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Which A3 Printer

Nick_w Plus
14 4.3k 99 England
6 Feb 2008 9:01PM
I'm looking to get a quality A3 printer. I would be interested to hear what everyone recommends. The main criteria is quality. What benifit will I get using pigment systems (longevity ??) but the Claria inks state long archive properties. Also If I went with Epson what are the main differances between R1900 & R2400 ..and more importantly can you see a differance in the results?

sut68 18 2.0k 77 England
6 Feb 2008 9:58PM
Can't really tell you anything about the R1900 Nick, but I can tell you that the R2400 is a stonker mate. The output from it is second-to-none IMO for the initial cost. If it's quality you're after then I think you need look nowhere else.

Not neccessarily that cheap to run, but having the control to monitor the output onto a whole variety of substrates is a great trade off - but again adds to the overall running costs.

From what I can see, the R1900 is targetted at the photographic enthusiast, whereas the R2400 is aimed at the professional!!!

Nick_w Plus
14 4.3k 99 England
6 Feb 2008 10:04PM
Cheers Paul, The running costs are not a great concern as I don't envisage printing great volumes. I'm after controling the print I get rather than reling on a third party.


newy17 15 273 United Kingdom
6 Feb 2008 10:05PM
ive chosen the R2400 as the next thing on my shopping list,,
Kris_Dutson 19 8.2k 1 England
6 Feb 2008 10:18PM
i have the Canon Pro 9500 and the results are, well, stunning would be putting it mildly. Smile
Chrism8 15 1.0k 29 England
7 Feb 2008 7:38AM
I have an R1800 and the results are superb, dont use anything else except Epson genuine inks thou, otherwise quality suffers. Not cheap to run.

MeanGreeny 16 3.7k England
7 Feb 2008 8:08AM
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b6waf 15 6 United Kingdom
7 Feb 2008 8:17AM
For years I've favoured Epsons, but I got so fed up with wasting ink cleaning the heads, and with erratic information from the "chips" which tell you how much ink is left, that I ditched my Epson and bought the Canon Pixma Pro 9000 from in November. Had it nearly 3 months now, used it lots, not cleaned the heads once, and the results are STUNNING. Truly Lab Quality. I continue to be astounded at the output, can't recommend it highly enough.

And when it says a cartridge is empty, there really isn't a drop left - and you can tell, because they are see-through !
Goggz 14 2.3k 72 Wales
7 Feb 2008 7:49PM
I've got an Epson 1400 Stylus Pro. Print quality is superb. Inks are expensive, so I use a continuous ink system, which is really outstanding. It cost 45 and has the equivalent of ten sets of Epson ink included in the price. OK you have to do a little vandalisation to get it to work (probably because Epson don't want you to use someone elses ink - I wonder why?).

THe printer is 249.

HTH, Goggz
Nick_w Plus
14 4.3k 99 England
7 Feb 2008 11:16PM
Thanks everyone - has anyone got the new R1900 yet?

Britman 15 1.7k England
7 Feb 2008 11:44PM
Goggz, any more info on the type of continues ink system you've installed?
Goggz 14 2.3k 72 Wales
9 Feb 2008 10:49AM
Hi Britman, the company website is here.

You need to remove the black cartridge bay cover to install the system. That requires you to break it in some way, because Epson naturally don't want you to be using more economical third party inks, so they deliberately make it impossible to remove without damage. I used a hot knife to melt through one of the pins holding it in place and it came off easy-peasy.

Installation of the ink system is pretty straightforward from then on. The only thing you have to be careful to set accurately is the length of the pipework that goes across the top of the printer chassis, because when the printhead moves from right to left the pipes drop down in a loop. If you get it wrong they swipe across the paper and smear the ink that has just been applied.

If you need anything more feel free to PM me Smile

Hope this helps, Goggz
steve_kershaw 16 2.3k 4 United Kingdom
9 Feb 2008 11:19AM
i had a continuous ink system for my r1800 from the same company above
it is s**t, it never worked properly, and i kid you not it was dependent on the weather pressure, IT cost me about 200.00 and worked out as the most expensive system/print to date (because it is s**t)
it is now in a box in a cupboard somewhere

you have been warned
Philipo 15 56 United Kingdom
9 Feb 2008 3:54PM
I've an Epson R1800 for my A3 prints with the Ilford range of paper and to be honest the quality of the print is excellent and I have never had problems with it.

However I would be careful using third party inks in it, as in the past I have knackered up printers by not using genuine ink, plus the quality of the print suffers.

I for one would stick with Epson
pink Plus
18 6.8k 9 United Kingdom
9 Feb 2008 4:16PM
I have the Epson R2400, I have printed over 40 A3 and A3+ prints since xmas, not cheap to run but I like Black and White and I havent seen a printer come close to this yet.
Cartridges are about 7.50 from 7DS, the light magenta/black seem to expire first.
I cannot recommend it enough.

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