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When was the last time you used your film camera?

pablophotographer 9 1.8k 405
1 Mar 2020 7:40PM
4 out of 6 look like cameras which could be featured easily ib the 'Blade Runner" film. Future WAS here with us... but it did not stay long.
Just Jas 19 26.3k 1 England
6 Mar 2020 11:08PM
Colds, aches, back problems , winds and floods had prevented me getting out with my 'new' Agfa Isolette I. However, I managed it today and shot off a roll of HP5+.'Winter Trees' theme continued. Eagerly await the results!

My new acquisition - an Agfa Isolette II arrived this week to add to my collection of Agfa cameras. I hope to get out with that shortly.

Just Jas 19 26.3k 1 England
16 Mar 2020 1:19PM
Got out with the Isolette II yesterday - one role of exposed HP5+ sent off to Ag Photo Labs for process only. This camera is a delight to use - the shutter cocking lever and the release button are locked until the next frame is wound on after making an exposure. A tiny little window next to the wind-on knob is coloured red until you have wound on, then it turns silver.

My next outing (hopefully!) will be with the Agfa Silette 9S. This camera model was my first 35mm camera in my early 20's, after working for many years with the Kodak Folding Brownie with 2 speed shutter which, incidentally, was my first camera with a focusing lens. Unfortunately, the Silette was stolen from me after I'd had it for about a year, so I was glad to pick this one up off of ebay.

pentaxpete 16 700 1 United Kingdom
18 Mar 2020 10:01AM
well the 'All--Singing-All-Dancing' CANON EOS 1000FN let me down on 'Sports' Mode as all the shots of runners approaching me at the Brentwood Half Marathon were OUT OF FOCUS and CANON was supposed to set 'Al-Servo Follow-Focus' on Sports Mode - Come Back PENTAX all is forgiven !! I used to get all in focus with my ME Super and MANUAL Follow-Focus and many Front Page Photos !
I used Kodak 400 rated 250 ASA and home-processed in C41 and scanned with Canon 9000F Mk II

Just Jas 19 26.3k 1 England
21 Mar 2020 10:37PM
Got my Isolette 1 negs back from the processor now. Frames straight from the scanner (Epson V600 Photo).

Late afternoon, dull weather.Ilford HP5+

For my project "Winter Trees".




pentaxpete 16 700 1 United Kingdom
24 Mar 2020 1:43PM
Today went out for my 'One Exercise Allowed' -- I'm 82, a cancer and Chemo Patient and had the Text yesterday from NHS .. i went all alone with my 'Gift' Minolta X-700 + 50mm f1.7 MD Rokkor, 28mm f3.5 MC W-Rokkor -SG Mc Tele-Rokkor - QF 200mm f3.5, Cokin Filters and used it all ! FILM was outdated AGFA 200 rated 125 ASA
pablophotographer 9 1.8k 405
24 Mar 2020 3:01PM
Well done PentaxPete! I have not yet finished my vsry last roll of Kodak BW400CN - which I've loaded in January in my Minolta X-700!
pentaxpete 16 700 1 United Kingdom
26 Mar 2020 12:09PM
Here are a few results from my outing with Minolta X-700, outdated Agfa Pro 200 and Cokin Filters--



altitude50 16 21.4k United Kingdom
26 Mar 2020 1:06PM

Konica Aiborg. Darth Vader camera. Very, very odd and it all works.
Just Jas 19 26.3k 1 England
31 Mar 2020 12:14AM
Well, I've got the results from my Isolette II, but have encountered a problem scanning them on my Epson V600 flat bed scanner. Fitting a group of three negatives in the carrier the spacing of the frames goes awry, see the frame given below. This occurs on the third frame in the row.

Going back to the negatives from my Isolette I gives perfect spacing, so the problem appears to be associated with the Isolette II negatives.

Comparing the negs side by side the only difference that I can see is the negs from the Isolette II have a narrow band going down the RHS of the negs, which fades out as it progresses down the side of the negs. I have tried to show this in the picture below..

It seems that this enough to upset the location of each frame during the scan?

The spacing between the actual negative negatives themselves is regular and is the same for both sets (this is controlled by the numbering on roll of film itself, of course).

Any else had this problem or similar?

I would be grateful for any comments

pablophotographer 9 1.8k 405
31 Mar 2020 2:17AM
Unless your next frame was the same subject (path) with a cyclist or a dog walker, what I see on the right of that frame on the left is in fact the left part of the same frame.

I am not a person who owns one so I would ask this Isolette II owner, Gary.

Or I would post this as a seperate question in the film forum. I hope someone more knowledgeable, like PentaxPete, know and suggests how to resolve the issue.
pablophotographer 9 1.8k 405
31 Mar 2020 2:23AM

I thought in case you don't have the manual this might help...
Just Jas 19 26.3k 1 England
31 Mar 2020 12:08PM
Hi Pablo - What you see on the right side is the left side of the next frame. The scanner is not following the separate frames properly. The scanner has to detect the start and end of each frame. A strip of three frames are loaded to the scanner each time.

This film was the first (and only) I've film put through this camera.

Looking at the black vertical stripe, which marks the end of the frame, a faint narrow band can be seen starting at the top and going downwards.This fades out as it goes down. I think this is the problem.

The film put through my other Isolette didn't have this problem. I scanned its negs again, to check that the scanner was OK, and it didn't have the problem.

I must investigate further, I think.

Thanks for the manual link and your help.
pablophotographer 9 1.8k 405
2 Apr 2020 12:19PM
Hi Jas.
I saw the fading grey line on top of the strip.
But I notice (might be a naked eye mistake) that the total width of the strip seems to be the same (to my eyes) on top part of the spacing between the photos and the bottom of the strip. Have you measured it the spacing between the pics using a ruler? Have you measured the frames in the same way? If this happened throughout the film I would be concerned. As scientists do, a second experiment can verify or annul the findings of the first test.
Just Jas 19 26.3k 1 England
5 Apr 2020 3:50PM
The actual spacing between the frames is consistent. Repeated scanning tests give the same result.

Repeating the scanning on the negs from my other Isolette gives the the same OK results as did the first scan.

The spacing of the frames is set by Ilfords spacing between the frame numbers on the backing paper, seen through the peephole in the camera back. Given consistent winding on, of course. All is consistent.

Measuring the frame spacing using a calibrated lupe give a consistent result.

The scanner used is an Epson Perfection V600 Photo flatbed scanner.

I will put another roll of HP5 through the offending isolette to see if the the problem repeats itself.

A possible contributory effect is the rapid spring opening of the bellows which can suck the film into the camera bellows. This has been highlighted by Pentax Pete in his Youtube review of the Isolette camera (the opening of the bellows should be slowed by hand)

Thank you for your continued interest and help.

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