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Why no clicks or views???????

Carabosse 18 41.7k 270 England
2 Feb 2005 9:29AM
This article may be of interest:

How To Be A Good Critiquer

There's an even better one around. Someone (Brian1208?) gave a link a while ago but I can't find it. Perhaps he'll post it again if he sees this.
brian1208 18 11.8k 12 United Kingdom
2 Feb 2005 9:51AM
Your wish is my command CB:
Nature Photographers Net.

If you have any interest in wildlife and nature photography this is a "must vist" site. Several of us here are members or contribute

Carabosse 18 41.7k 270 England
2 Feb 2005 10:49AM
Cheers Brian - I have saved that as a favourite... for the next time the topic of critique comes up!

In fact I will start a fresh thread as regards possible similar guidance for EPZ.
photography27 17 130
2 Feb 2005 11:12AM
well thank you all, as i only get half hour on the net a night, sometimes its hard for me to view all websites and upload, and comment, that was just my thought about clicks and views and topless models.
thank you all that have contributed, made interesting reading
mik xx
elowes 17 2.8k United Kingdom
2 Feb 2005 12:42PM
Going back to the original complaint of Mik, the problem is that the site is very busy and if you want comment your thumbnail needs to be attention grabbing. The necessity is to produce an image tailored to the site rather than one tailored to the average image size in print or screen display. A problem not easily overcome. I tend to skim the thumbnails these days as I spend too much time here anyway.

I would love to have images clicked 30 plus times but only if people who know really consider them good enough. Id like to think every one likes at least one or two of my pictures. However, though I am a believer in the maxim I dont know much about art but I know what I like I would rather have appreciation or criticism from some one who knows about the art of photography and how to see. Good art photos get roughed up because they are not pin sharp or the lighting isnt club approved or the leg needs moving just so etc (something I have been guilty of I have to admit).

An example of this can be seen on the site recently and it really perturbed me to see the response of a photographer who should know better, who could not see past the fact it was not a sharp, well lit and posed shot of the style he considers to the best way to portray this sort of image .

If one is not careful it can get boring and repetitive on a site where there seems almost to be a competition to get the most clicks by producing images the same as the last most popular one. We should welcome diversity and things that challenge. I for one was getting tired of the almost unquestioning adulation by some of a certain contributor until his last post.

How many on this site have visited and enjoyed the Tate Modern? That is a place of art in motion, some may not like the direction but at least it progresses (and its in a great building in one of the worlds great locations).

Sorry if I am being long winded and pompous, 'I may not know what I'm talking about but I like to talk'
shahbaz 17 6 3 Pakistan
3 Feb 2005 10:25PM
Hello Mik

Thanks for your comments on my portfolio. You like the colors and detail of my photographs , thanks again.

I have read so many replies after me and one thing i found that everyone has the feeling that lack of time is the basic problem of giving comments , so i think you have a time that's why you are viewing this side .

Another thing is what i feel is that photographer upload his photograph just to know the comments of other and for this he is very keen to know the remarks , if someone not giving the comments , photographer become disappoint so that is the reason we are waiting for the comments.

take care mik
Ottoblade 16 2 United Kingdom
7 Feb 2005 7:10AM
Suggest you join a camera club, submit entries into their competitions and listen to the judges (mostly) constructive comments. You will then make progress.
conrad 17 10.9k 116
7 Feb 2005 7:21AM

Quote:Suggest you join a camera club

Thats funny - EPZ is exactly the reason why I myself did not do that, EPZ being a quicker way to get feedback on many, many photos, and now the e2 option of having modifications of your shots uploaded adding an extra dimension a photo club could never add, as far as I can see it.

If youre not getting the feedback you want, you can always post a request for feedback on the forum, which many people have already found a helpful way of getting more evaluations of some photos.

