Why do all the nude photographs get more attention and votes on epz?

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wsh Plus
5 85 United Kingdom
30 Apr 2020 1:54AM
Why do all the naked female photographs on epz get more votes, comments, and generally more user awards on ephotozine?
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wsh Plus
5 85 United Kingdom
30 Apr 2020 2:05AM
To go on with, I clicked on one photograph of a ver ugly naked woman a few days ago only to find that it had 159 views. Why for gods sake?
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keithh 19 25.8k 33 Wallis And Futuna
30 Apr 2020 6:13AM
Did you need to call her “very ugly”?
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saltireblue Plus
13 14.5k 89 Norway
30 Apr 2020 7:38AM
Nudes in general get more views, but not more votes, comments and awards.

The membership of the site is predominantly male, and blue-blooded ones at that, so nothing strange that adult tagged images get a lot of views.

You will find, though, that only those images which are done by the more serious photographers of this genre attract a good deal of votes and UAs. Very often the same photographers get just as much attention when they post other genres as well.
More voyeuristic, housewife-next-door nudes may get as many views, but do not get the votes, comments or awards.

The use of negative words to describe models is very unwelcome, on this site and others. Commenting on the model's appearance in a negative fashion is very much an unwritten no-no.
Big Bri Avatar
Big Bri 22 16.7k United Kingdom
30 Apr 2020 9:33AM

Quote:To go on with, I clicked on one photograph of a ver ugly naked woman a few days ago only to find that it had 159 views. Why for gods sake?

Perhaps you should say why you clicked on it rather asking why 158 others did.
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JackAllTog Plus
14 6.4k 58 United Kingdom
30 Apr 2020 11:32AM
Good pictures of flowers do rather well here too, as can cute pet images.
Personally i think some abstracts and surreal photos are under voted here.

However this site is i believe mostly about the 'photography', not the judgement of whether the subject is 'good looking' or not to individuals.
NeilSchofield Avatar
NeilSchofield Plus
16 1.8k 1 United Kingdom
1 May 2020 7:32AM
Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder

I know from our photography club that taking good pictures of nudes, either gender, is one of the most difficult genres in photography, and when done correctly can be enthralling

I occasionally click on them in the gallery, only if I can initially see some potential photographic or artistic quality in the gallery scroll, lighting and composition of the human body are in my view particularly challenging for any author, and it is appreciated when successful

I would agree that there are many unflattering images in the gallery, but they aren’t just limited to nudes by any means, there are many excellent ones as well

Each to their own
altitude50 Avatar
altitude50 19 23.9k United Kingdom
1 May 2020 9:57AM
There are no ugly people, just ugly minds.
Cephus Avatar
Cephus 18 2.7k England
1 May 2020 1:06PM
Beauty is only skin deep but ugly goes right through. WinkWinkWink
GeorgeP Avatar
GeorgeP 16 62 26 United States
6 May 2020 3:42AM
I think Robert Heinlein in his "tongue-in-cheek" novel, Glory Road, offered a sensible assessment why a predominately male audience is fascinated by nude images.

Some people disparage the female form divine. Sex is too good for them; they should have been oysters. All gals are good to look at (including little brown sisters even though they scared me); the only difference is that some look better than others. Some were fat and some were skinny and some were old and some were young. Some looked as if they had stepped straight out of Les Folies Bergères.

The fact that it is a difficult genre to master might also provide an indication why there is an interest (beyond the school-boy voyeurism) and why some images - often by the same small group of photographers - achieve high levels of acclaim and approval regardless of the attributes of the model.
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Just Jas Plus
21 26.4k 1 England
8 May 2020 4:56PM
Woman? I read in the Bible that the Good Lord created the World and Man. Heavy stuff, I thought. Then I read further that the Good Lord created Woman for the Joy and Comfort of Man. At that point I lost all credibility in the Old Man! :0 Smile Smile
peterjones Avatar
peterjones 21 5.2k 1 United Kingdom
8 May 2020 7:17PM
I am off to the Gallery to see these nudes for myself and see if they are worth clicking.
Paul Morgan Avatar
Paul Morgan 22 19.9k 6 England
8 May 2020 7:27PM
peterjones Avatar
peterjones 21 5.2k 1 United Kingdom
9 May 2020 3:13PM
Perhaps not that one Paul .................:SmileSmileSmile


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