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ajhw2 13 34 England
4 Aug 2008 10:21PM
Any Gimp Tutorials would be gratefully recieved, I have found the ones all ready on here very usefull. Modifying Popular Photoshop tutorials for the Gimp would be a good start.
How do you create a frosted border?
Anyway must go - hungry customers waiting... Wink
OmegaMike 13 19 United Kingdom
5 Aug 2008 11:04AM
Unfortunately Painter and Paint Shop Pro are two separate things; PSP doesn't really have that much to do with painting despite its name... it does have some limited wet media tools so I can do a general guide to those but I don't think it'd be that helpful if you're on Painter which is much more into that thing while PSP is really about photo editing.

I'll do some more GIMP ones then; including your Frosted Border idea Wink

First up is going to be the Watermarking tutorial though I think given the Iconic Britain debacle haha. Thanks for all your ideas guys, they'll keep me busy, its good to know I'm doing what you actually want rather than what we think you might want Smile
OmegaMike 13 19 United Kingdom
11 Aug 2008 2:27PM
I know this is bad etiquette with the entire double-post thing, but a quick update for you all.

I've sent in tutorials on how to create a Watermark in any software package, a Frosted Frame in GIMP, how to selectively sharpen an image in GIMP and a general Curves tool tutorial for any software.

When they go up just depends on how long it takes for them to be sorted, edited and put up. May take a while because the team already have a load of other tutorials to get through that I've sent them Smile
BarbaraR 15 1.2k 1 England
11 Aug 2008 3:48PM
Many thanks for the selective sharpening one I requested
'OmegaMike'. I'll look out for that, and hope to then post
better pics up to the gallery, Wink lol.

B. Smile
OmegaMike 13 19 United Kingdom
13 Aug 2008 2:20PM

Quote:One area that would help is does the GIMP play photoshop actions or can you indead create alternatives in the GIMP.

Here's the most promising thing I can find on running a Photoshop action in Gimp; its not much but it shows there is hope Smile


I've written a tutorial on how to emulate Velvia film (to an extent of course, nothing is exactly like the original) so that should keep you happy for the mean time, and you should be able to do everything required with Elements or whatever else you might want to use.
strawman 17 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
13 Aug 2008 4:20PM
Thanks I will have a study of your Velvia tutorial later on Smile

Now my next GIMP question, can you make it all work in one application window. I get tools and pallets and the image all in different windows, can I make it all fit in one window like Photoshop?
strawman 17 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
13 Aug 2008 4:32PM
OK dumb question, where do I find your Velvia tutorial?

Thanks John
G_Pop Plus
13 3 United Kingdom
13 Aug 2008 4:46PM
It is good to read the articles on PSP and Gimp. How come I never see anything about PhotoImpact 12?
OmegaMike 13 19 United Kingdom
14 Aug 2008 12:53AM
Hi Strawman,

Unfortunately if you're running GIMP in Windows its going to be 3 windows (lots of repetitive clicking to open and close it... I know), its something to do with the way its coded. Allegedly it opens and closes as one under Linux and Mac OSX though. My only real suggestion to combat that is to learn as many hotkeys as possible to avoid having to do lots of flicking through windows. Or Alt+tab to switch between them rapidly (or in Vista, Windows Key and Tab for the unnecessarily OTT CPU eating Vista swoosh thing). The Velvia tutorial has been sent to the site editors so they've got to check it over and post it online, all the tutorials have to go through this process and they go up in the order they get put up unfortunately... I have no idea when they are heading up but they will be up some time Smile To see the ones that are already up and running just open the Techniques tab up there ^^^^ and they should be the latest ones to show up, there's a couple of pages and all that. You can sort them by software too using the drop-down menu on the Techniques page.

And G_pop, I've never used Photoimpact; I'm not particularly savvy with Vector graphics though I'll try making that leap one day I should expect.
dunczilla 16 74 England
14 Aug 2008 12:24PM
Hi Mike just found your post! I would certainly find it useful - a guide on when to use masks, layers and selections would be handy, as I usually give up in confusion...
14 Aug 2008 10:23PM
hi im using paint shop pro and am doing an experment does any body know how to add a sky from one pic in to another with a plain sky i have been trying for days now any ideas?? mail me privately please
many thanks
OmegaMike 13 19 United Kingdom
15 Aug 2008 12:38AM

Quote:Hi im using paint shop pro and am doing an experment does any body know how to add a sky from one pic in to another with a plain sky i have been trying for days now any ideas?? mail me privately please
many thanks

Yeah I don't know how to send you a PM so I'm just going to be lazy and hope you check back here...

But yes I did a GIMP tutorial doing exactly what you asked (it was like the second one I did or something), the method is the same, just use the PSP equivalents to all the tools really.

There you go. If you have any trouble switching stuff from GIMP to PSP terms let me know and I'll try clearing stuff up.

Edit: Just realised I used quick masking to make the selection which I don't think you can do in PSP. So just create a selection using the Freehand Select Tool in Point to Point mode with a few points of feathering on instead Wink In fact if its a light sky and the objects sticking up are dark you could probably get away with using the edge detect mode or something to speed it up but I usually stick with Point to Point since it does exactly as I like.
linda63 13 68 Wales
17 Aug 2008 1:52PM
((for the unnecessarily OTT CPU eating Vista swoosh thing))
What does all that mean??
I have vista, have downloaded GIMP but really don't know where to start. I've had a fiddled with it, and don't know where to go or what to do.LOST
Another question l have- What photoshop tutorials do you write for as l've followed a few and then find l have bits missing. I have photoshop elements 2
Thanks Linda
OmegaMike 13 19 United Kingdom
18 Aug 2008 1:11PM
Oh the unnecessary woosh thing is just the Vista window-switch method that does it prettily with 3d windows instead of just a quick option. It really isn't worth any attention since alt+tab does the same trick but a little quicker. Its only on the versions with Aero though, so it depends on your Vista version too.

Here's a screenshot of it in action if you're interested

Anyway on the on topic bit again; the best thing to do with a new piece of software as big as GIMP is to have a fiddle. The other thing you really should browse (as you fiddle) is the user guide. Its easy and simple to navigate, so just browse around and get an idea of the software's capabilities.

GIMP user manual

The other main thing you should try is thinking about what it is you actually want to do with it, then look at those parts of the manual most intently. Once you've mastered that technique you can move on to another bit. Also the tutorials on this site are pretty good (even if I say so myself) since I try to explain things so beginners can understand them.

I don't actually write Photoshop tutorials at the minute, but they often work with GIMP if you find some. Photoshop Elements is a stripped down version of Photoshop (which is why its a tenth of the price), so a lot of things will be missing. You can still do some interesting things with it, but you'll have to hunt down Elements specific tutorials since I'm not terribly well versed with Elements and a lot of basic things like Layer Masks are not present and need a quick workaround instead. There will be a lot of things that you can only really be done in Photoshop CS2 (which I use) and now CS3, GIMP can do a lot of them but there are still things missing from it (even though some can be duplicated with a bit of extra effort).

If I've not really cleared anything up just say, I'm aware I blabbed on a bit here...
MattGrayson 14 622 3 England
18 Aug 2008 2:03PM

Quote:Right now I am struggling to learn Painter X I don't know how close that is to Paint shop Pro.
What my goal is, is to learn how to incorporate painterly effects into my images.
I have done that somewhat in CS3, but Painter X has a lot more brushes so I thought I could get more creative, and also have better results.

Have you looked at the review to see if it helps?

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