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When would a Pro shoot JPG instead of RAW?

ade_mcfade 17 15.2k 216 England
29 Mar 2006 12:08PM
Just having a debate about RAW versus JPG with a mate.

the question's in the title.

I'll expand on the point when we get a few replies in Smile
chrisfroud 16 521
29 Mar 2006 12:11PM
When turnaround time is more important than quality? When the conditions are controlled and you can set things like white balance and exposure really accurately?
kokobrown 17 1.9k Scotland
29 Mar 2006 12:13PM
In my limited knowledge..raw files give you a completely flat image that requires processing in Adobe or such like.

You can then manipulate the image, adding your own contrast, saturation etc. Jpegs will let you do this but have already underwent some in camera processing so the camera is making the decision on contrast, saturation, sharpness for you.

Also allows you to combat chromatic abberation, which im not sure if you can do on jpegs.
Plus if you shoot with a grey card, you can set a netural point with white balance, and batch process a whole load of images.

Thats about the extent of my knowledge, but raw files rule!

ade_mcfade 17 15.2k 216 England
29 Mar 2006 12:19PM
yeah - those points sound fair ehough. I'm on the RAW side by the way Smile

not shot JPG in a year!
chrisfroud 16 521
29 Mar 2006 12:24PM
True - not sure I've ever shot jpeg on my current camera!
andytvcams 18 10.4k 1 United Kingdom
29 Mar 2006 12:27PM
With a 5D RAW+jpeg Smile
u08mcb 17 5.8k
29 Mar 2006 12:33PM
They were asking about professionals

*does the licking tongue and sizzling "1" thing*
andytvcams 18 10.4k 1 United Kingdom
29 Mar 2006 12:38PM
Well that's you blown out the water..
u08mcb 17 5.8k
29 Mar 2006 12:41PM
Oh come on you can't expect to get away with saying
Quote:With my penis RAW+jpeg
on here Smile
ade_mcfade 17 15.2k 216 England
29 Mar 2006 12:44PM
calm down Smile - my mate was arguing this:-

Quote:You could also say that if speed is more important than pure quality then JPG is the way to go. I wouldn't want to have to convert 300+ images to JPG just to upload for a customer to review when shooting a wedding for them to then choose only 100 of them!!!!

For Arty Farty RAW is king, for Commercial bulk image requirements use JPG....

And I was thinking, hang on, the absoluyte last place to shoot JPG's at a wedding - white dresses and balck suits all over the place!!!

So just thought I'd canvas a few opinions, and it's open to us all - not pros, but my mate was alludeing to Pros..

I shot 5D RAW + full JPG at a restaurant shot on Sunday - 2 gig cards get eaten up like porridge in Oliver!


Is the jist that people don't really shoot JPG anymore unless they are running out of cards?
dave thelens 17 936 United Kingdom
29 Mar 2006 12:51PM
NEVER .. shoot RAW and convert to j-peg

Cristian 16 950 1
29 Mar 2006 1:02PM
I'd imagine that the only time a Pro would use JPEG was if they were a little hung over & accidently left the camera settings on "auto" or as mentioned above, wanted quick processing for uncomplicated shots.

Definitely not a Pro, but I always use RAW. To use JPEG would be like having a 5 speed car & not getting out of 3rd gear. You're going along nicely, but you're restricting your potential.

Chris_H 17 1.5k 1
29 Mar 2006 1:05PM
I assist as a Wedding photographer and we nearly always shoot weddings in raw, I know of some photographers who do shoot jpegs though as if its a large wedding and you take lots of images try going through 600+ raw files and converting them, it takes for ever.
Last year we photographed a very large gypsy wedding, taking pictures was the main photographer, me and another assistant. Me and the other assisting shot in jpegs as we were shooting from 10:00 am in the morning and did not end up leaving until 2.00 am the next morning this is the only time I have ever shot jpegs, I was very tired and my legs did not stop aching for about a week, although the very next day I had to get up again and do another wedding.

Shooting Jpegs is fine, the white balance is not that much of an issue if you set it yourself, normally the bride wears a nice white dress which usually helps for this.

Also remember most wedding shots are not going to be printed much larger than 8x10 inch.

shooter 19 105 Canada
29 Mar 2006 1:06PM
When I'm shooting sports or news, I always use JPEG. It's not like the light's going to change every second. You shouldn't need to do much adjustment if it's shot properly in the first place. However did we manage with trannies before digital, right?

When I'm doing commercial location work, there'll be mixed lighting and other issues. In that case the time spent is worthwhile, and RAW makes final adjustments easier.
andytvcams 18 10.4k 1 United Kingdom
29 Mar 2006 1:09PM
So how does the news/sports pro togs shoot and feed it back to their clients RAW?.

I dont think so.

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