wide angle lens

sunshot 15 24 United Kingdom
24 Nov 2006 1:18PM
can someone please addvice me weather a nikon 'af 50mm f/1.8d ' is much different to a af 18-55mm nikon (which i already have). i'm wanting to take some wide angle / panoramic shots. which one gives the widest angle. if it's worth me buying the 50mm is 57.00 brand new, a good prise?

thaks marc.

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Sabreur 14 767 England
24 Nov 2006 1:26PM
Your existing 18-55 will give wider shots. The lower the focal length, the wider the field of view.
GlynB 13 29
24 Nov 2006 1:30PM
I'm sure it's a good lens for the price, but it's not a wide angle - it's a standard lens which is a similar angle of view to a pair of human eyes. The smaller the focal length, the wider the angle, so you want something less than the 18mm you already have, which will cost you a lot more than 57!
PS beaten to it damn!
Geoffphoto 13 13.5k United Kingdom
24 Nov 2006 1:37PM
The 50mm on a digital is great for portrait shots and head and shoulder pics though, but definately not a wide angle lens, what you really need is the 10.5 f2.8 mm fisheye LOL !! ( just a mere 450 )
sunshot 15 24 United Kingdom
24 Nov 2006 1:53PM
Right then, thanks very much,i'll stay with my 55mm.

cheers marc.
deviant 16 3.1k 1 United Kingdom
24 Nov 2006 2:16PM
The f/1.8 gives you a very nice background blur and the possibility of low light shooting handheld.

I have a 24-70 and a 17-40 lens and still use a 50mm f/1.4 one heck of a lot.
NikLG 14 1.7k England
24 Nov 2006 2:51PM
I have the 50mm 1.8 on my D200. Its never off. Its a great lens. I'd get it anyway if I were you...

GlynB 13 29
24 Nov 2006 5:09PM
Marc, just found your latest question - thought I'd stick it here as it's related:

Quote:thanks for your addvice on the lens, is a fisheye lens classed as wide angle? cos you can get then quite reasonablely prised on e-bay. or is my 18-55mm as good.
thanks for your time.

Fisheyes are very wide angles - their effect is quite extreme and maybe not what you were looking for (I believe they were originally designed for astronomy - some have a 180 degree field of view).
I don't have a DLSR (yet!) but a lot of the landscapers on here use 10-20mm (or thereabouts) zooms - Nikon (and Canon) do them, but also there's a Sigma equivalent which seems quite popular (it's significantly cheaper for one thing). Take a look at your favourite landscapes on here and look in the 'lens used' field - if you jump to the RC gallery usually 50%+ are landscapes and a lot of those use this sort of lens.
FWIW I'd also agree with the other comments on the 50mm standard lens - very useful and almost too cheap to not buy it, but again, definitely not what you had in mind.
Hope this helps!
SteveCharles 17 2.3k 18 England
25 Nov 2006 10:00AM
I love using the 50mm f1.8 on my D70s, great for very sharp, clear shots and small depth of field, and low light shooting, but on digital it is a short telephoto (75mm equiv.), the opposite of wideangle!

But Marc, I've just had a look at your equipment list, and don't understand why you have the 18-70 and the 18-55 (if you still do). I also think, with the 18-70, that the 28-105 is a bit superfluous as well, although it does have a good close-up facility. Unless you still have a film model, that is.

If you still have these lenses, I would sell the 18-55 and the 28-105, and put it towards a Sigma 10-20mm if you want a wideangle lens.

I would still advocate buying a 50mm as well, essential bit of kit IMO and cheap as chips, although it depends what you photograph of course.


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