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Wheres this buddy thing going on then?

Diana 14 2.0k 19 Netherlands
3 Oct 2009 1:06PM
so...someone told me theres a lightpainting/low light buddy thing going on... and I can't find it!

any ideas if its true and if it is where I can find it
v8dunc 14 333 4 Scotland
3 Oct 2009 1:11PM
members meetings,citique buddies october,just joint the last group created
Diana 14 2.0k 19 Netherlands
3 Oct 2009 1:14PM
yeah but how do you find it...anyone got a linky please
v8dunc 14 333 4 Scotland
3 Oct 2009 1:20PM
Go to members drop down,click on members meetings.Click on critique buddies october 2009 group 3 and add your name to the list.there is a thread of the same name somewhere

Cheers Duncan
Diana 14 2.0k 19 Netherlands
3 Oct 2009 1:21PM
thanks Duncan

yep I found it now...wasn't easy!!!!!

thanks need more instructions though on what to do ..
rowarrior 13 4.4k 9 Scotland
3 Oct 2009 1:37PM
Diana, as per the instruction of the one you signed up under, you take a photo, post it and everyone in the group comments and critiques on it, and you comment and critique on theirs, that's it. However there's a maximum of 7 in a group, and you're the 8th in group 1, so you'll need to move to group 3 or if that has 7, start another one.

For the photo, it's meant to be something new and challenging, so not something you'd normally do.
Diana 14 2.0k 19 Netherlands
3 Oct 2009 1:43PM
so where do I post it to then ? just in my portfolio ?

huh whats group 3? I dont understand I only want to play with the light at night one

not something I'd normally do? I can always challenge myself to a new way of shooting at night...... dont worry about that ....

but well thats rubbish then I thought you wanted people to give critique to help people out as well otherwise whats the point ?

another downer for night photography then !!!!!

I cant even play in the light at night group then !!! boo hoo :-(

Oh well ..never mind .......enjoy your critiquing each other then
rowarrior 13 4.4k 9 Scotland
3 Oct 2009 1:46PM
If you found the members meeting area as directed by Duncan above you'd see there are 3 groups, in the instructions of group 1 it says:

Quote:'If there are already 7 in this group, then please join another.

The FAQ section has all you need to know about critique buddies, so take a look there if you are unsure'

read the instructions!
Diana 14 2.0k 19 Netherlands
3 Oct 2009 1:48PM
dont worry about it (I dont read very well)

I didnt count the members !!!!!!
Eviscera 14 1.1k 149 United Kingdom
3 Oct 2009 4:46PM
Di ,

Its difficult to follow , know what you mean !

If you click here , theres a space for another in that group.

(Or if its full , create another meeting , the tab is there to do that)

I wanted to do the crit buddy thingy but the image you do seems to appear in your gallery as well. Which I dont want.

Just good honest crit , improve and then maybe be brave enough to post in your galllery as a standalone would be better imho.

Coleslaw 15 13.4k 28 Wales
3 Oct 2009 5:08PM
You goto Member Meetings page, find a group that has less than 7 people joined (or start a new group if all groups are full). Join. Then go and challenge yourself taking photo for the theme. Then upload via that Group page or link to your group when you upload. Wait for critiques. And also give critiques to all other members' upload in your group.
Why would that be difficult?
Eviscera 14 1.1k 149 United Kingdom
3 Oct 2009 5:25PM
Hey Cole ,

All things are difficult if you dont know where to start !

Thats why I put a link. The last place you might look for this feature is under "Members meetings"

Its a great learning tool , but I reckon people might get put off by having their images critted within their own gallery.

Diversification on the themes set is new territory after all.

So , maybe there should be a "backroom" crit gallery , made up of volunteered entries to this buddy idea ?
Coleslaw 15 13.4k 28 Wales
3 Oct 2009 5:38PM
I can not understand all this business about getting put off by critiques in public.
You want to learn or you don't. Thin skin won't get you anywhere. And as you join, you know what you are joining and why you ate joining and what you will get.
When I first started in photography and EPZ, if I didn't get any critiques, I pm'ed people to ask them for their time to come and criticise. In fact, I still do!
Eviscera 14 1.1k 149 United Kingdom
3 Oct 2009 6:01PM
Its simple Cole,

Remember at school , you would have your poetry read out in class by the head teacher , and then embarrased silence and sniggers ?

I See the crit buddy feature as a way of improvement , development , learning , before the public debate.

Hence the option of an interim viewing and crit via the challenges.
Coleslaw 15 13.4k 28 Wales
3 Oct 2009 6:10PM
So who sniggers? Maybe it is all in your mind and you need to get your head right first? If someone does snigger, why would you care? After all, you are up for a challenge and they are not. So, who is laughing at whom?

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