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Where are you all?

Katie 19 76
12 Dec 2002 2:35PM
I have so say that i am deeply disappointed with the minimal entries we've got for the competition? What's the story guys? Doesn't it float your boat, are you all Christmas shopping, eating mince pies? Can you give me a bit of insight into our readers minds (steady)
nminers 18 143 United Kingdom
12 Dec 2002 2:57PM
Well we need to go out and take the pictures first! I plan to go out this weekend and do some photography, if my hectic home life allows me to. And, as I plan to use slide film rather than digi, I'll have to wait for development, and then for my new Dimage Scan Elite II to arrive (happy Christmas to me from me!) and hopefully by then it still won't be too late!

Can't speak for anyone else though.
nminers 18 143 United Kingdom
12 Dec 2002 3:06PM
You know, Katie , there's nothing on the home page about the competition, and even when you look under "competitions" it says that there are no current ephotozine competions at all?!
So to access details those in the know have to look it up in the forum.
Or am I missing something?

By the way, I live in Italy.

Regards Leanne
nminers 18 143 United Kingdom
12 Dec 2002 3:08PM
I didn't say that! And I don't live in Italy! And my name's not Leanne!

But there is a red banner on every page (even this one) with a link to the competition...
Katie 19 76
12 Dec 2002 3:17PM
Yes, the red box which says "Photo Competition" is the one. We did promote it on the opening page, but perhaps it needs to be "bigged-up" more.
Thanks for your comments-are you Leanne?
nminers 18 143 United Kingdom
12 Dec 2002 3:21PM
No I'm Nick - I think the forum has a bug in it as I've seen people swapping names on other threads. For some reason Leanne's post was made under my name - at least that's how it appears to me. It may not to other people.
Pete 19 18.8k 97 England
12 Dec 2002 3:23PM
Nick, you're the third person now that Leanne has conquered. She's slowly taking over everyone. Soon the site will be renamed eLEANNEzine. Joking aside, we must get the bl**dy bug fixed.
photoid5 18 154
12 Dec 2002 3:31PM
Sorry Nick. I think that it is Pete's problem, really.
Katie, I never noticed the red banner before, but you should include it in an editorial format as well,. in my opinion.
Ciao tutti
Leanne Newton
nminers 18 143 United Kingdom
12 Dec 2002 3:39PM
Oddly enough, Pete, I also notice that when Leanne posts I get the link to 'Edit this message' under her name, but when I click on it it takes me to the 'post your reply' screen. This may be related.
Katie 19 76
12 Dec 2002 3:48PM
We are working on officially "big-upping" the competition, afterall not a bad prize is it.Leanne-do you have your own website? You should you know, your photos are top-tastic.
photoid5 18 154
12 Dec 2002 4:34PM
Thank you, Katie.I am working on it and there is some new stuff to look at too.
Hopefully by January I'll have a site.
Pete, something else has happened, and I have sent you an urgent e-mail about it.
Toymaker 18 587 1
12 Dec 2002 5:17PM
"Pete, something else has happened, and I have sent you an urgent e-mail about it."

Congratulations Pete - you're gonna be a dad!!

Signed Big Bri
Big Bri 19 16.7k United Kingdom
12 Dec 2002 5:22PM
Katie, don't worry, I'm sure there will be more submissions soon (like when my slides are returned).
Signed the real Big Bri.
Toymaker 18 587 1
12 Dec 2002 5:28PM
Whoops . . . . . I've been bubbled. Hi Brian.
SuziBlue 18 16.2k 10 Scotland
12 Dec 2002 7:29PM
Same goes for me - when life gets a little less hectic and I can go take some photographs and get them developed and .. and .. and .. (and I'm hoping the deadline is still 31 Dec!!)

Incidentally my signature is growing a beard. Is this a good thing?

Signed .. Nick Miners with Big Bri overtones

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