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Windows 10 shut down problem

bikerbob 16 179
21 Apr 2017 1:43PM
I have a HP23-Q111na all in one desktop computer. The other day it would not shut down using power -shutdown it kept bringing up the shutdown screen then after a couple of seconds would go back to the desktop screen,tried 4 times still would not shutdown so shut down by using start up switch on the computer. The next day on switching on the computer on the screen a message saying computer cannot start because some files are missing plus other info that I could not understand. with this screen on no curser so mouse not working, pressed various F tabs until recovery info came asking if I wanted to back up and restore so clicked backup took about an hour to back up showing 4.1 Gb then it asked me where I wanted to put the back up but without a curser on the screen was unable to do anything so then just told the compter to restore, this took over 2 hours and now computer working Ok but had to reinstall software programs. So if this happens again how do you shut the computer down without using power-shutdown also how can you backup if you do not have a curser on the screen to use the mouse. Thanks.

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Tianshi_angie 3 2.0k England
21 Apr 2017 3:48PM
This would be my understanding of your problem - it is what I would do myself. First - Not sure what you mean by 'power shutdown'. The method Windows would like you to use to close your computer is by right clicking the 'Windows' logo bottom left of your screen This bring up a menu from which you can choose what option you want. If you experienced problems when doing this - a couple of suggestions. Make sure that all open programmes have been closed - one of these may still be active in which case information which is being written to the memory will not be complete - hence files missing. If nothing is apparently open, then try Ctrl-Alt+Del which will bring the Task Manager on the screen and enable you to see where the problem is. Back up and restore does just that - backs up ALL the files on the computer - but if they are missing it is not really a help to you. There is a facility on Windows to 'restore to a previous date'. This takes the computer back to a date before the problem happened (using the past memory of actions completed). The F8 key will take you into the recovery mode but in this instance I'm not sure Recovery' was what you needed. Opening the computer in safe mode would probably have given you an opportunity to see what files are missing. A link to how to do this is here https://www.howtogeek.com/107511/how-to-boot-into-safe-mode-on-windows-8-the-easy-way/ (This works the same for Windows 10 as for 8.)
I would suggest that you run the maintenance file - accessible from the Control Panel>System and Security>Find and fix problems.
Nikonuser1 Plus
5 152 16 United Kingdom
21 Apr 2017 10:53PM
There was a upgrade to Windows10 in the last couple of days, was this going on whilst you tried to shut down? It took about a hour to upgrade on my PC!! Check to see if the upgrade has loaded successfully.

banehawi Plus
13 1.8k 3880 Canada
21 Apr 2017 11:59PM
Heres where to find the shut down


sausage Plus
13 502 United Kingdom
22 Apr 2017 8:39AM
After updates Windows can sometimes takes ages to shutdown. Once it was over 15 minutes - I just left it to do it's thing.
bikerbob 16 179
22 Apr 2017 4:41PM
That is how I tried to shut down Click the window icon bottom left then what comes up is a little different from what is shown there is the word power then when you click that you get the options shown then you click shutdown and computer shus down but as I said it would not shut down it kept going back to the desktop view. I have everything back to normal now and computer working as it should. I have previously tried to shut the computer down and had a message come saying it was updating and the message says it will update then shutdown this has happened more than once but this time there was no such message. What I am trying to find out is can you shut the computer down another way maybe using the keyboard instead of the mouse. Also when it is in recovery mode and it does a back up and asks where you want save the backup to how do you do that without a working mouse once again is there keyboard options that you can use. Thanks for the responses and offers of help.
Tianshi_angie 3 2.0k England
23 Apr 2017 1:47PM
The 'back up' is very large (usually) and is better done on an external drive as it will take up a lot of space. It is possible to turn the computer off by holding down the 'turn it on' (power switch) for 15 seconds - but not a very good idea as if there is something which is actively working it will be corrupted. It could be that you had acquired some Malware and this was stopping the computer from shutting down. To check on this run Malware Bytes - https://www.malwarebytes.com/ download the free version and it will find any software which shouldn't be there. Delete all that it finds.
If you do not have a functioning mouse or a touch pad then I am not aware of any way to shut the computer down except by using the switch (mentioned above). However this site has some manouevres which you could try if the same thing happens again. http://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch000254.htm
Chris_L Plus
4 4.5k United Kingdom
24 Apr 2017 10:56AM
Press the Windows key on your keyboard, use the cursor keys and the tab key to move about without a mouse. Holding combos of Shift, Control and Alt at the same time as using cursor, tab etc will let you do most things but it takes some getting used to. For something comprehensive that you can print out for future reference see here

bikerbob 16 179
25 Apr 2017 4:41PM
Thanks Chris for that link I now know for the future how to shut the computer down without a mouse you press ctrl +esc then you can use the arrow keys to navigate to shutdown and press the enter key and it works as I have tried it. Now need to find out how to back up without a mouse. I did originally shut the computer down by pressing the on switch on the computer and it shut down Ok the problems arose when I tried to start up again just got a blue screen saying boot files missing plus other info that I did not understand so with the mouse not working at that time I had no option but to go recovery but when it backed everything up it asked me where to install the back up, I would have liked to back up to one of my external hard drives but with there being no cursor on the screen was unable to navigate to the hard drives so had to recover without a back up. I must add that when the recovery screen first came up you could use the mouse to tell the computer to back up just when it did there was no way tell the computer where to put it. Any way the computer is now working as it should but trying to be prepared for if the same problem should happen again. Thanks for all help.
Chris_L Plus
4 4.5k United Kingdom
25 Apr 2017 4:53PM
ctrl + esc is the same as pressing the Windows key (usually between Ctrl and Alt and bearing a Windows logo) and on most keyboards made in the last five years.

I think your original problem has been caused as files were being deleted then replaced during updates. Updates that were interrupted in this way can leave the operating system in an incomplete state.

In all these years it's only happened to me once. You were just unlucky.
Cephus 13 2.4k England
25 Apr 2017 5:16PM
A similar thing happened to me when attempting to do a system restore on windows 10. I eventually gave up and bought a Mac and haven't looked back. Grin
bikerbob 16 179
25 Apr 2017 7:03PM
I have learn't a lot from this problem and thank all those that have tried to help in future if the computer will not shut down initially by clicking on the correct symbols I will leave it for about an hour then try again but as regards to it doing updates at that particular time there was no indication on the screen that it was, in fact it has happened before when trying to shut down with no screen info and what has happened is that you get a message on the screen saying updating and will shutdown when complete. This did not happen this time so I obviously made the mistake of shutting down with the main computer switch.
Chris_L Plus
4 4.5k United Kingdom
25 Apr 2017 7:18PM

Quote:bought a Mac and haven't looked back

I dumped the Mac and never looked back. Couple of friends have just dumped their Macs too. Smile
Cephus 13 2.4k England
25 Apr 2017 8:01PM

Quote:bought a Mac and haven't looked back

I dumped the Mac and never looked back. Couple of friends have just dumped their Macs too. Smile

Can I have them?
Chris_L Plus
4 4.5k United Kingdom
25 Apr 2017 8:11PM
Taken, one sold his, via Gumtree, to a Tattoo Artist, think he lost about 800 on it. The other gave his to his little sister. She uses it for Facebook.

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