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Who makes better printers than Epson?

jond 17 34
23 Jul 2009 8:54AM
I've decided I've spent far too much of my life swearing at Epson printers. Surely there has to be a better alternative. Has anybody got any recommendations?

I'm a graphic designer so I use my Epson 1290 printer for a range of stuff from printing photo quality images on photo paper and accurately proofing page layouts created in InDesign to just churning out a bunch of decently legible copies of a document on plain paper. Last night was the final straw when I tried to print 40 copies of the order of service for my mother in law's funeral. After 6 hours hand feeding over 80 sheets of Epson double sided matte paper and changing the ink cartridges 3 times I managed to produce 30 useable copies. I could've hand written them in that time!

Surely somebody must produce an A3 printer that actually works? I hate the fact that Epson printers are such a nightmare to get to work properly. They don't ship them with decent set up instructions and they don't do customer support. (When I bought my latest printer I spent weeks trying to get hold of somebody at Epson who could explain how to get it to do really basic stuff - they simply don't employ people who have any experience of their products). I hate the fact that it costs an absolute fortune to put more ink in it. Especially as it prints too much ink anyway - the paper just ends up saturated most of the time which causes loads of problems. I hate the fact that anything other than plain paper has to be hand fed or it'll either try to grab the whole lot or fail to even pick up one sheet. I hate the randomness of the colour accuracy. I hate the fact that printing is such a nightmare I put off doing it for as long as possible because I can't bear the thought of going through all that hassle just to try to get a piece of paper with a picture and some text on it that looks vaguely like the page on my screen.

Surely somebody must produce some printers that actually work?
justin c 17 5.1k 36 England
23 Jul 2009 9:08AM

Quote:I hate the randomness of the colour accuracy.

That sounds like an error with how you have things set-up, not a fault with the printer.
KathyW 18 1.8k 12 Norfolk Island
23 Jul 2009 9:25AM

Quote:Surely somebody must produce some printers that actually work?


I had (still have actually - it lurks somewhere in the building) an Epson 2100 which drove me beyond the edge of reason...
Replaced it with a little Canon A4 printer & haven't looked back since.
User_Removed 17 17.9k 8 Norway
23 Jul 2009 10:19AM
My R1800 is still perfect - even after a session with Marrutt Digital. Switched back to OEM carts - perfect again. (Refunded this week Wink)

Randomness of colour accuracy is not the printers fault btw - as Justin points out. (Smile) This will explain everything...
redsnappa 19 2.8k United Kingdom
23 Jul 2009 10:20AM
I had the same problem with Epson printers the need to clean blocked nozzles and wasting expencive ink was fustrating.

twy years ago I bought a canon Pixma 5000 which i still use as my main printer and it's brilliant, superb pictures out of the box, the abbility to print on thick paper unlike HP printers.

Get a canon and you wont regret it
NEWMANP 13 1.6k 574 United Kingdom
23 Jul 2009 10:29AM

Quote:Get a canon and you wont regret it

best advise you could get imho (from a dedicated NIKON user too)

oh and dont forget to have a custom profile /screen calibration done, specific for your printer. more important than anything to getting good prints., i paid 60 for a home visit and it has paid back many times over in saved ink and wasted paper.

other benefit, i seem to be able to leave it longer between prints without headcleaning and the print head is changeable in minutes, spare heads are easily obtained on the internet.

most of our camera club have changed over from epsons to canon

Bucephalas69 13 279 Wales
23 Jul 2009 10:31AM
I've used Epsom's for years, but NO more!

Why i put up with them for so long is beyond me.
My Epsom R2400 died a week after the warranty expired and Epson said it was cheaper to throw it away and buy a new one than getting it repaired.
All my other Epson's waste around 1/8th of a tank of ink in cleaning and after a while they all feed through multiple pages of paper.

