With Sony's mirrorless runaway success about to be challenged by Nikon and Canon, along with some great FX DSLR's available at both new and used tempting price points.

It would seem a little silly to spend a fortune on a camera body only to pair it with a budget lens, as so many of you have pointed out already. So that will factor highly in my decision making process (if I ever get there!!).

When I do finally take the plunge, I'll update here.

Thanks again!
Philh04 Plus
15 2.3k United Kingdom
9 Oct 2018 8:52AM
Good luck with your choice... most important, enjoy when you have made it.

Good glass stays that - good glass.
11 Oct 2018 12:35AM
The Pentax K1 ii has a built in asto tracer feature , is weather resistent and accept any K mount lens dating back to around 1976.
An abundance of inexpensive high quality glass.

AtterKing 2 8 United Kingdom
19 Oct 2018 4:53PM
So after a few weeks of deliberating, investigating, reviewing and general indecisiveness, I picked up the Sony A7 III along with a Samyang 24mm AF F2.8 lens. Along with a bag from Think Tank, a filter set from Lee, A tripod from K&F and an L-Bracket from SmallRig, I'm now well and truly broke! But looking forward to getting used to the Sony and getting out there and shooting some autumnal scenes and weather permitting some Milky Way (24mm not as wide as I wanted, but happy medium for now) at the next new moon phase. Thanks again for all your comments.
rhody 18 2.8k 2 United Kingdom
19 Oct 2018 5:36PM
A good choice of kit and components. Good luck with them and wishing you a happy (and short) learning curve with it all.
AtterKing 2 8 United Kingdom
19 Oct 2018 5:48PM
Thanks rhody

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