Which A3 Printer

Philipo 15 56 United Kingdom
9 Feb 2008 4:23PM

Quote:I have the Epson R2400, I have printed over 40 A3 and A3+ prints since xmas, not cheap to run but I like Black and White and I havent seen a printer come close to this yet.
Cartridges are about 7.50 from 7DS, the light magenta/black seem to expire first.
I cannot recommend it enough.

Same here with the R1800 my magenta & black seems to expire first but like you I get the same amount of prints and it prints monochrome to a good standard as well.
Little Jo Plus
20 2.3k United Kingdom
9 Feb 2008 7:06PM
I think it's fair to say that almost all consumer/prosumer A3 printers using small ink cartridges cost a fair bit to keep running. The 9500 Pro isn't cheap to run either and it has no changing of cartridges to switch between matt and glossy, it just doesn't do great glossy prints (get the 9000 Pro if glossy is your thing).

Now, if you have space, and you plan to do a lot of printing, take a look at the Epson 3800. Yes, the upfront cost is higher, but one set of cartridges is worth six sets of the small ones and thereafter you're ink costs are significantly reduced. You can also have the option of printing to A2. Basically a new 3800 is equivalent in price to a 2400 and six sets of cartridges in terms of price. If you print a reasonable amount, you start saving money after that first set of cartridges is used up.

Kris_Dutson 19 8.2k 1 England
9 Feb 2008 7:40PM

Quote:The 9500 Pro.......has no changing of cartridges to switch between matt and glossy, it just doesn't do great glossy prints

Interesting; can't say as I totally agree with that as mine seems to produce pretty good glossy prints on Canon Pro paper.

Not that I do many glossy prints. I prefer satin or pearl.

I also like the fact that you don't need to change any carts to do B & W.

And what superb B & W it does too. Smile
Landlord 15 25 1 Scotland
9 Feb 2008 8:04PM
Litle Jo, I am running another forum on A2+ paper for the 3800 can you help me source it please.
Nick_w Plus
14 4.3k 99 England
10 Feb 2008 10:46AM
Thanks everyone for the advice, I will probably go for the 2400 - does anyone know if Epson (or any supplier) will do any test prints from a file I supply so I evaluate the results?
MikeH 17 218 4 United Kingdom
10 Feb 2008 3:20PM
From what I have seen Nick the 2400 produces excellent quality prints up to A3Plus. Several of our club members have them and JG is impressed. The ace up the sleeve is it's ability to print stunning B+W images with it's 3 black cartridges. I have my name on one when I can get something for my 1290. BTW I know where you can get originals for 6.99 next day del from Halifax,
flyingseale 14 400 3 United Kingdom
10 Feb 2008 4:10PM
I don't think it's been mentioned before in this thread, but from what I understand, the 2400 is the best epson choice if you want mono prints. The 1900/1800 has a clear cartridge so glossy prints look better at all angles. As such, the 1900 is possibly the best choice for most of us.
Little Jo Plus
20 2.3k United Kingdom
10 Feb 2008 6:58PM
Digital Depot in Stevenage demo a wide range of printers and you can take a file to have a test print done before parting with the cash.

Nick_w Plus
14 4.3k 99 England
10 Feb 2008 7:06PM
Thanks Jo
Nick_w Plus
14 4.3k 99 England
29 Feb 2008 2:10PM
Thanks all. I have just taken delivery of the 2400. I took the plunge and ordered it at Focus for under 400, so I felt I got a good deal. Does anyone know of a good online resourse for optimising the settings as its a bit daunting. What I'm looking for is help on obtaining profiles, what gamut settings to use, and what dot gain to use, for differant paper types.

Tho I must say my first trial print looked pretty good and I haven't optimised the profile etc.


justin c 18 5.1k 36 England
29 Feb 2008 2:45PM
Your first port of call should be to visit Epson's website where they should have the various icc profiles to download for their different papers. There will also likely be some documentation advising the optimum settings to use.
Enjoy the new printer Smile
Nick_w Plus
14 4.3k 99 England
29 Feb 2008 3:06PM
Thanks Justin - I have looked at the Epson site, but I found it a bit confusing really what I need is an idiots guide Wink
Little Jo Plus
20 2.3k United Kingdom
29 Feb 2008 5:45PM
You could try here. It's a site that is one of the top notch UK websites for anything to do with printing/Photoshop.

Little Jo Plus
20 2.3k United Kingdom
29 Feb 2008 5:57PM

ICC Profiles

Hope this helps. Basically with ICC profiles, you need to install them in the appropriate folder on your computer. Are you using XP or Vista? If it's XP, I can tell you the filepath, if you're on Vista, I'm sure there's someone on here with the info you need.

Nick_w Plus
14 4.3k 99 England
2 Mar 2008 9:58AM
Thanks Jo,

That was great help - I have been really impressed to date with the R2400 - although I've found using the right profile to be critical, rather than using the generic settings.

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