A friend of mine uses Canon printers and claims he has never had to run the cleaning utility, he wouldn't know how.
I borrowed his Canon to print thumbnails at an event and was AMAZED. It's fast, quiet and great quality.
Just had delivered yesterday the Canon ip4600 and i'm impressed. It was featured as one of the best in a test of 30 printers on the gadget show, looking at cost per print, print speed and quality.

Epson's are pants!
lobsterboy Plus
17 15.0k 13 United Kingdom
23 Jul 2009 10:36AM
To add some balance.

I never had any problems with my Epson 2100 and my 3800 has been working fine for a year now. Only last night I printed an entire exhibition on it with no problems at all.

Of course YMMV
KathyW 18 1.8k 12 Norfolk Island
23 Jul 2009 11:54AM

Quote:To add some balance.

I never had any problems with my Epson 2100 and my 3800 has been working fine for a year now. Only last night I printed an entire exhibition on it with no problems at all.

Of course YMMV


Would you like another 2100 to add to your collection? Comes complete with ink system (I misguidedly thought that might help...)

Seriously Chris - if you have the answer to getting a decent print out of the pox bound git of a thing, please be kind enough to enlighten the rest of us... It's not just the colours, the streaky prints, the noise (which terrifies the dog) the general print quality, but the cost was phenomenal... The price of the genuine cartridges isn't funny when you have to clear blocked nozzles every single time you use it... the inking system was cheaper overall, but the mental anguish was the same...
Tandberg 18 1.2k 2 England
23 Jul 2009 12:12PM
I used the epson 1290 for a few years but always had trouble with it had other epson's before and same with them

Can get my images processed cheaper to A3 at pro/am so opted for an A4 canon printer.
Had one problem simply because it wasnt used for a while but once it was cleared from dried inks its been right ever since.
Will stick with Canon now
brownargus 13 85 England
23 Jul 2009 3:13PM
I've had a 1290S for over 6 years and, apart from head cleaning because I don't use it enough, I have had no problems with it at all. It produces excellent results and is one of the best and longest lasting printers ever produced.

lobsterboy Plus
17 15.0k 13 United Kingdom
23 Jul 2009 3:18PM


Your Mileage May Vary

Quote:Seriously Chris - if you have the answer to getting a decent print out of the pox bound git of a thing,

Plug it in, set it up and use it? Though I hardly use the 2100 these days..just for LE certificates. The 3800 just ails along with its huge great print cartridges too - Did an exhibition of A2 prints for another tog a few weeks back and he was well pleased with the results too.
_ 16 535 4 Virgin Islands, British
23 Jul 2009 3:40PM
Had a 2100 years ago an it was good apart from the price of the ink, (Chanel perfume is cheaper) I then bought a 7800 and do most of my photo printing on it. (If I need anything smaller than A4 I just use Photobox. Less hassle and great quality and for really big stuff i bought a 9800 Epson. Tried a lot of different printers for large stuff but for quality/cost/service Epson won hands down, same can't be said for their smaller printers though.
For documents and letters I use a Canon MP170 which is starting to develop feed problems, but I can't complain too much about it cause I've had it for over 4 years now and it's used a lot every day.

If you don't want to go to Epson again try Canon or HP, both are good and all are pretty much the same in terms of reliability.
My advice to anyone printing a few prints per week is to forget about buying a printer and use a photo lab, cheaper and less hassle and more room on your desktop

mark_delta 14 1.3k
23 Jul 2009 5:02PM
I have binned my third Epson and the replacement canon i865 gave nothing but hassle from day one.Today I walked in to Morrison's with the wife to do the shopping today and right in the main entrance was a HP C4485 all in one scanner copier and printer for 50, it has interchangeable inks for premium photo quality or budget printing.
Plugged it in and ran a photo on standard, excellent, changed the ink to the optional photo pack ink and the Quality has knocked me off my feet, it is certainly on a par with the Dye Sub i have with fantastic vibrant sharp colours and its quick with it, all for 50.
Well chuffed !
motorsportpictures 13 289 23 United Kingdom
23 Jul 2009 5:24PM

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