magda_indigo 18 418 England
5 Feb 2004 4:59PM
Am I the only one to, day after day, have the impression that most people on this site are now going for the 'pretty' pictures? Ducks, squirrels, swans, birds all sorts, plastic toys AND!!! sunsets & the 'postcards'?
Have you had a baby recently or young children, Pete? That would make me understand things, it changes your perspective on live. Hey, this is all meant in a positive way, nothing nasty. It still gives me a buzz each day to try and find out the logic(?) behind what people like or dislike. Puzzling!!! Regards (*:*)
digicammad 18 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
5 Feb 2004 5:07PM
Not sure about Pete, if you take a look at EC I think you will agree his choices are still pretty diverse.

As far as the gallery postings, I think they possibly reflect 2 facts.

1) We have a lot of new members who are making their way through the early stages of their photographic lives. Many of them may not yet have reached a point at which they feel comfortable taking more than this.

2) It's Winter. For a lot of people this means not as many photo-opportunities (it's dark by the time I get home) and there is a temptation to trawl our collections to put something on the gallery.

I've noticed in the past that we seem to get trends of particular kinds of images. Over the months it evens itself out though.

BTW. You have your fair share of flowers and sunsets in your portfolio. :0)


P.S. I've just had a quick scan through the gallery and I can't really see any emphasis on pretty pictures, seems to be plenty of variety.
Pete 20 18.8k 97 England
5 Feb 2004 5:24PM
Thanks Ian I think you summarise well.

The stuff submitted here is no different to the stuff that ends up in magazines intrays either. The difference here is I allow it all to be seen rather than sifting through everything and only showing the creative stuff. As Ian says you can see that in the EC area. And yes we do have a few baby shots, but if they are in the EC area they are bloody good ones!

You may notice there aren't many sunsets in the EC. They are easy to shoot, but to create one with impact (other than the "wow lovely colours" factor) takes great skill.
digicammad 18 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
5 Feb 2004 5:27PM
Do I get an EC for my summary Pete?


noseprints 18 576
5 Feb 2004 5:34PM
pete! i really like how your explanation of the ec's. i don't really see them as an award that much now. rather i see it as stepping over into another level, by your standards, of photography. and you have experience, therefore your standards are high. i'm also starting to get an idea of what kinds of things you're looking for. it really helps me in my photography. at least in one aspect. you are only one person.

thanks again for making that clear to me.

as for creating that kind of shot, that's a whole different ballgame! puzzling indeed!!something happens to one's judgement when one is dealing with one's own photography. am i wrong?
magda_indigo 18 418 England
5 Feb 2004 5:48PM
I had a good look at everything again. Including my own. I was not exclusively or even specificly talking about the ec's. I learnt years ago that we al have our own view and accept that, I didn't even critise Pete's choice. I still think stuff used to be grittier. As to the argument about it being Winter, sorry, photography is every day of the year, the challenge is even bigger in Winter.
As to my own sunsets, I say if you can't beat them...join them and , guess what, it worked.
By the way, I used to work under a different name and got my own ec.
I'm not asking anybody to agree with me, I am merely expressing my point of view, which what I thought this forum was all about (*;*)
Bernie 18 2.2k
5 Feb 2004 5:49PM
Well one is not gonna pander to what Pete is looking for. Wink)
noseprints 18 576
5 Feb 2004 5:54PM
what do you mean, bernard? can you rephrase that, please? - lu
iansamuel 18 271 United Kingdom
5 Feb 2004 6:50PM
Magda, when you say people are 'going for the pretty pictures', do you mean more people are uploading them, or more people are clicking/commenting on them. Or both?

I sometimes see pictures with a lot of hearts and think, great to look at, but the hardest thing about taking that picture was getting there.
Carabosse 18 41.8k 270 England
5 Feb 2004 7:07PM
I think your pics are quite pretty, Magda! :o)
Pete 20 18.8k 97 England
5 Feb 2004 7:25PM
Magda I guess I was a bit concerned you'd think that I was changing my perception if I'd had a baby and the site may be drifting into a "ahh bless family site"!

Well there's no family stuff going on here.

Far from it..you may have missed a bit of the action too - we've had goats being slaughtered, a person peeing in a toilet, a rent boy almost naked and a rope only just covering parts of a women - all eye openers.

We also have some cracking landscapes and some seriously clever still lifes...guess there's just a lot of stuff you don't like too. I like variety and judging by the growth of the site - up 20% last month - so do many others.

And I value your views and don't think anyone is saying you shouldn't have them, they are just giving there view too, which, as you say, is what forums are about.
SuziBlue 19 16.2k 10 Scotland
5 Feb 2004 7:37PM
...you may have missed a bit of the action too - we've had goats being slaughtered, a person peeing in a toilet, a rent boy almost naked and a rope only just covering parts of a women - all eye openers ...

... not to mention an X-ray of a dead chicken, and parrot punch-ups! :8-D

Yes there are a lot of fluffy pics .. and a lot of gritty ones too. For me the site reflects the diverse nature of photography, the level of expertise of the members, and the wide range of life experience and imagination of each of us. I don't usually go for car photos so I've commented on maybe two in the last fifteen months .. and there are a lot of car pics ..

There are also a lot of pictures of badgers in the wild too (anyone notice that?) but my lips are sealed and I cannot be bribed to divulge any more than that. 8-|
noseprints 18 576
5 Feb 2004 7:45PM
and just to prove you wrong right now about pretty pictures, someone uploaded a scull!
Mari 18 1.8k United Kingdom
5 Feb 2004 7:51PM
Badgers - funny we haven't had many of those since the decloaking of Bertha (sorry to bring this up again lol).

Personally, I love looking at ALL the images on the site, pretty, diverse, strange or shocking. Its all about recording anything in a split second of time and this fascinates me. Its great to find a sunset, portrait etc. which leaps out from all of the rest.

What sort of photos do you think we should be uploading onto the site, Magda?
Bernie 18 2.2k
5 Feb 2004 10:50PM
Lu you said"i'm also starting to get an idea of what kinds of things you're looking for. it really helps me in my photography".

Pete is I know very, very experienced in photography but I also know he'll agree that photography is about what you like not what somebody else is looking for. Read through the forums Lu and you'll find many threads that disagree with Pete's EC's, so those people many of whom have great talent do not like what Pete likes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder Lu. Photograph what you like and not to please other people.

Am I not right O great one(Pete).

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