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Who else uses an OM10? (or other OM)

simon10d 16 131
24 Jul 2005 12:37PM
Just wondering the popularity of the Olympus OM10 and other OM series cameras, and if they have a big following?
Feel free to join in....
chris.maddock 19 3.7k United Kingdom
24 Jul 2005 12:43PM
Got one - haven't used it for some time though, can't work out how to get my microdrive into it Wink
jimbo_t 17 959 England
24 Jul 2005 12:52PM
I've got an OM10, it was my first SLR. Still use it for astrophotography.
Tony_M 16 342 England
24 Jul 2005 1:04PM
I have an OM2n and OM20. Despite having recently upgraded to a digital slr, I'm intending using the OM with a few rolls of velvia now and then. I've always found using the old kit to be an enjoyable experience which goes beyond the simple point and click.

kaybee 16 7.4k 26 Scotland
24 Jul 2005 1:07PM
I have a 10 (which I haven't used in quite some time) and I also have a 2sp which I put a film through a couple of weeks ago (it was a slide film and I haven't scanned them in yet). They are both great cameras with really bright screens and the metering on the 2sp is super.

snapbandit 16 2.3k 3 Northern Ireland
24 Jul 2005 1:08PM
I used to have the OM10, OM1, OM2sp & OM4. plus a large selection of Oly & Tamron Lenses. superb quality kit, only got rid of it during a lull in my photography during the 90's. Build quality second to none IMHO & I had years of reliable service even though they all got treated roughly at various M/Cycle races.

Top quality kit.

Joe B
Snapper 15 4.5k 3 United States Outlying Islands
24 Jul 2005 1:21PM
I've just bought an OM2 off eBay and am waiting for it to arrive. I couldn't afford one when they came out, but always wanted one. Hopefully it will live up to expectations!
flossie 17 1.6k
24 Jul 2005 1:24PM
I have an OM10 which I use for my photography course. It was my dad's and I've had some smashing shots from it, good for learning the basics.
chriswebb 16 893 United Kingdom
24 Jul 2005 2:01PM
Well the OMs certainly gave the Nikon F2 and F3 a run for their money, and are ridiculously cheap these days (unless you want a 3 or 4, and especially the we're-not-worthy OM4ti).

You've got to consider the lenses as well of course, and they don't come much better than the Zuikos. I think it might be best to steer clear of the zooms though.
c_evans99 17 7.0k 1 Wales
24 Jul 2005 2:09PM
My brother has an OM10, still soldiering on - Pentaxes for me, but I'm glad I'm not the only one who's bought the 'kit of their young dreams' off eBay... mine're MXs, drives, lenses all teh stuff I drooled over in my teens

Ceri Smile
rogerbryan 16 397 United Kingdom
24 Jul 2005 2:15PM
I used to have a couple of OM1's, wide angle lens and a 75 to 150 zoom. Boxed them up and put them somewhere when I went digital in 2002. Can't find them anywhere in the house now at all !!! The problem is I have just brought a fully manual Mamiya 645 and I am really enjoying going back to basics with it, so if I can find the OM I will start using it again, it was a great camera.

chriswebb 16 893 United Kingdom
24 Jul 2005 2:16PM
I'm sure the OM10 is very good, but for not much more dosh you could get an OM1 or 2, or even a 2SP with spot metering.
simon10d 16 131
25 Jul 2005 1:24AM
I had the choice of nerly all the above cameras mentioned, i stumbled across Ffyordes photographic in the scottish highlands and the range of OM cameras laid out before me was asthonishing! They had every model you could think of. I got a absolutley MINT OM10(it looked brand new and looked like practically no film had been put through it)i wanted this one as it was the one my dad has used for years and i borrowed on a couple of occasions when i was younger.
Nothing beats the click on the shutter IMHO..
Mono 15 43
25 Jul 2005 1:33AM
Owned an OM1 for apporx 15 years. Great camera for learning the basics. Also have a black OM2, which is a gorgeous camera. Now stored in cupboard after dropping it 2 feet off coffee table & shutter no longer working Sad
nigelf22 16 583
25 Jul 2005 4:32AM
Had an OM10 when it came out, my first SLR, OK but not as good as the OM2 I swapped it for six months later. 21 years and two services later the OM2 has been to all five continents and around the world twice. Dropped it onto concrete from 4 feet, but just scratched it. Still use the OM2 and consider this to be my primary camera, despite owning an EOS5 and 300D both of which are singularly souless. The ETRSi has the same build quality as the OM2. But at least I can load/unload the OM2, one-handed, in complete darkness, when I need to.

I often feel inspired when using it and derive great satisfaction when I put a role of HP5 or FP4 through the 'Olly. Sad that I couldn't get an underwater housing for it...

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