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Why is it sooo difficult to transfer photos to someone elses ipad?

trivets12 17 1.3k
16 Nov 2015 9:37AM
I'm getting so frustrated with this. I simply want to put some images from my pc onto my mum's ipad. It seems that Apple have made this so awkward, but why?
I have tried connecting her ipad to my pc and going through iTunes. However, it would not recognise her password because it only associates my pc with my ipad. In the end I created a new account for her which worked once, except that now my pc doesn't recognise my ipad so I now have to try and sort that out.
I bought an ipad sd card adaptor and lightning connector stupidly thinking that I could put the images onto an sd card and she could copy them that way. That does not work. The ipad only recognises images on an sd card if they are originals, not copied from a pc.
Why is it so piggin' hard just to put images from a pc onto someone elses ipad, ffs?
Can anyone help, please?
GazzaG2003 18 366 England
16 Nov 2015 9:55AM
There is really one simple solution i use hassle free, im not sure why you are creating all different accounts etc check this link out


keithh 17 25.8k 33 Wallis And Futuna
16 Nov 2015 10:07AM
Download a copy of Simple Transfer (other similar apps are available) from the app store and follow easy instructions.
trivets12 17 1.3k
16 Nov 2015 10:12AM
The problem is because it is my mum's ipad, not mine, that I want to put the photos on. She doesn't live with me and getting her photos onto her ipad is nigh on impossible without messing up my own iTunes account.
Gazza, if I put my photos onto the Google drive, can I then access it from her ipad and download them to her ipad that way?
User_Removed 6 1.0k United Kingdom
16 Nov 2015 10:22AM
Wow, glad I dont use Apple anything
trivets12 17 1.3k
16 Nov 2015 10:27AM
I know, the photo situation is appallingly badly designed.
Don't understand the iCloud bit at all. What am I supposed to do with it? Do I have to upload the photos to it?
davidburleson 14 3.0k 3 United Kingdom
16 Nov 2015 10:34AM
keithh has a great solution. There are plenty of apps out there.

Another easy, low tech approach would be to email them over. Although, if you have alot, it might take some time.

I'm actually suprised you have had trouble with the SD card approach. I have one and it worked absolutly fine. You can also get usb adaptors to plug in thumb drives.
trivets12 17 1.3k
16 Nov 2015 10:35AM
Keith, I cannot get Simple Transfer to work. It gives an IP address but when I type it in it goes nowhere.
This is the most frustrating thing, it's a good job you can't hear what I'm saying!
Philh04 Plus
15 2.3k United Kingdom
16 Nov 2015 10:38AM
I too am surprised the SD card approach doesn't work... as David says the easiest low tech approach is to email the images to the iPad....

trivets12 17 1.3k
16 Nov 2015 10:43AM
Apparently putting the images onto an sd card doesn't work because the files are not the original ones from a camera. The sd card only works if the card has the original out-of-camera files on it.
Cannot get Simple Transfer to work and I just do not understand what I am supposed to do with iCloud. The instructions are rubbish, getting so f.......... frustrated now.
How can it be so difficult just to get photos onto an ipad?
davidburleson 14 3.0k 3 United Kingdom
16 Nov 2015 10:48AM
have you tried this, non itunes, approach:

I've googled a bit on the SD card problem and came up with this:

Quote:The photos must be located inside a folder named DCIM, and their names must have eight characters plus the .jpg

Maximum SD Card size is 32GB

Not sure how relevant/true it is, but it's worth trying. I'll admit that I've not tried transferring non camera photos from an SD card to an ipad.
Philh04 Plus
15 2.3k United Kingdom
16 Nov 2015 10:48AM
email them to the iPad... simples...

sitan1 Plus
12 1.3k 1 United Kingdom
16 Nov 2015 11:28AM
Print them out and give them to mum in a real album lol
Old skool method I know but it works
sorry I know this doesn't answer your question but couldn't help myself

Titters to myself like a little schoolboy Tongue
trivets12 17 1.3k
16 Nov 2015 11:53AM
Titter! 😆
trivets12 17 1.3k
16 Nov 2015 2:36PM
Emailing them via didn't work either. She downloaded them but goodness knows where they went, they're not on the iPad.
So, is it impossible to get photos onto her iPad then?

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