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when should an 'adult photo' classification be used ?

18 Nov 2004 4:28PM
have recently posted a pic, of a guy lying on a settee in a jockstrap, although i know not really showing much - still put it under adult classification as i know there are quite a few minor members here,and may offend some. my question is when should it be used, is there normally a guideline, or it just a matter of taste ? thanks for yer repiles in advance stuart
Carabosse 17 41.5k 270 England
18 Nov 2004 4:57PM
I guess you've got to apply the principle: would a member be happy to view this in their office with the chance that a colleague may see it over their shoulder.

I don't think there is any hard and fast guideline for partially clothed people pics.
cambirder 17 7.2k England
18 Nov 2004 5:03PM
Or as the Judge in the Lady Chatterly trial said "would you want one of your servants to see this"
19 Nov 2004 11:00AM
take it that means, play it by ear or whatever lol, total nudity is a no no then , just dont want to offend anyone and know different people have different sensibilities, thanks for commenting stuart
rletham 16 890 United Kingdom
19 Nov 2004 11:58AM
With levels of nudity, I tend to go with the reaction, "what could be put on a billboard in the city centre?" many of my images contain levels of nudity but very few of them with an adult tag. The other subjects I have censored in the past are scenes depicting drug use and violence. Both of which I have marked adult although I often get questioned to why this is. I put this up without an adult tag following the above criteria, but it ending up being tagged, so I guess someone somewhere thought it was too risque.
raziel_uk 16 4.9k
19 Nov 2004 12:05PM
I would also add a pose that we would not be happy for our children to copy as in THIS SHOT.

19 Nov 2004 12:20PM
hadnt thought of it that way rab, mine certainly aint adult if you put it like that Smile Ash one of those things i have seen images in everyday life depicting that pose and yep think it is adult, unfortunately things like that are everywhere, but does that make it right? stuart
deltafour 16 13
19 Nov 2004 5:10PM
Hi Stuart, I think it is a tricky one. What I bear in mind ,is what you mentioned yourself. There are young folk on epz and care should be exercised.

colin 16 697 5 Scotland
19 Nov 2004 6:19PM
Yep, I agree with your own thoughts on this. There's enough lowering of standards across this country in everyday life - TV, on the street, music, school,etc,etc. As you say, just because its all around doesn't make it right. Discretion should be everyone's watchword, and "If in doubt, tag it out"
raziel_uk 16 4.9k
20 Nov 2004 2:37AM

To answer your question just because things like that are everywhere doesn't make it right.

Let's take it to the extreme, crime happens everywhere but that doesn't make it right.

20 Nov 2004 7:26AM
As I don't have kids or have kids around me, if I were to self-censor then as a guideline I'd probably think about what was generally acceptable within society and use that as my yardstick. Unless you have your own agenda and your own kids to look out for I don't think you can do fairer than that. So as far as I'm concerned your image is fine.
spaceman 16 5.3k 3 Wales
20 Nov 2004 12:09PM
Most "adult" photographs could be far more accurately described as juvenile.
Carabosse 17 41.5k 270 England
20 Nov 2004 2:08PM
Lol @ Spaceman. Well said!! Grin
Dinda 16 90 United Kingdom
22 Nov 2004 2:12PM
As a parent I'd say - get good 'nanny' software on your PC and monitor what your kids are doing. From a personal viewpoint, once my kids got to secondary school age I think they'd probably accessed most of the sorts of images they're likely to encounter on this site already!! There are many more frightening things than epz (which is monitored) - have you seen the forums most of them will have access to???? And as far as the image Ashley identified, I'm sure most kids at primary school will have seen this already..... or am I mis reading and was it an ironic comment?
22 Nov 2004 3:14PM
I agree with Dinda, the adult content on is so tame that the adult rating is more of a PG rating rather than an 18 or a XXX. If you let your kids use the internet unsupervised then I think that the least of your worries is a photo of some bloke in his pants or holding up his middle finger.

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