Who does he Think he is?

StrayCat 16 19.1k 3 Canada
1 Dec 2011 7:58PM
LONDON - A British trade union is denouncing a low blow from the host of the popular TV show "Top Gear."
The UNISON union Thursday demanded the BBC fire Jeremy Clarkson after the opinionated TV presenter said striking public sector workers should be shot.
Clarkson apologized Thursday afternoon, saying he had not meant anyone to take him seriously when he said strikers who had participated in Britain's largest public sector walkout in 30 years Wednesday should be executed "in front of their families."

Associated Press

Not that anyone would ever take him seriously about anything.

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rambler Plus
11 1.0k 17 England
1 Dec 2011 8:21PM
To be honest I think the sooner everyone learns to totally ignore him the better.
Overread 11 4.1k 19 England
1 Dec 2011 8:24PM
But Top Gear is about the only entertaining show outside of the BBC natural history unit, left on the BBC Wink Besides he's far better than that other chap -- er whats his name got fired and rehired once the outcry had quietened down.

But yeah I think taking him seriously is failing to realise that most of the time he's just playing the character to the audience.
Cristian 15 950 1
1 Dec 2011 9:19PM
Clarkson is like Marmite, you either like him or loathe him. I like him, but then I acknowledge that he talks c**p, my father on the other hand, can't stand him and will turn the tv off, if he see's him on it.

If a comedian had said the comments, I wonder if there would have been less of an outcry (unless it was Ricky Gervais, of course).

On the other side of this, I think his comments have actually generated quite a bit more publicity on the strike as opposed to numerous interviews of parents grumbling about school closures or local swimming pools being closed.
TRUEX 12 218 10
1 Dec 2011 9:33PM
I wonder what he would do to married men who have affairs.
Jestertheclown 11 8.1k 252 England
1 Dec 2011 10:05PM
Clarkson for Prime Minister!
StrayCat 16 19.1k 3 Canada
1 Dec 2011 10:52PM
The arrogance is over the top, to even mention something like executing people this day and age; who knows if someone might decide to do it. He's obviously a nut case and needs rehabilitation. Even 50 years ago that wouldn't be a joke. It's definitely time to tie him up and lock him up, and most definitely stuff a gag in his mouth. It isn't funny at all.
User_Removed 16 3.3k 4 United Kingdom
1 Dec 2011 10:53PM
People seem to forget that just before that remark Clarkson said "the strike's great" then said "this is the BBC I should balance that out" then said the should be shot stuff, clearly tongue-in-cheek. Let his detractors return fire and call him a sad middle-aged buffoon (or what-have-you) but don't let them get him sacked for the sake of political correctness. I defend his right to free speech.
StrayCat 16 19.1k 3 Canada
1 Dec 2011 11:02PM
Free speech? Come on Chris! He's obviously a brick short. And it isn't political correctness either; it's out and out insanity. What he suggested is, and was, unfortunately, done in many parts of the world. I have a good friend from the photo lab at which I worked who is from Croatia; when she was 8, her brother 5, they came in the night and dragged them out of their home and forced them to watch the execution of their father. That's what he suggested. He has a certain responsibility in a public job to conduct himself with some degree of respect for others. If I were one of his victims, he'd never hear the end of it, nor would the BBC, his family, and his co-workers, till he was put away.

Jester, if you'd like him as Prime Minister, you deserve him, no tongue in cheek.

I hope this makes headlines worldwide. We don't need idiots like him.
dcash29 14 2.4k England
1 Dec 2011 11:06PM
Oh dear we all have to be so politically correct once again.

Wish these people made this kinda fuss over real threats

Bring back hanging for the do-gooders Wink
samfurlong 13 2.5k United Kingdom
1 Dec 2011 11:08PM
To be fair, I find him quite entertaining. I mean, if anyone actually takes the guy seriously then the joke is firmly on them.
stix 15 924 87 United Kingdom
1 Dec 2011 11:12PM
It wasn't a practically funny joke, but it was a joke, an exaggeration for comic effect. I can't help feeling that the only way that you could take offense, is if you thought he was really advocating that strikers should be shot.
StrayCat 16 19.1k 3 Canada
1 Dec 2011 11:13PM
Let's face it, he's a fool.
stix 15 924 87 United Kingdom
1 Dec 2011 11:13PM
He's lots of things ...a Fool ? no.
StrayCat 16 19.1k 3 Canada
1 Dec 2011 11:17PM
...they should execute them in front of their families? Oh yes, he's a fool.

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