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When was the last time you used your film camera?

thewilliam2 4 1.6k United Kingdom
30 Aug 2020 2:41PM

Quote:Today, a war green BSA motorcycle parked next to a red post war Vespa!

Remember Italy did come onto our side, later in WW2!
pentaxpete 16 708 1 United Kingdom
7 Sep 2020 4:37PM
Yesterday went to Weald Country Park near my Town of BRENTWOOD and found by chance a 'Classic Car Show' so I took some snaps using my lovely 'Gift' Rolleiflex 'T' and some 05/1998 dated Fuji Reala that my Deceased Best Friend had never used and also some on a CANON EOS 300v body with EF 28-70mm f3.5-4.6 Mk II zoom loaded with outdated Fuji Press 800 rated 200 ASA that I wanted to use up -- I home-processed in C41.


I ordered film colour, Black & White 35mm and 120 film for my Bronica cant wait to get them used up. I have used Kodak Ekta which i find the colours are very accurate.
pentaxpete 16 708 1 United Kingdom
20 Sep 2020 10:44AM
i have been 'testing a load of FILM from my Deceased Great Friend, given to me by his Sons with his Rolleiflex 'T' -- he had bought it in the 1990's and NEVER USED IT !! There are tins of 30 meters Bulk films -- here I tried one of the packs of May 1994 dated Ilford XP1 400, the 'First' Chromogenic Film to be invented and some cut from Bulk of 'Barfen CN 100' -- I gave the strips of film varying exposures and processed in C41 for 4 mins @ 100oF . The XP1 was all 'GREENED' with age but also due to 'Fumes' attacking the emulsion layers -- a well-known effect of BAD STORAGE on C41 films . The 100 ASA BARFEN which ' Could be KONICA' gave soft negs and 25 ASA best rating. The XP1 was good at 125 ASA not 400 ASA. I scanned the 'Green' negatives as Colour and they came out a bit 'blue'



31387_1600595028.jpg[/epzimg<br />

pablophotographer 10 1.9k 409
27 Sep 2020 1:41AM
Few days ago...
pablophotographer 10 1.9k 409
11 Oct 2020 1:49AM
New roll, I am in frame number 5 or 6. A nice overlap of a blue car in the foreground, a white bridge with a yellow and black max headroom sign above it, a red car parked under a green tree in the background. Perfect subject for a colour film I thought. I set the camera aperture, take light reading, adjust the shutter speed... and the moment I fire the shutter of my SLR a woman shows up coming out of a wall corner. "Yes it proves handy to own a rangefinder as long as you don't want to do closeups of flowers" had said the wise man. He was right I suppose...
pablophotographer 10 1.9k 409
13 Oct 2020 7:54PM
Today. A frame of Autumn. Found some colourful leaves to shoot against blue skies.
pablophotographer 10 1.9k 409
22 Oct 2020 6:32PM
Today! I walked for more than an hour and got a few on my digital camera. A garden nearby provifed me with red leaves on grden grass and some garden furniture decaying over tme due to the rough weather.
pentaxpete 16 708 1 United Kingdom
25 Oct 2020 11:43AM
Yesterday went out to finish a 09/2004 dated Fuji Superia X-TRA 400 rated 200 ASA in a MINOLTA DYNAX 5 and got some 'Autumn Tints' and 'Street Photos/' I processed in a new mix of C41 and scanned with a PlusTek OpticFilm 8200i on loan from a Camera Club member.
I have also been 'testing' a load of FILM from my Deceased Friend of over 60 years -- there were loads of EXPOSED film from the 1990's NEVER DEVELOPED !! I got something out of the 'Traditional Silver B&W' films BUT where the image was composed of DYES like the Colour Negative and 'Chromogenic B&W ' like Kodak BW400CN the Latent Image had faded so much and the dyes degraded they could not be saved. I got test pics out of an un-exposed Kodak Panatomic-X dated 1987 though !





pablophotographer 10 1.9k 409
5 Nov 2020 1:09PM
Today, two frames of benches and colourful autumn foliage
pentaxpete 16 708 1 United Kingdom
5 Nov 2020 1:17PM
Yesterday I went out with a 'Beginner' member of Brentwood & District Photographic Club before the new 'Lockdown' to teach him about getting the 'Seeing Eye' and we walked around Brentwood Town and i showed him all my 'Test Subjects' -- luckily the SUN was out and he got some great shots ! I used my 1960 ROLLEIFLEX 2.8 F Planar with 02/2013 outdated Fuji Superia 400 rated 200 ASA and home-processed it




I gave the Postman a PRINT today and he was pleased !
pablophotographer 10 1.9k 409
21 Nov 2020 12:49PM
Keep up the good work Pete!
pentaxpete 16 708 1 United Kingdom
6 Dec 2020 11:12AM
I use my large collection of 'Mostly FREE ! ' FILM CAMERAS every day. So I have been 'testing' some on Loan from a Fellow Camera Club Member who buys then at car Boot Sales -- I used a 1950's Zeiss CONTINA-matic last time loaded with 08/2000 dated PhotoTec 400 ( FOMA 400) rated 200 ASA as it was old and Processed in PROMICROL Liquid Formula 1+14 for 12 mins @ 20oc. I did DARKROOM Prints on some Old Ilfobrom 10x8" D/W Glossy I was given, cut in half and developed in Home-Made Ilford PQ Universal Formula as it is very 'Strong' and good for 'Old Paper' The LENS was very sharp at full aperture f2.8 !




GwB Plus
1 62 United Kingdom
6 Dec 2020 11:32PM
What's a film camera ? Smile

Sometime In the early 80s my Brother threw all our cameras and lenses in the skip he didn't think they were worth anything!

Don't know why but I used to shut my eyes when transferring film to tank in the dark room (airing cupboard). Don't miss the smelly chemicals and wife moaning about the mess in bathroom which I used for printing. Just think of the contamination down the drains. Do miss the excitement of the wait to see what you captured though
peterjones 19 5.1k 1 United Kingdom
8 Dec 2020 2:15PM
For my birthday recently I received a Nikon ES-2 adapter; tbh I am staggered at the quality of the results using a D850 and 60mm macro; I need some fine tuning yet and I have '000s of negatives and slides but the thought has already occurred to me .. shall I buy a s/h film camera? I still have the gear to process b/w negatives ... .we'll see but I am tempted. ..... Perhaps a s/h Nikon F100?

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