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When was the last time you used your film camera?

Just Jas Plus
20 26.4k 1 England
20 Nov 2012 11:59AM

Quote: and the SLR and lenses were sold within a fortnight

That they were snapped up so quickly shows the demand for film stuff by real photographers, CB Grin TongueTongueTongue
pentaxpete 17 727 1 United Kingdom
23 Nov 2012 3:59PM
Last few days I have been experimenting with a load of outdated Kodak Tri-X I was given by a Camera Club member -- I have tried it in my little free gift MINOX 35GT processing in Promicrol rating it at 250 ASA -- negs were a bit thin -- today I am out with my 1966 Zeiss WERRAMATIC as I have tried a short length in Kodak DK50 formula 1+1 and rating the film at 200 ASA it gave some good negs .
pablophotographer 11 2.0k 428
29 Nov 2012 11:43PM
Last month! (or longer?) I finished off a film shot by a friend. I had given him on loan a camera and he shot with the ever so nice Kodak BCN400BW. The film was outdated (by a year) but was kept cool. After it had been finished I gave it to my friend, as he had shot most of the pics. It had taken him more than two weeks to develop it, (bad, I know), and finally he asked me to take it for development. Asda did the work and they told me the prints had a slight pinkish colour. I suspected it must had been the time taken to be processed but today I discovered looking at the CD provided with the pics that the pictures there seem normal. Back to Asda for explanations then.
pentaxpete 17 727 1 United Kingdom
30 Nov 2012 10:08AM
ASDA will have printed the film onto RA4 COLOUR paper not 'Traditional' B&W paper so if the operator does not know what they are doing ( as usual ! ) you will get a colour cast on the prints -- if you print the negs YOURSELF in the darkroom with an enlarger onto something like Ilford Multigrade traditional paper you will get NO 'pink'colour cast -- easy !!
pablophotographer 11 2.0k 428
30 Nov 2012 12:15PM
Unfortunately my circumstances don't allow it, although I would love to do it.
Thank you for the advice Pete, I will go back and tell them.
I am not sure if they would have the right paper anyway....
pablophotographer 11 2.0k 428
30 Nov 2012 12:30PM
Pete, can you please suggest a specific paper to load on their machine then? They have used Fujifilm machines to print the film.

I will suggest the paper you'll say, not sure if they will do it though...
pablophotographer 11 2.0k 428
5 Dec 2012 11:45PM
ASDA fixed it!

I went there on Monday showed the lab person the pink issue and she printed a new set correctly. They use only one type of paper but, it came out right, no pink residues. Free of charge and with their fastet service. It's good to have people interested in photography at thier kiosk (at all times but... world does not need to be fixed starting from that issue).
jrfoto 15 8 2 United Kingdom
6 Dec 2012 11:11AM
I still have a film camera, and a few rolls in the fridge. I will give it (Canon F-1) a run out some time, but the last time it was used is a long time ago.

I like to think I will shoot film occasionally, but the reality of it is that a) digital is a lot more convenient, and b) film and processing is pretty expensive these days.
knikki91 15 35 United Kingdom
6 Dec 2012 12:42PM

Still shoot lots of film and tend to dev my own black and white. Colour I tend to send away and I don't find it expensive to do so. PLus I love waiting for things to come back and I really don't care if one or two shots have not worked out.
pentaxpete 17 727 1 United Kingdom
6 Dec 2012 1:59PM
Re ; ASDA pink cast -- they cannot use Ilford Multigrade in their machines as it is only for traditional B&W chemistry and they will be loaded with RA4 Colour chemistry !
Today I went out with my latest FREE GIFT Camera a 1970's Asahi Pentax KX body and a 70-300mm Hanimex Zoom lens I got from a Camera Club member -- I loaded it with a roll of 1998 dated Fuji Super G plus 400 in a batch of film I was given by a newspaper photographer -- I have tested it and there is a high Fog level and the film speed is down to 100 ASA but good enough to test out the camera and lens. I will process it myself in C41 chemicals -- takes about 15 minutes.
monstersnowman 16 1.7k 1 England
6 Dec 2012 4:47PM
3 years ago on a degree module because I had to. I wonder if people used it a year or two ago and it was such 'fun', why did they not continue using it?
lobsterboy Plus
18 15.0k 13 United Kingdom
6 Dec 2012 5:14PM
Never used a film camera ...before my time I'm afraid.
Snapper 17 4.5k 3 United States Outlying Islands
6 Dec 2012 8:38PM

Quote:Never used a film camera ...before my time I'm afraid.

Plenty on eBay just now if you should feel the urge. Tongue
pablophotographer 11 2.0k 428
8 Dec 2012 12:17AM

Quote:Never used a film camera ...before my time I'm afraid.

Plenty on eBay just now if you should feel the urge. Tongue

alternatively I'd ask a friend to lend one SLR.
You may be blown away by the simplicity of their oparation, it's so refreshing.
The flapping of teh mirror makes each shot a truly optical and acoustic experience.
Flap! It's so reaffirming you got the shot Smile
icphoto 21 2.7k England
8 Dec 2012 11:15AM
2004! A Pentax 645. Sold my darkroom the same year. Been digital eversince, although I still digitally process my old slides and negs.Wink

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