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which country would you choose to live in and why

NEWDIGIT 6 401 United Kingdom
30 Mar 2012 11:31AM
I get fed up with people moaning about life in the UK if they dont like it then ( By One Get One Free)
We are fortunate in that we have a second home in Spain near Grenada,and now that I am retired we get to use it a lot weeks or even months at a time.
But would we live there full time NO.
The weather is great as is the food and the people but as we get older we know we will need ever increasing access to medical services.
Its bad enough here with overseas doctors and nurses in our hospitals barely speaking english, but understanding exactly whats occuring in an overseas location is a different matter.
Before the comments fly we both speak some spanish and steadily improving, also many of the spanish medical staff speak reasonable good english however they are found mostly in the larger hospitals near the tourist hot spots its a vey different story in the rural areas.
I have been fortunate to live and work in many countries but UK is my home and allways will be.
how about u

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Carabosse 14 41.0k 269 England
30 Mar 2012 11:37AM
Cannot imagine why I would want to live outside the UK. I can't stand extremes of heat and cold and I wouldn't want to live somewhere, where language was an issue - although I am reasonably good at picking up foreign languages.
Zatoichi 8 707 United Kingdom
30 Mar 2012 11:48AM

Quote:I get fed up with people moaning about life in the UK if they dont like it then ( By One Get One Free)

Life in the UK is great. Its the Tories, their lap dogs and the other Tories that frustrate the hell out of me. Other than that its a great place.

I never did get the idea of people moving to somewhere like Australia, really, who would want to live 5 miles from the sun? Tongue
MeanGreeny 12 3.7k England
30 Mar 2012 11:49AM
Norway - in the Oslo area but not city centre. Everything a Capital City should have in a compact, green and beautifully small package.
seahawk 10 1.1k United Kingdom
30 Mar 2012 12:01PM
I love UK and am proud to be British, something which seems to be unfashionable and often derided nowadays. I am not ashamed of the British Empire either, something which many of my friends even feel they have to apologise for. However, it seems to me that patriotism is a dying art and I fear for the future of the UK. As an Englishman living in Scotland I can see the secession of Scotland as inevitable (though regrettable) and I feel that this country is losing its sense of identify and its self-confidence. We just seem to lurch from one problem to another and our politicians seem unable to figure out any genuine solutions and because they are not, in my view, genuinely accountable to the electorate as we have no genuine democracy here, I cannot see any genuine prospect of real improvement in the near future.
In an ideal world I would move to Switzerland because it has managed to retain genuine democracy and the standard of living is wonderful but I can't afford it so it's a pipedream for me (I envy JoolsB for being able to live there) so I compensate by going there every summer holiday.

Rant and moan over.
JohnParminter 10 1.3k 14 England
30 Mar 2012 12:20PM
My home where I was born, brought up and still live is the Lake District. I've travelled and worked all over the world but never once considered to settle anywhere else bar where I am now, not even NZ, USA, far east, Europe or the sub continent.

I work in Scotland though through the week and if I had cause to move from Cumbria then I would choose Scotland, probably Inverness.
discreetphoton 12 3.5k 20 United Kingdom
30 Mar 2012 12:37PM
USA for me. I miss the laid back and (paradoxically) hard-working attitude of the general population. And whatever else you can say about the place, it really is the land of opportunity. I've had experiences there that you just couldn't pay for here. Outdoor bathing in the summer without the risk of hypothermia and good skiing in the winter. Can't beat it. However I ultimately chose to be within easy reach of loved ones. When it came to the crunch, I chose England over Scotland's central belt. They're basically the same, but the weather's better in Yorkshire Smile
Nick_w Plus
10 4.3k 99 England
30 Mar 2012 12:41PM

Quote: They're basically the same, but the weather's better in Yorkshire Smile

Jeez it must be bad in Scotland Wink

The USA would be a close second for me - to Australia, all for the same reasons David states.
Coleslaw 12 13.4k 28 Wales
30 Mar 2012 12:43PM
ade_mcfade 13 15.2k 216 England
30 Mar 2012 12:52PM

I've got no ties to the UK so could leave at any time, but I haven't
digicammad 14 22.0k 39 United Kingdom
30 Mar 2012 12:58PM
I've lived in America and France and we have a place on the Turkish Med. I speak American, French and a little Turkish, but in reality I don't think I would want to live anywhere permanently other than Britain.

America is brilliant, the Americans at home are a great crowd - open and generous, but it is so big it is difficult to experience the diversity of environments.

France is possibly one of the loveliest countries in Europe, partly because of the importance of agriculture and history, if I was going to live outside the UK it would probably be there, but the bureaucracy drives you nuts.

Turkey has glorious weather and possibly the friendliest people I have ever found in my travels, but it doesn't have the same environmental diversity as Britain, or at least not within a day's drive, which would probably frustrate me over time.

We may moan but we love our country really, it is just the idiots running it we hate.
JohnParminter 10 1.3k 14 England
30 Mar 2012 12:59PM

Quote:They're basically the same, but the weather's better in Yorkshire

For your sunbathing and barbeques perhaps, which means the weather is better in Scotland for photography.....

JackAllTog Plus
8 4.8k 58 United Kingdom
30 Mar 2012 12:59PM
A country with a stable & growing future.
A country of tolerance and pride that stands up for legal rightness, with reducing crime and fewer extreme popular views that get in way of the citizens living their lives. (religion/fashion/anarchy/unions/work ethics)
A country in which people feel happy to contribute too, rather than resenting the excesses of spending on dealing with those that throw their toy's out the pram and need to be looked after.
A country that massively educates its children and adults to understand how life works for everyone and why skills are important.

A country that allows workers to be well paid.

A country that looks after its older generation in terms of housing, safety, activities and work if they want.

If this is still on the long term strategic roadmap for the UK then here is good.
rossd 14 1.1k England
30 Mar 2012 1:04PM


But didn't you choose to live in/emmigrate to the UK ? If so why choose somewhere else?

Me........... I'd like to live in Canada ............ but their immigration policy is quite rigid (as are those of the US, Australia and NZ) so I don't qualify (too old and insufficient pension) Sad
Coleslaw 12 13.4k 28 Wales
30 Mar 2012 1:09PM

Quote:But didn't you choose to live in/emmigrate to the UK ? If so why choose somewhere else?

UK because of education and language really. But I will eventually end up back in SEA in the near future.

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