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Which A3 printer...again.

steebi 21 68 United Kingdom
7 Nov 2011 7:10PM
Hi, I have just been looking at some of the posts about -which is the best A3 printer to get. Some of them are quite old and I feel it is relevant to get up to date opinions.

I've really had it with my Epson R2400. I bought it in great condition but second hand. It worked for a while and then started flashing (general error). It has been trouble ever since, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.

I am just thinking about getting another printer, maybe a Canon and would appreciate some opinions and info on what might be best for my needs. The prints from the R2400 are pretty good and that is with compatible inks. Unfortunately it is an important factor for me that there is the option of getting cheaper inks unless the print quality becomes noticeably bad. I have not been able to afford the full Epson prices as selling prints is only an offshoot of what I do. To add to that, much of the ink gets used when the heads need cleaning! Is it the same with original inks?

I was looking at the Canon PIXMA Pro 9500 Mark II, though it is does seem expensive for me I have noticed there is a cash-back deal Nov, Dec. The inks are also expensive compared to what I am used to paying for the R2400.

I am obviously capable of searching for printer reviews myself and I do keep looking but I am interested in the opinions of those who have had a lot of experience finding out the best for the least money (much as a miser would). Don't get me wrong I do want quality and I also want a workhorse as I am hoping to print my own greetings cards on a regular basis. At the moment I am considering a new machine with a guarantee.

Hope you have time to add your suggestions. Thanks. Wink

danbrann 18 640 17
7 Nov 2011 7:27PM
My Canon pro 9000 is excellent but I do use Canon Inks. It was useless with compatibles.
Chant57 17 395 3 United Kingdom
7 Nov 2011 7:32PM
I use the Canon Pixma Pro 9500 mk II. I use canon inks , an assortment of papers ( download the icc profiles from manufacturers websites) and I have to say I'm delighted with it. I buy my inks online from a company that provide a great service at a great price.
7 Nov 2011 10:10PM
Currently use a Canon Pixma IP8500...okay, okay... it's not A3 but from my usage so far I'd definitely be looking at the 9000/9500 if I did want/could afford A3.... too many disgruntled comments about Epson print-head blockage and ink consumption...!
AndyLeslie 13 141 8 Wales
8 Nov 2011 10:34AM
I find the R1900 perfectly acceptable in quality, up to A3+.
mattw 19 5.2k 10 United Kingdom
8 Nov 2011 11:08AM
I have the R1900, and the print quality is great - although I have only used Epson inks.

If you need (or would like the option of) roll paper, then get an Epson - otherwise give the Canons a good look as well.

However if I was going to print a lot of greeting cards, I would buy a much cheeper A4 printer, and use 3rd party inks.
seahawk 15 1.4k United Kingdom
8 Nov 2011 11:09AM
I have CanonPixma Pro 9000 - great for colour as long as you stick to Canon inks. Not so good for b&w, suggest you go for 9500 as it has more than 1 black ink cartridge. I avoid Epsons based on bitter experience though I know others have no problems with them. There seem to be fewer problems with clogged ink nozzles on Canon pigment printers so if I was replacing mine I would go for Canon again.
User_Removed 13 4.6k 1 Scotland
8 Nov 2011 1:25PM
Just replaced my Epson R1900 with an Epson R3000. The only reason was to get that extra 5% of quality when printing large monochromes.

For colour prints the R1900 is absolutely superb.

Probably the most important factor (after the printer and inks) when seeking high quality prints is the paper you use and the best will cost you about £3 per A3+ sheet. For commercial prints you probably will get by with cheaper paper but, for competitions and exhibitions, something like Fotospeed Platinum Baryta is the bees' knees. I found the least expensive supplier of this paper (also for Epson inks) to be Premier Ink & Photographic.
MeanGreeny 17 3.7k England
8 Nov 2011 4:09PM
If you can afford the initial cost then go for the Epson 3880 which does A2.

The difference in price between it and the 3000 etc is offset to a large degree by the inks you get bundled with it plus the cheaper/ml cost of the 3880's inks if you are a high volume printer.
RLF Plus
12 18 4 United Kingdom
10 Nov 2011 1:46PM
I swear by my HP Photosmart Pro B9180.
Prints up to A3 Plus size (about 13 in by 19 in).
It can print any length but is limited to 13 in wide.
Superb image quality on paper & canvas.

Like all printers of this quality the cartridges cost about £23 & there are 8.

I hope to go to Image 2012 at the NEC around February with the view to getting a 24 in wide printer...they do some excellent show deals
steebi 21 68 United Kingdom
12 Nov 2011 12:16PM
I am grateful for all the comments but have to say I agree about the clogged nozzles with Epson printers so I am leaning towards a Canon.
I have looked at ink prices but wouldn't mind having the links for the cheapest supplier for the Pro9000mk11 and Pro9500mk11 if you think you are getting good value. I'm a bit puzzled, what's the big difference between these two?
I take the point about an A4 for printing the cards but it would only do for the Portrait format designs which I may do. I want the Landscape format designs to fold 'longways' and so the length would be A3.
I will be checking out the other printers mentioned, thanks.

MeanGreeny 17 3.7k England
12 Nov 2011 12:22PM
The big difference between the 2 Canon printers is that one uses dye inks and one uses pigment inks
16 Nov 2011 12:53PM
Hi Steve,

I came across this site for third party inks:
Not sure how good it it but judging by online reviews it seems to be good.

If anybody else knows good quality and reliable third party ink supplers please share.

lawbert 16 1.8k 15 England
16 Nov 2011 4:28PM
I had a look at thier prices for genuine Canon Inks for my ix6550 A3+ printer (worth a look Steve if you want an A3+ without spending mega bucks) and they were 15 quid dearer than what I payed for a full set of genuines from amazon.
Pointyhead 11 4
23 Nov 2011 2:48PM
Before you right Epson off in favour of Canon think again! Smile
I've been using a R3000 for the last 6 months and I'm still astounded by the print quality. I print mainly B+W but colour prints are also just as good.
The only two problems with the R3000 for me was the limited waste ink pads which Epson themselves would have to replace and price of Epson cartridges. The easiest workaround was installing an external waste tank and using good refillable cartridges with inks from Image Specialist.
I wouldn't worry too much about clogged heads on Epson printers either, from what I gather that has been addressed by Epson on there latest printers, I can't find anything on the www about blocked print heads on the R3000.

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