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Why cant I seem to get paid work

olaa 12 6 United Kingdom
20 Aug 2012 11:25PM
So i know I have Creative talent im a Photographer Makeup Artist and Hair stylist and have put these togther to get more work as a Neche
I have produced some really great images and when I have been paid the client has been impressed but I cant seem to build my reputation for paid work.
any sugestions or advice welcome xmmmg-9122-copy.jpg
ianrobinson 13 1.2k 8 United Kingdom
21 Aug 2012 12:02AM
welcome to photography.

redsnappa 20 2.8k United Kingdom
21 Aug 2012 6:54AM
There is a recession on at the moment & people are refaining from spending money on unnecessary items.
NEWDIGIT 11 401 United Kingdom
21 Aug 2012 8:49AM
Have you tryed approaching the bigger saloons in your area or perhaps localcolleges that do courses in makeup and beauty they may perhaps be able to offer you work
olaa 12 6 United Kingdom
21 Aug 2012 9:38AM
I understand there is a recession redsnappa but when im seeing companies paying hair styist makeup artist and photographers indivually to take pictures of one model in one dress wouldnt it be economical to just pay be to do the whole job? Newdigit what type of work do you think I could get from big salons and colleges?
simont 18 2.3k 4 United Kingdom
21 Aug 2012 11:32AM
First impressions? I'm (im), I (i) and bung in a few more full stops and commas.
puertouk 11 1.1k 17 United Kingdom
21 Aug 2012 11:46AM
You have to realise they are thousands of photographers out their chasing a very small market. Most fashion photographers are signed up to either fashion houses or magazines. So, why would they want to bring another photographer in with little or no experience into the fashion industry?

It's a big risk for any company to bring in someone new, especially when you are talking, either thousands or millions of pounds. Maybe it's being in the right place at the right time, but to get into the fashion industry is extremely difficult. You also seem to be a jack-of-all-trades. Photographer, makeup artist and hair sylist. Hmmmm, do you think a fashion magazine or an indusry as an whole want someone like yourself? Maybe some small paper who do fashion articles may be interested.

If I were you, start at the bottom. Go to local papers and see if they would be interested in your services. Get your work into local papers and go from there. Go around the hair stylist shops in your area and see if they would be interested in putting some of your images into there studios.

Maybe try some of the small retail fashion shops. Go see the owners and ask if they would be interested in doing a fashion shoot and putting your images into their shops.

This is where you will have to start. Hopefully someone will recognise your work from maybe a larger newspaper or a top hair studio or even someone from a fashion magazine. The more of your work that is out there, the more chance you have of being spotted. But trust me, it's hard work and a lot of rejections and foot slogging around the place showing off your work.
olaa 12 6 United Kingdom
21 Aug 2012 12:07PM
Puertouk Thanks very much for the advice, I realise I have a lot of strings to my bow but I cant help that fact. I think small fashion shops will be my best bet .thanks again.

simont ............,,,,,,,,,,,,, hows that

Carabosse Plus
19 43.1k 270 England
21 Aug 2012 12:09PM
The most successful photographers are very good at marketing themselves - pretty much the same as any sort of freelance business, in fact.
User_Removed 19 17.9k 8 Norway
21 Aug 2012 12:47PM
Right on the money CB...
stuvine 17 63 United Kingdom
21 Aug 2012 1:01PM
Olaa, I understand where you are coming from, but could it be that prospective clients are seeing you as a "jack of all trades"? I know you are looking at being able to offer them an all in one solution, but how well are you marketing that you are as good as them hiring seperate make-up artists, hairstylists and a photographer? Can you give your clients as good a service as them paying a bit extra and hiring seperate professionals? Or could your potential clients see you as a "budget" solution, and you are losing out on potential higher paying clients because of this?
Just something to think about.

Rod20 11 145 United Kingdom
21 Aug 2012 1:23PM
Agree with you Stu, "jack of all trades" syndrome will not help.
JackAllTog Plus
13 6.4k 58 United Kingdom
21 Aug 2012 2:06PM
LOL - Jack of all trades is bad then :-( I'll need to change my username.
Hi Ola, i think location is another possibility - what opportunities, regular ones, can you see in say a 50 mile area around you?

As mentioned its gotta be marketing, you need to make sure that people think of you when they they need a photo, or maybe even help them think of what photo's they need.

As said there are loads of us looking to make money as either full-time photographers or weekend warriors - so what make you special in the potential clients eyes?

Good lick
Focus_Man 12 481 631 United Kingdom
21 Aug 2012 2:08PM
I think you have discovered the problems encountered by many people who are extremely good at what they do.

The problem facing them is knowing how to create and, more importantly, how to run a business.

I remember two people who were very good at what they did (no names no pack-drill), they started a business as partners and their first priority was to dash out and purchase a BMW each as company cars, leased obviously. They failed in year one because of cash flow. I heard that one of the first reasons for business failure in year one was just that kind of thing. Wanting all the accoutriments before the work flow had been established.

Unless you get a lucky break and find a good customer or two early on, remember 'slowly, slowly catchee monkey'. Start with whatever you can get, however small then produce stunning work. These small fashion houses' purchasing managers do talk to each other and maybe that way you will become known.Tthere is nothing so good as 'word of mouth' recommendations.
lemmy 15 2.9k United Kingdom
21 Aug 2012 2:11PM

Quote:hiring separate make-up artists, hairstylists and a photographer

I agree strongly. To me, a photographer/ stylist/ hairdesser smacks strongly of jack of all trades and doing things on the cheap. All those trades are ones that require different contacts, training and experience. The chances of finding someone who can do them all equally well is remote and any one of them not done well ruins the whole package. That would be my thought as a picture editor. It just sounds a bit unprofessional, like you don't understand the business too well -even if you do, it sounds that way.

But in the end, there are many reasons people don't use someone's services. Among them is that maybe your images are not as great as you say. The best picture editor I ever worked for had a particular dislike pf photographers who (as he put it) 'talked a good picture'.

Sound to me like you need to be persistent and work even harder than you have been for as long as it takes. As someone said previously, no different from any other business, really.

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