WIDE Angle lenses

southpole 10 59 United Kingdom
8 Feb 2012 10:01AM
Hi I been looking for ages for a wide angle lens and find the process bewildering .

I have narrowed my search down to
Sigma 10mm0-20mm f3.5
Sigma 10mm-20mm f4.5
Tokina 11-16mm f2.8

or a nikon 10mm 2.8

I use a Nikon D3000

Does anyone actually use the zoom on these lens or do you stick on the minimum focal length

Thanks paul
IanBurton 12 81 7 United Kingdom
8 Feb 2012 11:27AM
Hi Paul,

All the above lenses are good in their own right, the only one I can comment on due to experience with it is the Sigma 10-20 (f/4.5) (used on a Canon 450d). I did use the zoom function of it quite often as at 10mm the distortion was quite noticable (can be used to good effect with experience). Image quality is very good and sharp throughout.

Suppose it all depends on your budget I think the above is the cheapest of your selection, but if you have cash to splash and don't mind walking about to frame your shot then prime lens are superior, but I would probably look at something longer than the 10mm.

Hope this helps a little.

southpole 10 59 United Kingdom
8 Feb 2012 11:39AM
Thanks for reply ian the cost is a consideration, i am steering forwards the sigma at the moment i been looking for weeks now
BillyGoatGruff 14 191 199 England
8 Feb 2012 12:17PM
Hi Paul.

I use the Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6DC EX HSM on a Nikon D300 and find it a great combination.
It's a solid lens - built like a tank.
I find that it will vignette a little at 10mm with a Lee w/a holder, but this is gone by about 11-12mm and it doesn't significantly compromise my compsoitions. It generally the widest affordable zoom that I could find - I think I picked mine up for around 360 three years ago.
I will frequently make use of the zoom function and will quite often shoot at the long end.
It will distort somewhat at it's widest which is particularly noticeable with verticals at the edges of the frame if one moves away from completely horizontal setups, but that can be corrected to a large degree with a bit of careful post processing work.
I have also found it sharp enough for me at present, at the size I would generally print at. I've had some images printed at around 36" wide and the quality is pretty - very good. Perhaps not as sharp as the Nikkor 14-24, but it's about a quarter of the price! Smile

Can't comment on your other options as I haven't used them, but I wouldn't be without my Sigma. It's often the first lens I reach for with any landscape shoot. If you really need f/2.8, I've heard that the Tokina is a good choice, but probably much more expensive.


southpole 10 59 United Kingdom
8 Feb 2012 12:36PM
Cheers bill the Tokina is about 200 more but i cant see using f2.8 aperture on landscapes so struggling to see why it goes so wide i assume i must be missing something
BillyGoatGruff 14 191 199 England
8 Feb 2012 1:02PM
Go for the Sigma!
I've you haven't shot that wide before it will amaze you!
Takes a bit of getting used to, but worth it I reckon.
And won't break the bank.....too much Smile
66tricky 15 742 Scotland
8 Feb 2012 1:41PM
What about the Tokina 12-24 with f4 across the range? I use this extensively (mostly at 12mm) and it's a cracking lens.
saltireblue Plus
11 12.4k 78 Norway
8 Feb 2012 1:46PM
Another vote for the Sigma (f3.5). 'Tis a very good lens.
martinl 18 269 2 United Kingdom
8 Feb 2012 8:09PM
Another vote for the Sigma (f4.5) version, especially if used for landscapes, as there's no need for the faster version. If you do interiors or the like handheld, than the extra stop might be handy. I've been very happy with mine, and as Bill says, it's the default choice.
southpole 10 59 United Kingdom
8 Feb 2012 8:21PM
Appreciate all the replies think i will be getting one at Focus on Imagining in march
MrBMorris 14 27 United Kingdom
8 Feb 2012 9:10PM
Hey hey, I literally just came onto the forums to look for help on the same thing! Im going to cruise and hitting many brilliant locations for some wide angel shots but I also have no idea.

I have a Nikon D5100 and my budget is about 400, maybe swing a little more.

I struggle to understand all the mounting systems, I says that the vote winner "Sigma 10mm-20mm f4.5" is a vary of mounts, non being the F mount that mine states.

the shame :-(

southpole 10 59 United Kingdom
8 Feb 2012 9:20PM
Yes the sigma 10mm -20mm will fit your D5100 you need to look out for lenses with internal motor nikon call it SWM : silent wave motor. Sigma call it HSM: hyper sonic motor Tokina call it IF: Internal Focusing.
MrBMorris 14 27 United Kingdom
8 Feb 2012 9:27PM
Nice, I think I may well invest in this then.

It states that on the Nikon version it doesn't come with the AF/MF focus switch
BillyGoatGruff 14 191 199 England
9 Feb 2012 11:36AM

Quote:Nice, I think I may well invest in this then.

It states that on the Nikon version it doesn't come with the AF/MF focus switch

That's true, Ben.
On my D300 there's a switch on the lens mount where one can select manual (M) focus mode from the three choices, the other two being AF modes. I imagine the D5100 will have a similar switch.
11 Feb 2012 5:24PM
Another vote for the Sigma 10-20 (f4.5). I bought mine about 18 months ago for my Nikon D90 and now use it on a D300S. Fantastic lens, I've it used all over the world with my day job. It is sharp across the range and has never let me down. You have to watch for vignetting on the 10mm end if using filters but it is a great investment. I'd love the Nikon 12-24 but I can't justify the price tag for a (very) slight increase in image quality. Buy the Sigma in either 3.5 or 4.5 guise and you wont be disappointed.

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