Ottoblade 16 2 United Kingdom
8 Feb 2005 10:47AM
Sorry Conrad..............if you didn't how can you comment
conrad 17 10.9k 116
8 Feb 2005 2:19PM

Quote:if you didn't how can you comment

I'm not sure exactly what you mean by that, DLC. Do you mean - if I didn't join a photo club, how can I make a comment about not joining and using EPZ instead? Because I know what they do at photo clubs, especially the two nearest me, and I know what happens on EPZ. Instead of having a weekly or - even worse - fortnightly meeting where everyone takes a few photos to show, and the members discuss the photos, and every once in a while taking part in a club photo contest, and having to wait what the judges say, I have chosen to use EPZ for that purpose. It's quicker, the feedback is more extensive, I can even see modifications of my pictures that other people make, they even go so far as to tell me how to achieve the same effect, I can ask questions about photography at any time of the night or day and usually get answers quite quickly. I mean - why would I not able to comment on that?

Hoffy 16 262 16 England
8 Feb 2005 2:44PM
It is really sad that you think that about clubs, the camera club has it place as dose EPZ.

I'm sorry your local club have very limited events, lack of members cause that as the really good lecturers cost lots.

I must be lucky as we have a full programme which include some of the best photographers in Britain, I find this one of the best places to see other workers of a much higher standard than me to see why and how they do what they do.

With EPZ I have meet some really great people and have picked up some great tips, but EPZ dose not give me the foot hold into the international and national arena, now this is where you find out if your pictures are any good.

Austrian Super Curcuit has around 30,000 pictures and if you get one in hear you know you have done something special. I was lucky last year and got eight in.

So my advice is to embrass both areas as they both offer you something different.

I had a brief look at your sight and will be visiting again as it looked good.

As for the crits on images, I to am annoyed that some good pics are being placed and are only getting some small clicks when not so good images are getting many more, is there a big pals act.

I spend about an hour a night criting pics, I can only crit the ones I like or think can be improved, as I find that negative feedback is sometimes taken the wrong way. Shame.

conrad 17 10.9k 116
9 Feb 2005 12:28AM
I suppose clubs in my area are just sad little bunches of people who are not terribly active. One even frowns on all digital manipulation, however slight or innocent, and I hardly ever consider a photograph finished anymore without some PS post processing. But I suppose there must be good clubs as well - just not where I live.

I suppose its one of the reasons why I like EPZ so much!

Hoffy 16 262 16 England
9 Feb 2005 12:25PM
That is a real shame, if you wanted to expand your photography, have a look for the UPP also look at as this is the foot hold into the international sceen. I think you pictures are easly good enough.

ade_mcfade 17 15.2k 216 England
9 Feb 2005 1:27PM
Wow - another thread on clicks and comments!!!

I think the bottom line is that most people on here comment as much as their time allows, so a bit of "quid pro quo" is an inevitable result.

If you want more feedback, give more yourself.

I've often seen a blinding photo and just asked outright what the photographer did - every time they bend over backwards to help.

However, I never really saw the point in clicking without a comment...
banehawi Plus
17 2.5k 4264 Canada
9 Feb 2005 2:54PM
I've tried to identify the essential ingredients that make up a shot that attracts lots of clicks/comments.

Ive ended up with the following observations, - probably all mentioned in one post or another:

The RCs, and ECs, are ALWAYS very good shots. Most people who receive a lot of clicks are extremely happy to share info on their techniques, etc. and this attracts clicks for future uploads. Anytime I had uploaded a shot that didnt receive any attention, when I looked CRITICALLY at it, - simply was a BAD shot.

Landscapes seem to rule the roost. I thought at one time very saturated colours, especially blue had a better chance, but Im off that theory now! There are identifiable trends, - water motion, Robins, Tulips, - lots of seasonal stuff.

Getting actively involved in the spirit of EPZ, and adding constructive criticism, positive feedback will result in the reciprocal behaviour for the most part.

I have found myself clicking occasionally without commenting as I try to keep up with the sheer volume of uploads. Also, when someone uploads a pic of their Mom/Child/Spouse, I fell guilty about not giving a click!

In the end, we joined to learn, and I for one have learned not only from my own uploads, but from reading other peoples comments on shots that are not mine. Its a great site!


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