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Why do we Keep Returning?

StrayCat 15 19.1k 3 Canada
25 May 2015 7:53PM
I was just thinking about this; why do I return to this site day after day? Where else can I go where there are so many people with the same interests, same questions, and a common love of photography? Let's face it, we're mostly in the amateur category, and the few professionals, like KeithH, just enhance our knowledge from time to time. I visit other photography sites, in particular, one pro's blogs, which I've been reading for about 10 years. However, we have little in common; his tripod and head cost way more than my total camera kit, so we're not going to discuss kit, that's for sure. I asked him about a lens once, and he said he had no knowledge of it, lol. The lol was his. It was less than a thousand dollars, so he wouldn't know anything about a cheapie like that. I go there and look at his fantastic images, and realise that his knowledge and skill are just as important as the kit, but I somehow feel a bit out-classed when he posts a beautiful shot of a bird, and states beneath it that it was taken using the latest pro Canon camera, the Canon 800mm f5'6 lens with the latest 2X Canon TC attached, and some tripod and head that costs as much as my car, and I'm using a 70-300mm lens. What I'm saying is, we have little to discuss between us, but I read his articles that aren't obvious advertising, and learn from them. On here, most of us are in the same boat kit-wise, and knowledge wise, so we feel comfortable discussing our equipment and photos, and asking questions, and trying to answer some that apply to people of the same level as ourselves. I have been on many sites, as I'm sure you all have, that don't meet my needs in these respects, but Epz does. We can have our photos critiqued, given awards, or just viewed by people like ourselves. We have a reviews section, tutorials, a gallery, and all kinds of useful information applicable to our hobby. Just a few thoughts today; I can't imagine a world without this site.

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SlowSong Plus
10 8.0k 30 England
25 May 2015 9:36PM
It's a bit like habit and after so many years a bit like family too. I know I'll read and see the regulars each day and that's reassuring. EPZ is just part of my day and part of my life. I've not found a better site.
laura16 15 606
25 May 2015 10:18PM
It is a habit, but just a great source of inspiration, advice, suggestions and what I like is that I'm free to come and go without having to do it all the time, unlike some clubs where you must attend on a regular basis or contribute all the time. I've been on here for ten years but sometimes months have gone by when I couldn't get on or life overtook things yet whenever I get chance it's always EPZ I dip in and out of
Cymrucwtch 4 55 Wales
26 May 2015 10:16AM
It's nice to afford kit like that (but they maybe sponsored).

The other thing to remember is also having the time to learn and use that kit effectively and then spend x hours waiting for a particular shot.

Most of us just don't get all those things to come together at the right moment.

I'd love to upgrade some of my kit but I just can't afford too (family life etc) so I go out and shoot with what I have and enjoy myself.

And yes it is a habit coming back here!
Niknut Plus
9 2.2k 77 United Kingdom
26 May 2015 12:18PM
I'm with you all the way on this one !!......I can't do without my daily 'fix' of all that EPZ has to offer !!

I've been involved with other similar sites, but none compare with all that EPZ has to offer, & have dropped out of them for various reasons....

Camera gear isn't the be-all & end-all of's whats between your ears, & visual perception that's more important, to create an
image that stands out !!

I can understand the pro's using top class's a business to them after all, & they can claim tax relief on it, & they're committed to producing
faultless work, otherwise they won't survive ?

Bird photography also involves dedicated equipment, to achieve optimum their case is valid, but can be expensive !!.....I don't have the
considerable patience required to photograph birds, & hate hauling around heavy tackle !!

My type of photography involves a smallish camera/lens combination, without the bulk or weight, & I never use a tripod or filters etc., so I can travel
light & be versatile with my images......& it hasn't cost me an arm & a leg either......though I do aspire to the latest gizmo now & then, but have to
temper my greed with common sense......especially when my existing 'kit' gives me all the image quality/ease of use that I can handle !!!!

But EPZ ??????......I can wallow in it all day long !!!.GrinGrin
JackAllTog Plus
10 5.5k 58 United Kingdom
26 May 2015 12:48PM
As StrayCat says I love the variety of real people there is on ePhotozine, most are happy to share and comment about their experience, and its often with accessible kit or based on a previous photographic career. There is always people out there that know more about a real issue or have a fresh clear way of explaining an approach so that I can get my latest photo fix.

I return almost every day to be challenged with new areas to learn and new images that inspire me to be a better photographer. Also I hope to learn more through sharing with others.
Thank you everyone that make this site what it is.

dark_lord Plus
15 2.3k 577 England
26 May 2015 2:50PM
Beacuase there's a lot to be gained from coming here?

I don't just mean knowledge and help but a sense of community too.
And there are plenty of pros using 'normal' gear, especially those starting out. Some pros put themselves on a pedestal and look down on those using 'lesser gear' Come to think of it, it's not always pros that are like that, is it.

Mind you no pro has got a shot of a weasel on the back of a woodpecker. As you're in Canada StrayCat I'm not sure if you've come across this .

StrayCat 15 19.1k 3 Canada
26 May 2015 7:46PM
Yes Keith, we get opportunities like that frequently.........not!Grin I mentioned KeithH because he's been here as long as I have, and just seems to comment or give a tidbit of advice at just the right time. I also remember a few times when he sent some high and mighty know-it-all scurrying with his tail between his legs. I'd also like to single out David Thorpe (Lemmy) for a bit of praise; he has a series of reviews and tutorial videos on Youtube that are well worth anybody watching, especially those interested in Micro 4/3. I always enjoy his comments in the forum, and one realises they are backed by a wealth of experience. They contribute to the immense versatility of the site, and make the draw for members even stronger.
ade_mcfade 15 15.2k 216 England
27 May 2015 2:31PM
it's a lot more "familiar" than anywhere else...

usually dip into the forums rather than the gallery - you all need to cheer up a bit Wink

that "Grumpy thread" I started years ago is way too popular lol
SlowSong Plus
10 8.0k 30 England
27 May 2015 2:39PM
I gave up with the Happy Forum that I started. Hardly got any visitors at all. Grin
ade_mcfade 15 15.2k 216 England
27 May 2015 2:48PM
I noticed that it never got any momentum....

I think it's an age thing.... lots of grumpy old men Wink
Cymrucwtch 4 55 Wales
27 May 2015 3:30PM
Perhaps we need a sign.... Grin


themak 5 1.0k Scotland
27 May 2015 4:01PM

Quote:... lots of grumpy old men

I resemble that!
whipspeed 14 4.2k 22 United Kingdom
27 May 2015 4:20PM
Familiar, you get to know people, I've met a good few friends on here. I've dipped into other sites & even joined a camera club (& left again), EPZ is just better. Easy to navigate the forums and galleries, good critique, interesting forums, where you can usually find an answer. It is in general a very friendly site.
Another thing I've found is that most people are willing to share knowledge on shooting and post processing, I found that seriously lacking in camera clubs, the older members particularly would not share any info or be willing to teach newcomers. I lost count of the times I heard that "we're not here to teach beginners". I usually helped where I could and then gave them the web address for EPZ Smile
28 May 2015 7:35PM
....because they've put spikes round the exit doors....? Tongue

But I do agree with most of the above..Smile

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