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Why no clicks or views???????

photography27 17 130
1 Feb 2005 11:22AM
is it a trend now not to comment on photo's?
i joined in sept 04 and used to get a few comments, but now just a few, maybe my photo's are naff?
but it seems there is a trend i seen here....fancy model in knickers or in the nude and the views go right up, many people go out of there way to take photo's and up load them, just to get no comments at all, in the space of 5 months i've noticed the change.
there are some excellent photo's with no clicks and then there is some bird with nothing on and loads of clicks.any body else noticed this?
thats my moan out of the way
bpa 17 1.2k
1 Feb 2005 11:30AM
I know what you mean Mik, I have just recently started actively critiquing the gallery again, after spending most of my time in the forums. I also find it a reciprocal thing, I like to leave not only praise but critique when I view an image, but as of late my comments are completely ignored. I have asked questions of the photographer, offered suggestions and critique only to be ignored, I don't expect a thank you everytime, but I do expect an answer or sometimes acknowledgement when I have gone out of my way to suggest something. I doubt very much it will change what I do and how I view the gallery, but sometimes as frustrating as not receiving critique.

evap 16 223 England
1 Feb 2005 11:41AM
spaceman 17 5.3k 3 Wales
1 Feb 2005 12:23PM
Much of the time I spend here is taken up commenting on quality photographs that have been ignored - it's very strange.
KatieR 17 6.2k 6
1 Feb 2005 12:34PM
So how do we change the situation?
Is there a solution?
We can discuss the irritation that this causes on the forums, but there are many, many members that do not take part here - we can only hope that they are secretly reading our comments and take note.
And anyway, how do you decide which photos "deserve" attention more than others? "Quality" is a subjective matter here. Clicks are given to photos that we like, not necessarily those which are good (and what is good, anyway?). Remember most of us are not experienced picture editors who can tell a great pic from a good one, and we will often choose pictures which mean something to us, irrespective of "quality". There will always be disagreement, and there will always be lazy people who spend the minimal time commenting and replying ... and what is lazy, anyway!? That's subjective too...
See what a problem it all is!!!! LOL
keithh 17 25.8k 33 Wallis And Futuna
1 Feb 2005 12:36PM
Well, Mick, the best way especially when you join is to comment on other peoples work and maybe they'll visit your portfolio and comment, for good or worse, on yours.

You've uploaded 58 images since joining and commented on 53...not a great hit rate, when, like I said, you need to build up some interest in either your work, or your progress.

There are odd shots that get through the EPZ net, but on the whole good images will get viewed.
Badger 19 4.7k 20 United Kingdom
1 Feb 2005 12:53PM
This question has been asked many times previously, so much so an answer was included in the FAQ section , you can find it here.

KatieR 17 6.2k 6
1 Feb 2005 12:57PM
Oh well done, Matt.
Should we add something, though, about not deleting your picture and uploading it again just so that it stays on the front page!!!
Badger 19 4.7k 20 United Kingdom
1 Feb 2005 12:59PM
Katie, that was resolved with the recent change to the ability to re-upload a shot once only each day, it's here as well in the FAQ's.
That's a whole other can of worms...
KatieR 17 6.2k 6
1 Feb 2005 1:01PM
I know, I was just prompting you!
Badger 19 4.7k 20 United Kingdom
1 Feb 2005 1:02PM
Well prompted Katie!
Crespo 16 59
1 Feb 2005 1:29PM
Personally I rather have one click and constructive comment from someone who knows what he/she is talking about than half a dozen " Good shot, Click " clicks from those who may not or are just after reciprocal clicks as suggested in the FAQ's.
wgfarquhar 17 473
1 Feb 2005 1:36PM
You can moan as much as you like about the clicks on Epz, but at the end-of-the-day, you will get more clicks if the photos appeal to more people. Looking at your portfolio shows that many of your images seem like family album snapshots, or simple and poorly composed scenes. This may sound harsh, but sit back a bit when looking at the image you have taken, and ask yourself 'if I'm looking at photos from somebody elses photo album, would you stop, look for awhile and ask that person about the photo?'

If not, people will have the same view on Epz.

Badger 19 4.7k 20 United Kingdom
1 Feb 2005 1:37PM
Chris, the following quote is from the FAQ page.

Quote:spend a little time (regularly, not just when you upload an image!) leaving constructive and helpful comments on other members' images

That to me does not suggest fishing for clicks with the "Good shot, click" type comment. The key words are constructive and helpful.
Crespo 16 59
1 Feb 2005 1:47PM
I appreciate the distinction.

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