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Which Sony - any ideas?

SL 13 4
26 Dec 2009 7:45PM
I'm a KM 5D user. bought it 4 years ago in the same month Sony bought KM. Been very happy using the 18-70mm lens and also bought a Tamron 300mm.

I want to upgrade now as I have a few quid to spend (hopefully wisely)

I really like the Image Stabilisation feature of my KM 5d. All the Sony's have that. I've read so many reviews, some of which are contradictory. "the A330 at 10mp gives a higher quality than the A350 at 14.2mp blah blah"

I do mostly landscape, some portrait. I've no interest in live view feature. Is it the Sony A330, 350, 380 or A700?

I've listened to so many opinions, I would appreciate some more!

geoffrey baker 16 501 1 Wales
26 Dec 2009 8:40PM
I use the A350 and I'm getting some good results but I'm pushing it to it's limits and I feel that it's beginning to hold me back now.
It only has a CCD sensor, 2.5 frames per second and it's very noisy in our infamous British low light.
The A550 looks like a good buy, it had a CMOS sensor and is reputed to be good in low light.

According to the Sony forums there are still a few A700s about at a silly price of under 300, that's a steal, but they've stopped making them now so a replacement is due soon I reckon.

I'm waiting to upgrade but don't feel that Sony have made what I'm looking for just yet but I'm sure the coming year will be very interesting. A Nikon D300s with a Sony mount would be lovely Wink

JJGEE 16 7.9k 18 England
26 Dec 2009 8:50PM

Quote:Sony have made what I'm looking for just yet but I'm sure the coming year will be very interesting

Video option in a digital camera, apparently Wink
PeterBee 15 35 5 United Kingdom
26 Dec 2009 9:33PM
I use an A700 (have done since shortly after the model was introduced!) and can recommend, especially if you can pick one up at current prices. Certainly would be a sensible step up from your Dynax 5d. On the other hand a replacement for the A700 will, I guess, be announced sometime in the New Year - If your funds can stretch to it and you can wait a while it might be well worth hanging on for a few weeks/months.
wrinkles 12 351 United Kingdom
26 Dec 2009 9:51PM
Hope Sony bring out A700 replacement or I will change to the Canon system.
Raymoo62 11 6 United Kingdom
28 Dec 2009 12:12AM
I am a newbie and recently bought the a330 (exclusive to Jessop's). Ithink it was a mistake as I seem to be having difficulty locating the 'extras' like flash unit and remote shutter release. There is no port for a wired shutter release so you will need the infra red Remote Controller Currently unavailable at Sony Centre in Leeds.
Thats just my two penurth.
So good luck with your decision
RogBrown 14 3.1k 10 England
28 Dec 2009 1:17AM

Quote:There is no port for a wired shutter release

Are you sure? I have the A300 & there IS a port for wired shutter release. I bought one from HK for about 12. Works a treat.
geoffrey baker 16 501 1 Wales
28 Dec 2009 4:50PM
I use a wired shutter release with my A350, it's strange if Sony decided to make the newer A330 without the remote release socket.

cattyal Plus
15 9.2k 6 England
28 Dec 2009 6:59PM
This looks like what you want for the A330 - blimey - a bit more versatile than my remote commander for the A350 Smile
dwilkin 14 24.3k United Kingdom
5 Jan 2010 11:03AM
I've got one of the first A700s in this country - pre-ordered and delivered on the day of release! It's FAR superior to the KM 7D it replaced, and with the battery grip, I never have to change batteries in the field.

Looking at reviews and product images of the a330, it does appear that the cable release socket is missing - unless it's under the same cover as the DC-In socket...
Snapper_T 17 867 United Kingdom
6 Jan 2010 9:37AM
The A700 still is a v/good purchase, great build and reliability. Apart from that the 550 is worth a look, and the l450 too.

psiman 17 574 Wales
6 Jan 2010 10:23AM

Quote:I do mostly landscape, some portrait. I've no interest in live view feature.

I don't have a Sony but did upgrade to a Canon 40D last year and felt the same about live view but in fact for landscape photography I've found it invaluable. It eliminates the need to use mirror lock up and working mainly in manual I've found using the live histogram and exposure simulation I can get a pretty good idea of what the correct exposure will be (especially useful for long exposure work). Having a higher quality, articulated LCD screen would be even better.

strawman 17 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
6 Jan 2010 10:53AM
The Sony Live view is not like that Simon, much of what you describe is unique to Canon, well it was when I last went looking. The Sony Live View solution is superior for street photography and people who want an SLR to handle like a compact.

For Sony cameras a friend has an A700, and I would put it a step above the other cameras you mention. Its a solid decent camera focused on taking pictures, and has the CMOS sensor missing from the other Sony cameras you mention.

So although it is the oldest, I would pick the A700, and as I said it struck me as a camera aimed at the enthusiast.
I have an A100 the first one that Sony bought out when they took over Konica/Minolta and I would'nt change it for the world.
I have looked at the new versions but think I will stick to this one at the moment.
Photogeek 15 605 6 Wales
14 Feb 2010 10:15PM
I have an a100 as well . . . Upgrade wise . . . A900 or the A850 . . . If you can find one then the A700 is exceptional value for money . . . but its an obsolete body now . . . but that does not mean that it is inferior in any way

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