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What would you like to know?

mohikan22 17 2.3k 2 United Kingdom
16 Mar 2010 9:14AM
The easiest way to enter is to press and hold the ALT key, then type 0169 on the numeric keypad.
i belive that is correct. i just run up word and use the symbol in there.
Or i hear...Start Menu,All Programs,Accessories,System tools. Run charachter Map. All the symbols you need. (when found just make a shortcut to the app and desktop.)(easier way round next time )
nishad1994 11 264 Oman
16 Mar 2010 10:50AM
Thanks guys !! Smile

Quote:The easiest way to enter is to press and hold the ALT key, then type 0169 on the numeric keypad.

I tried it but still it doesnt come !!

I'll try the latter option !! Antways thanks for the help .... Smile

RogBrown 14 3.1k 10 England
16 Mar 2010 10:59AM

Works for me.Wink
Matthew_H 11 12 United Kingdom
16 Mar 2010 11:27AM
As a loooonnngggg standing GIMP user the main one I'd like is - as people have already stated - add a copyright to the image but I'd like to be able to do it automagically - as I save the image. I'm thinking a small bump-mapped logo in the center of the image.

I like the GIMP - I only have Elements 7 but the GIMP has stuff that the full PS has without the 7M price tag. I mix-and-match between Elements and GIMP though. I like some things on one and some on the other. Swings and Roundabouts. Horses for courses. And other naff cliches I can't be bothered to remember.
Fishnet 17 5.0k 5 United Kingdom
16 Mar 2010 11:45AM
Can you make a brush for GIMP like you can in PS ? If so you can make a watermark/copyright brush and then put it anywhere on your image, any size, any opacity.
Xiaoli 13 661 14 South Africa
16 Mar 2010 12:47PM
yes you can - even simpler than in PS - draw, create, make any image and when you save select the GIMP brush which is the extension GBR and then make sure you save it in your brushes folder.

JUST a HINT - if you save in RGB colour then it is a full colour brush, if you save in GREY SCALE then it adopts whatever colour you have selected.

Refresh your brushes and voila! It should appear.
Yorkie11 12 5
19 Mar 2010 1:37PM
Ok, this may be a bit noddy for most but I'm new to all this, especially PS. So can someone tell me how or point me in the direction to find out how to add borders and frames etc please. I'm chuffed with my last couple of uploads on here but think they could have been improved dramatically with a decent frame!

nishad1994 11 264 Oman
19 Mar 2010 2:32PM
How can you add frames in PS CS2 ?? Smile

nishad1994 11 264 Oman
19 Mar 2010 2:34PM
And one more doubt, How can you open the plugin - Filter forge in PS CS2 ??

Thanks, Nishad
burnsey 11 1 United Kingdom
17 Jun 2010 12:49AM
I have an idea to split a photo into four section then frame each one to hang. Problem is i have no idea how to go about it in PS. Any Ideas/tips?
User_Removed 17 17.9k 8 Norway
17 Jun 2010 6:20PM

Re the thing...

Do you have the 'Num Lock' on? If not, the provided response will not work and it needs to be turned on.

Indeed, that begs the question - are you using a laptop?
Bufpuf2009 11 6 United Kingdom
11 Jul 2010 12:06PM
How do you stick two photos together?
I just can not work out how to open two photos at the same time.
I have taken two shot of the same thing (using a tripod) at different exposure and I want the sky from one and the foreground from the other. I'm guessing the same technique would work when merging two shot to create a ghost image.
I have CS5 (no I'm not rich, my sons starting an art course).
RogBrown 14 3.1k 10 England
11 Jul 2010 12:12PM
Open both images in PS. One of them will appear in the Layers Palette. Click on the other one on the Photo Bin & drag it up into the workspace. They will then both appear as layers. This applies in Elements 5. I presume the procedure is similar in PS etc.
Bufpuf2009 11 6 United Kingdom
11 Jul 2010 12:17PM
Thank you. I'll give it a try. Smile
Bufpuf2009 11 6 United Kingdom
11 Jul 2010 10:54PM
Couldn't get that to work, anyone know of a tutorial on the web?

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