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Which lens should I take?

probie 13 24 United Kingdom
24 Apr 2018 2:54PM
hi there,
I have a big decision to make, I am going abroad for the first time in 15 years and really cannot decide which of my lenses to take, I have these = all Nikon = afp 18-55, 16-85, 18-140,
I have been using all 3 lately and still cannot decide which I think is the sharpest and overall best to take,
any advice would be greatly appreciated,

GazzaG2003 18 366 England
24 Apr 2018 3:54PM
I take one lens with me mainly due to hand luggage restrictions and its my canon EF 24 - 105 f4 L for my canon 5D MKIII and i never crave for a 2nd or other lenses.
sausage Plus
17 704 United Kingdom
24 Apr 2018 5:12PM
Well, unless there is a major difference in quality then I would take the 18-140 to give you a bit of range.
sherlob Plus
15 3.2k 131 United Kingdom
24 Apr 2018 5:34PM
I don't know anything about the quality of these lenses, but I concur with Sausage - the 18-140 gives the better range and is the logical choice if you only want to take the one lens (there isn't likely to be a massive difference between 16mm and 18mm in use - equating to 24mm v 28mm if we take into account a x1.5 cropped sensor - I assume this applies here). However, unless you are worried about weight - why not take both the 16-85 and the 18-140?
Euan65 4 316 United Kingdom
24 Apr 2018 8:10PM
I just went on a trip to the Netherlands and took Canon 1V, a 6D, and four lenses - 16-35, 40, 50, 100mm macro. Got back yesterday and have spent most of today developing 12 rolls of film.

Mind you, the 16-35mm is the only EF zoom lens I have, so I pretty much need to take several with me. As ever, the 50mm gets the least use.
Euan65 4 316 United Kingdom
24 Apr 2018 8:16PM
More seriously, if you will only take one lens then the 18-140mm probably makes most sense because it has the widest range. I do not find myself having much need of anything beyond 100mm (in 35mm equivalent terms), but it does depend on what you're intending to photograph.
chensuriashi Plus
15 334 18 England
24 Apr 2018 9:25PM
Yes...18/140 for me too an easy choice...
redhed17 15 881 England
24 Apr 2018 10:15PM
You don't say where you are going, but if it is mainly city based, then I would take the 16-85mm. I've found there to be a big difference between 16 and 18mm, but you will be able to test that for yourself. Wink

For me the 16-85mm was the best combination of size, quality and weight. For most of my trips that was the lens used 95% of the time. I have recently replaced it with a 16-80mm, for a slight increase in quality, and a newer tighter (wear and tear on older lens) lens as I do like that range, and find I'm at the wider end most of the time where the 16mm makes a difference imho. Smile
robs 18 685 2 United Kingdom
24 Apr 2018 11:05PM
I think I would take the 18-140 myself. Was considering one for my D7000... but I am not sure if I may just sell that camera!

Having a similar dilemma myself - got a trip coming up (for unfortunately sad reasons) to somewhere utterly spectacular. Photography won't be a primary objective, but I want to take something with me. I have ruled out the D850... but have the option of the D800E + 24-70, D7000 (needs a lens) or an Olympus OM-D E-M5 mkII with a 12mm and 45mm prime which is winning out on compact and light as much as anything else. I was toying with a superzoom on that which would solve a lot of problems - hence my suggestion to you - but it comes in at near a grand which I can't afford right now.
bornstupix2 4 125 1 France
25 Apr 2018 8:57AM
If it is a photographic trip then spend more time to consider what to take against the type of pictures you are hoping for. If it is a family or personal holiday or a business trip my one warning would be "keep the kit and weight to a minimum"......equiptmentitus is a very severe condition and not covered by travel insurance.......usually you do not have enough time to cover every thing so I would take the best quality lens....a spare battery.....a couple of spare cards and limit the gear I have to can take over from the picture creation process and I guarantee you will be short on kit whatever you take....its `togs law!.....happy hunting.
thewilliam2 4 1.6k United Kingdom
25 Apr 2018 2:01PM
Might it be an idea to invest in a 1.4x converter?
Philh04 Plus
16 2.3k United Kingdom
25 Apr 2018 2:20PM
You have 18 to 55mm covered x3... so your choice is really between slightly wider and slightly less reach or 18mm at the wide end and a little more reach.

I am not familiar with Nikon glass but would imagine the 16 - 85mm might be slightly better IQ and that 2mm on the wide end does make a difference and if you want a tad extra reach up to 140mm then a slight crop would do it.

A lot will depend on where you are going and what you want/wish to photograph but the 16 - 85 focal length with cover a number of opportunities from wide vistas to close up portraits, I believe that would be my choice...

Quote:Might it be an idea to invest in a 1.4x converter?

Not quite sure if a converter is going to be much use in this situation...
thewilliam2 4 1.6k United Kingdom
25 Apr 2018 3:58PM
Phil, the Nikon 18-55mm kit lenses tend to be optical gems. They just lack wide aperture, durability and weather-sealing. They also focus to about one-third of life-size.
Philh04 Plus
16 2.3k United Kingdom
25 Apr 2018 4:58PM
Lost me a bit there William... I simply suggested the lens that I would consider taking given that the OP has three lenses all covering the 18 - 55mm range and all three are aperture limited, Just looking at the focal lengths and the fact that they are crop sensor lenses I felt that the 16 - 85mm would be the better bet if only one lens and on holiday.
peterjones 19 5.2k 1 United Kingdom
25 Apr 2018 5:33PM
I love travel and have in the past taken all sorts of combinations with me however now I don't go far wrong with the body of my choice (in my case a Fuji X-T2) plus a 16-55 and a 23mm back up lens; I stuff my Sony RX100 MkIII in a pocket.


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