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Which phone?

now due for an upgrade with O2 and dont know what phone to go for..

was thinking of the iPhone but have heard bad press about it or do i wait till april when thenext lot of new mobiles are out??

any help???

wasper 14 533 1 Ireland
31 Jan 2009 12:15AM
What bad press? It beats the pants of Blackberry, Google phone or any cheap imitators of the Iphone.
mite be worth a look then
Stuart463 13 766 United Kingdom
31 Jan 2009 7:42AM
Viewing this thread on my O2 3G iPhone and posting this comment. Had it for six months now and no real problems - there are limitations on it's SMS facility but workrounds are available.

Next to my camera it's my favourite gadget!

Regards Stuart
31 Jan 2009 8:19AM
I've got an o2 xda - great phone apart from the rubbish camera, but being on here you've probably already got one of those!!

I've got mine linked up to my works diary via the web and to my own personal email> Of course I could read this thread on it if I was not at home. I've got about a trillion songs on the micro sd card and it has GPS. It came with some kind of TomTom clone which gets me around in the car fine and I've put Memory Map (OS maps) on it via my PC so I never miss a location!!

MrGoatsmilk 12 1.5k England
31 Jan 2009 9:09AM

Quote: apart from the rubbish camera, but being on here you've probably already got one of those!!

Are you saying all Epz members have rubbish cameras then? Wink
_ 16 535 4 Virgin Islands, British
31 Jan 2009 11:12AM
If you get a decent O2 coverage in your area the iphone is pretty well in a class of it's own. Just remember though that the phone part of it is just a small part of the package. The real gems are the Apps you can add to it, (some for free and some for small fees), they make the thing whatever you want it to be.
The screen is good and there's no fiddly wee typewriter to clog up with finger grease and grime.
Downsides to the iphone are that it's a bit slow on the wireless network front, not desperately so but a good bit slower than any other wifi device I use to connect to the net. Sending photos by email is ok, but you can't send full resolution photos from your camera via the iphone email..... it has the annoying habit of resizing the damned things to 120 something K files at around 600px. Don't expect to use it for serious photo emailing, ok for facebook/bebo etc but a no no for picture desks.
As for durability? My line of work gives any mobile device a very hard test and the only other phone to have survived as long with me is my trusty Nokia 630. The iphone is incredibly hard wearing, although the gloss black does scratch very easily, I use a Marware silicon cover for it with a protective screen sticker and this takes care of scratches very nicely.

If you just want a phone, get a cheap Nokia, but if you want a phone/ipod/internet browser/tom tom/diary/emailer/camera/video player/games console/file storage device/ that is customizable to whatever you want it to be then I'd say the iPhone would be hard to beat

Andy80F 18 328 United Kingdom
31 Jan 2009 12:36PM
What bad press? my iPhone is by far the best phone I've ever used either as a simple phone or with regards to the other functions which have now made redundant my Palm top for as a personal organiser. Add to it some of the free or cheap applications and its a clear winner. The camera is a bit low res but we use "proper" camera for taking picures don't we?
park my ferret 17 1.0k United Kingdom
31 Jan 2009 1:37PM
My iphone had changed the way I communicate (to a certain extent) - now I can be out somewhere and get and read emails, when I'm bored waiting for the missus I can surf the web or play a game ... occasionally, theres little niggles with it - but most every phone will have some problem at some point.

It's still one of the best all rounders out there.
oooooooo decisions decisions, i also like the look of Sony 905, LG renior and Samsung Pixia any feedback on these is also appreciated

cantona43 15 928 4 United Kingdom
1 Feb 2009 12:59AM

Quote:was thinking of the iPhone but have heard bad press about it

I have had an iphone from day one and would never look at another phone it has it all
Nickscape 14 708 9 England
1 Feb 2009 9:56AM
Just got a Blackberry Bold 9000 on O2, it really is a great phone, does everything the Iphone does at a lower cost. have shown it to many Iphone users at work and most seemed a little dissapointed that they got the iphone for the extra cost. the full qwerty keyboard is a real winner.
robob 17 1.0k England
1 Feb 2009 5:26PM
I had a look at the Iphone but would not use half the stuff on it. I use mine for emails and internet. Have a look at the nokia E71, I've had mine a couple of weeks and I'm very pleased with it. Perfect PDA phone.
I currently use the Nokia E62 but want a better phone

the only thing putting me off is that you cant send picture messages with the iPhone

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