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Which do you prefer and why?

Dennis45 3 42 Canada
2 Nov 2018 6:31PM
Android or IOS?
banehawi Plus
18 2.7k 4314 Canada
2 Nov 2018 7:17PM
IOS. Because the first smartphone I owned was an Apple, then I have iPad, iPod, Imac, - so im in the "system". Thats probably it for a lot of people.

Welcome to EPZ Dennis. Where are you in Canada? Im in Peterborough, ON.
2 Nov 2018 7:41PM

Quote:. iPhone is quite an unbreakable phone when it comes to software

Sounds like a good idea to me....

Heard or read recently about the comparison twixt user and “hacker”..

“A user explores how the phone can help them, a hacker tries to break in and find how they can change the device to do what they want..”

I use an Ipad Air 2...after trying several other devices, Hudl, Blackberry etc... finally bit the bullet, paid the price...and it

I’ve no great love for Apple, their products do have annoyances, and stupid prices.. but, as I said, they work..

So I guess that makes me vote “IOS”....but marginally...!
Dennis45 3 42 Canada
2 Nov 2018 7:55PM
I was using an android phone and ran into problems with exchanging photos with our children, who all use iphones. I heard it every day; get an iPhone! So, eventually I was given a 4s. I didn't like it. (I'm old and don't like changeWink. I went back to using the android and having problems till my contract ran out, then I got a deal on a 6s, and I'm still using it. I also have an ipad, my 3rd, and we communicate with our son on the east coast, using Facetime, brilliant. He gives us a guided tour of his garden and house projects frequently, and we enjoy it. I've only just recently become interested in the camera, and trying to choose a new smartphone on a new contract, my old 24 month contract is about to expire. Great deals out there. That's my main reason for asking. I use the smartphone for all of our grandchildren's events and just about all my casual photography, take it with me all the time; people just don't want to see a camera pointing at them anymore, a proper camera, that is. I don't know as I blame them. I can use the iPhone almost anywhere, anytime, within reason, but even the children stick their hand in front of a camera. I only use the camera for special things such as wildlife, otherwise it's the 6s. Thanks for replying.
Dennis45 3 42 Canada
2 Nov 2018 7:59PM
Oh, I also drive a Honda Civic, so very consistent. Like you Kevin, I tried other tablets, but they seem to have a short life and/or throw up numerous obstacles to trouble free enjoyment, Apple products just work, as do Honda products.
2 Nov 2018 8:30PM

Quote:Oh, I also drive a Honda Civic,

Sorry I’ve joined the dark side (BMW...which “just works” by the way...Wink )

but a few years back we also had a Civic, ( the teardrop, wedge shape..) seriously, still one the best cars we’ve used...(and I’ve gone through several..) went like sh1t off a shovel...very clever rear seating choices and unbreakable...

All I seem to read about folk buying Android driven devices, is how they do battle to uninstall “bloatware” that’s been pre-loaded..!
altitude50 18 22.7k United Kingdom
2 Nov 2018 8:41PM
I have got a phone I don't know what it is or how it works, just use it about 3 times a month and not as a cameraSad.
2 Nov 2018 9:02PM
Blimey... you mean, you actually make voice communication with it..?

Tut...... statistically you should be checking it every 12 minutes for something you may have missed...Wink

My device is a little Samsung, “flip front” device, slips easily into a pocket, screen protected by the “clamshell” style body, battery lasts about 5 days...and...hey...! can even send texts on it...!

For photos, at the very least I’ll whip out a compact Canon Ixus which always travels in a pocket...
Dennis45 3 42 Canada
2 Nov 2018 9:32PM
I was talking to a friend while having a coffee, and I told him our son, who lives approx. 3000 miles away, has a labradoodle. He said what's a labradoodle, so I whipped out mu trusty 6s and facetimed our son. I asked him to put tucker on, and after my friend saw the dog, listened to it bark, (greeting), I snapped a shot. Here it is; can your telephoto lens handle this, about 3000 miles?



SlowSong Plus
14 10.3k 30 England
2 Nov 2018 9:45PM
That is not a labradoodle.
Dennis45 3 42 Canada
2 Nov 2018 10:01PM
Excuuuuuse me!!! A Golden Doodle.
2 Nov 2018 10:19PM

Allegedly a “golden doodle”

Your shot still looks too much “labrador/retriever” to be a “golden doodle” not curly haired enough, but I’m no expert and don’t wanna cause conflict...! maybe the retriever gene was stronger..Wink so ignore me...
Dennis45 3 42 Canada
2 Nov 2018 10:37PM
Just looks so much better.Wink
Dennis45 3 42 Canada
3 Nov 2018 5:41AM
Apologies if I sounded harsh, I didn't mean to.Smile
saltireblue Plus
12 13.1k 83 Norway
3 Nov 2018 8:21AM

Quote:They are simplistic and serve a single purpose. It's for people who don't like much customizations and need a simple smartphone that gets going for some years before finally slowing down and dying.

I would have thought that a piece of equipment which concentrates on fewer tasks and is not so complicated is likely to be more reliable than an intricate piece of kit that tries to do too many things and masters none, and has more 'ingredients' that can go wrong?
As for slowing down and dying after some years, surely all phones do this?

Quote:I also learnt this lesson. iPhone is quite an unbreakable phone when it comes to software. Even Jailbreaking is becoming difficult with upcoming IOS versions. Android is not like that. It allows the user to play around and modify the software to ones liking.

Personally, I prefer a phone that can't be easily broken into, manipulated or hacked. I see that as a big positive.

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