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Why I am still with EPzN.....

polly470 11 25 8 United Kingdom
26 May 2010 12:06PM
There has been a huge amount of heated activity about the possible new voting system, and changes to the approach to the site - here, for anyone who is remotely interested in an ordinary member opinion, is why I am still here...

I am a relative newbie to DSLR, second year now...I first found the site on Google, and desperately wanted constructive crits on my photos. So I started off by asking for critique only.
I did not get ONE comment or crit, helpful or otherwise for going on for 8 weeks...I thought that this meant that my photos were just too amateur ( Maybe they were...however, what is the point of offering stuff up if you get no feedback! ) I then decided to just put my photos up for votes, and if that got no response just look for another site. I genuinely wanted help and the site advertised itself as the friendliest on the internet for both amateur and professionals..
I started to get comments, from people who didn't know me from Adam, so forget cliques etc at this point....I started to get useful feedback, and I personally began to enjoy myself.
I hope I am not stupid or not aware of the difference when something is just a snap to share, or a photo that has been thought about and improved on from the last one and from the feedback it entailed. I asked people to please feel free to do mods of my photos, which helped immensely with seeing alternate views, and I have to make a point of thanking Willie ( Banehawi ) who I understand is part of the critique team, for his mods , crits and always fair help for improvements -
.......all of this was NOT ON THE CRITIQUE SITE...this is an important point and still is !
I hope I have learnt, made progress, made friends and most importantly to me improved....I would like to take my photography further, and have every intention of doing so, and now have enough confidence to go onto other ( less friendly ) sites with some of my work in order to get even more constructive feedback from a wider viewpoint.
EPzN has been invaluable to me, and I hope that if ever I get to the stage when I feel that I am able to become a professional photographer, or at least have people want or rate my work, then I will not deny anyone the encouragement that the bulk of the people on this site have given me.
( Polly470)
Gaucho 19 2.8k 2 United Kingdom
26 May 2010 1:50PM
Looking at your gallery, ( there are some cracking shots in there by the way!), I couldn't see any of your submissions with a critique request. It could be you deleted them but I say this because in my experience asking for a critique you always get exactly that. It can be that there is a slight delay as the team are a busy bunch of folk. Go to the critique gallery right now and you will find loads of helpful comments. Could it be you weren't using the system correctly? Whatever, it is obvious you have improved with or without Grin

Carabosse 17 41.5k 270 England
26 May 2010 1:55PM

Quote:So I started off by asking for critique only.

Quote:all of this was NOT ON THE CRITIQUE SITE...this is an important point and still is

Any reason why you did not upload to the Critique Gallery? Was it because you were unwilling to forgo votes?
Toonman 13 1.4k 2 England
26 May 2010 3:06PM
A bit harsh CB!
Carabosse 17 41.5k 270 England
26 May 2010 3:31PM
Not at all. I couldn't think of any other reason - which is not, of course, to say there isn't one. Smile
boony 14 978 3 United Kingdom
26 May 2010 3:44PM
polly , i too started uploading for crit only and was slightly dissapointed with the results , what i have found has helped is commenting on other peoples pics , it draws more attention to your gallery as does voting on other pics.
Carabosse 17 41.5k 270 England
26 May 2010 4:03PM

Quote:i too started uploading for crit only

I may be mistaken but you have not uploaded anything to the Critique Gallery for over 3 years... and you only uploaded one then (and got perfectly reasonable crit, IMO).

What has stopped you uploading since then? Smile
polly470 11 25 8 United Kingdom
26 May 2010 5:21PM
Hi - sorry I haven't replied - just got back from work... in reply to Carabosse - I am sorry, I thought I had explained why I had stopped uploading to the critique gallery ( I DID delete anything from there as it seemed pointless keeping it on as they had had no response all those years ago... no other reason!) I had been getting so much encouragement and helpful hints and tips at the level that I was at in the general photo gallery that I felt a bit too wary to go on the critique section again because comments help me, silence did not., although I have dropped in every now and then to see if anyone else gets helpful crits....some seem good, a lot do not -
I have received some excellent critiques, helpful, positive and instructional from the general voting gallery and have taken everything on board I hope!
In response to the rather abrupt, or as someone else said 'harsh' suggestion that it was because I was unwilling to forgo votes, well, I don't get many in the first place! I don't really notice them ,but what I have liked is seeing voters names, then I click on them and get to see THEIR work....this way I see the work of people who would seem to have similar likes and dislikes and in quite a quick and easy way, rather than trolling through the members gallery by alphabet!!
I hope this helps....I also hope you understand that I am in praise of EPzN, not in criticism....
kaybee Plus
16 7.5k 26 Scotland
26 May 2010 5:22PM
Maybe they are scared ........... after all that is 2 for2 getting a roasting so far for posting in the forums
polly470 11 25 8 United Kingdom
26 May 2010 5:41PM
I would love to feel as though I was at a stage in my work where I can take more technical criticism, but I would not be able to declare myself from a social photographer to an 'elite' or serious photographer because I AM serious, just not in the league of some of the photography seen in the top ranks of EPzN, or photo.net for instance. ( Certainly many years off 1x.com - some breathtaking work on there....)
It is my understanding that that kind of separation is what some people want....?
I love being on EPzN, and I love the atmosphere and help...
Carabosse 17 41.5k 270 England
26 May 2010 5:59PM

Quote:as it seemed pointless keeping it on as they had had no response all those years ago

Aha, I think this is at the heart of it. The CG started nearly 4 years ago and, certainly, in the early days everyone was feeling their way: there were many pages of uncritiqued images and we didn't have any real guidelines. (This is no criticism of my predecessor - it was a completely new thing for EPZ and it took a while to settle down.)

Things have changed greatly over the past 3 years and, judging by appreciation we get via PM etc, the CG is very much a valued aspect of the site. If you genuinely want critique, and are not bothered about votes, I can only suggest you give it another try. Smile
polly470 11 25 8 United Kingdom
26 May 2010 6:15PM
I will, thank you, and I now ( maybe soon....) will feel up to more hefty and serious help. Mods are brilliant, and have been my biggest help.
I still hope though, that they don't do away with comments on the regular gallery, because without them I would probably still be taking pictures of my dog's nose and thinking I was doing well.... lots of encouragement and positive help and advice on a gentler level will create more and better photographers who may otherwise feel inadequate - no down votes please!
minicooper 12 536 United Kingdom
26 May 2010 11:04PM
I find the cg very useful and had many excellent feed back including ones by Carabosse. I don't use it for every upload I like the votes sometimes as well. Many users will still point me in the right direction and will often spend time doing modications on my images. To me that is what this site is all about,
StrayCat 16 19.1k 3 Canada
26 May 2010 11:06PM
Even Carabosse, eh?Wink
minicooper 12 536 United Kingdom
26 May 2010 11:12PM
And others of course!Grin

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