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Which should I go for Canon 10D or Nikon D100??.

lordposh 18 45 United Kingdom
26 May 2004 6:13PM
Thinking of changing up which, should I aim ....after reading reviews totally confused now, I know there is not a lot of difference between the two, looking for pro's and con's from owners of either camera.

UserDeleted 19 3.6k
26 May 2004 6:28PM

What do you currently shoot with ?

The investment in lenses is often the barrier to changing from one manufacturer to another....

I shoot Canon - very happy with them and have been for 14 years. They appear to be more "productive" in releasing digital bodies and upgrades than Nikon. But I have a huge investment in Canon glass and would be unlikely to switch in any case. My 10D is very good and only now acts as a second body to my 1Ds which is excellent.

If you have nothing then you have a tough choice. I'd suggest the 10D - but then I would wouldn't I !

strawman 19 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
26 May 2004 6:36PM
I believe that the 10D images are slightly ahead, but I own a Canon too and am biased. If you own no lenses I think the Canon system is better. If you want a Nikon why not get the D70, it sounds like the best Nikon to me and it costs less

If you want to save even more money get the 300D Smile
tva 20 307
26 May 2004 7:37PM
I shoot Canon(300D), so you can guess what my answer is. Very satisfied so far, with a good selection of lenses.
However if you decide on Nikon, judging by reviews and different forum chatter. The newly released D70 is better value for money than the D100.
gillymot 18 14
26 May 2004 7:53PM
I had the same decision to make back in January, I went for the Canon 10D for several reasons, seemed much quicker at shooting in continuous mode, the battery housing seemed more robust (in my opinion), better ISO range & slightly higher focal length multiplier.

I't also seemed to get slightly better reviews.

The down side is that Canon's own brand lenses can be pretty expensive (especially L series).

I have not been disappointed with my choice, but then many D100 owners will probably say the same. My advice is to got into Dixon's or similar high street camera shop and ask to have a look at them both and then see which you prefer as the performance is probably quite similar.
lordposh 18 45 United Kingdom
26 May 2004 8:13PM
I tend to shoot mainly still life close up and landscapes, but I wish to expand this is why the change, currently I am using a Minolta A1
lordposh 18 45 United Kingdom
26 May 2004 8:16PM
I did have my eye on a 10D, but the short supply of them has not helped matters, I have also been offered a D100 at a reduced price of 1029 Body Only and a good deal on some lenses, but as I did make a mistake with my first camera, by going for a fixed lens rather than spending a bit more and have an DSLR.
gillymot 18 14
26 May 2004 8:24PM
I got mine from Parkcameras they had them in for next day delivery and were also one of the cheapest suppliers.

They do a deal which includes the battery grip and additional battery for 1279.99.

gillymot 18 14
26 May 2004 8:27PM
I made the same mistake a few years back by purchasing a Olympus E10, a great camera but still lacks the flexibility offered by the interchangable lenses on DSLR's.
BOB S 20 2.6k
26 May 2004 8:58PM

I have a Nikon D100 and I am delighted with it, but then I have used nikons for the best part of 30 years so I am biased and I had a lot of glass to carry over.
Used in RAW mode I reckon it is a match in the real world for the Canon equivalent. The battery life is excellent, usually lasting the best part of a days shooting. I am not sure about the D70 as an alternative as I have not used one but it looks a good bit of kit with a few omissions from the D100.

lordposh 18 45 United Kingdom
26 May 2004 9:08PM
Thanks Bob, have you had much problem with noise levels? I read a reviews which highlighted, this as a weakness, but overall results where good.
Badger 20 4.7k 20 United Kingdom
26 May 2004 11:30PM
Just to add a bit of confusion to your decision, have you thought about a Fuji S2 Pro or S3 Pro?
These offer similar value and image quality.
tshhater 18 13
26 May 2004 11:51PM
BOB S 20 2.6k
26 May 2004 11:53PM

Quite the opposite I reckon the noise levels are very well under control. I shot some 2.5 second exposures of the moon eclipse the other week and noise is not an issue, I could email you a file if you want to see for yourself.

I also think that too much fuss has been made generally about digital noise in DSLR's, people always seem to need to have something to critisize. I think that images from my D100 are as good if not better than from film of the same speed rating.

lordposh 18 45 United Kingdom
27 May 2004 7:33AM
Yes bob be very grateful if you could e-mail some of your photo's please use this e-mail address.
[email protected]


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