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Windows 7 or not Windows 7, that is the question????

Little Jo 20 2.3k United Kingdom
5 Nov 2009 5:50PM
My PC stopped working properly a month ago - I've not had time to get it sorted, but the delay has opened up the question of whether I should have it reconfigured with Windows 7 rather than the Windows XP Pro it came with. It's about 2.5 years old - Asus P5B motherboard, ATI Radeon 1950 Pro graphics card, Creative Audigy sound card, 4GB RAM - I don't even know if the hardware would be supported by Windows 7 and because it's not working properly (needs XP reinstalled), I can't run the compatibility checker.

All suggestions gratefully received.

Big Bri 20 16.7k United Kingdom
5 Nov 2009 5:58PM
You don't say what processor it has, but I would say reinstall XP then run the compatibility checker. If it says OK, then go with Win 7.
cameracat 17 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
5 Nov 2009 6:25PM

Quote:Asus P5B motherboard

Thats a fairly mainstream board, Socket 775 Intel with P965 Intel chipset.

Whatever, Its all a whole lot newer than the Dell 5150 ( P4 ) machine I used to test Windows 7 on.

My guess is that it should have no problem running Windows 7.

However it may offer the option to run 64 or 32 bit, That is CPU dependant, The retail versions of Win 7 come with Both 32 & 64bit discs.

Also You can run the system advisor from a Windows 7 disc, Even if the machine has no working OS.....So maybe you could borrow a disc, Or try Big Bri's suggestion.....!
Little Jo 20 2.3k United Kingdom
5 Nov 2009 6:56PM
Processor is an Intel Core 2 Duo (2x2.6GHz).

cameracat 17 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
5 Nov 2009 7:11PM

Quote: Intel Core 2 Duo (2x2.6GHz).

You should have no problems running Win 7 with your spec, You will have the choice of 32 or 64 Bit, I'd recommend the 64bit as you then get access to more than 3 Gb of system ram, Plus truck loads more vitual ram.....!

At some point you might want to update the graphic card, But the system performance index will give you a clue.

I tend to run Vista 64 & Win 7 64, With all the gimmicks turned off, Win 7 unlike Vista was fairly happy on a 256mb graphic board, That was at least 6 years old, The " Native Win7 " drivers work very well indeed.

You may need to have a look at " Creatives site " for some Audigy drivers, But native drivers may do the job to...!
lemmy 14 2.9k United Kingdom
11 Nov 2009 9:21AM
The sensible thing to ask is, in what way will Win 7 improve your work, photographs, whatever?

It really makes sense to go to a new OS when you buy a new computer and it comes ready installed.

I'm with the professionals on this, though - if you are going to install Win7, wait until the first service pack is out and other people have ironed out the worst bugs for you.
Lulu01 12 163
12 Nov 2009 9:40AM
The general rule of thumb is as per Lemmy - wait until at least the first service pack before installing new software. It's always buggy, often released in a hurry etc. Also, keep an eye on pc magazines, reviews etc. Some software never seems to settle down.
lemmy 14 2.9k United Kingdom
13 Nov 2009 4:10PM
There's an interesting real world comparison of XP, Vista and 7 here
theorderingone 17 2.4k
13 Nov 2009 5:14PM

Quote:Thats a fairly mainstream board, Socket 775 Intel with P965 Intel chipset

That's what I have, except mine's a Gigabyte motherboard with a slower processor installed, and Windows 7 runs perfectly here. Your GPU is more powerful than what I have too, so you really should be fine.
20 Nov 2009 5:31PM
why would you pay 65 for the upgrade if you don't need to?

Win7 will work, and actually might even speed up your PC.

Before anything though, re-install XP to find out what isn't working. That way you wont have to buy Win7 just to find that whatever the problem on your PC is stops Win7 from working as well

as for the advice to wait for next release, my experience is that it isnt necessary to do that. I had Vista and couldn't not load the print drivers for my printers. I plugged the printers in to 7 and it recognized them immediately and installed the drivers automatically.

Win7 is ahead of vista and well worth it in my experience
Little Jo 20 2.3k United Kingdom
20 Nov 2009 6:22PM
The PC stopped working in that I can't log into my user account, it takes me to a temporary profile that doesn't let me do anything. Local computer guy says I need XP reinstalled - he got it so I could get at my files to back them up.

I just haven't had the energy to turn it on since it came back from the local shop. It's the three evenings it takes to reinstall everything that's the pain in the wotsit. He says my registry got corrupted.

MadSapper 12 16 United Kingdom
23 Nov 2009 8:46PM
I have an old Advent, bought from PC world a few years ago when they were threatening to stop selling XP & everyone I knew was having problems with Vista.
The guy at my PC shop says it should run W7 with no prob. W7 is smaller & faster than XP, especially when you consider XP is at SP3 now. That's a lot of program.
My XP machine was getting cranky, so after some debate, I bought a new PC with W7. I didn't want to give up the old because although it gave the odd problem, still functioned & did all that I wanted.
My point here is that after some playing, loading CS4 & all the pictures from my camera, everything works fine. I had to put the camera raw file in by hand, but had to do that on the XP too. Now everything is up & running. There are no obvious bugs. W7 has been in the wild for quite a while now & the beta testing surpasses just about everything since ever. It just has no bad press that I can find. Yet.
My only bugbear with W7 is that it has no Outlook Express. You have to use either windows live or a third party client like Thunderbird. Or keep the old XP on a KVM switch for e-mail like what I do.

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