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Windows XP

BOB S 18 2.6k
25 Nov 2002 10:29AM
Wow that was scary - I have been having a few problems with Win XP crashing, Microsoft have been very helpfull but not actually resolved the issue. So we took the bull by the horns, backed up all the data - REFORMATTED the hard drive and started again.
What a difference - clearing out all the crap has made the whole system much slicker and faster.
Just in the process of putting everything back on, and dont seem to have lost much so far.
railton 18 304
25 Nov 2002 10:40AM
Trust you found the reason it crashed Bob? I defrag my box once a month find it keeps things up to speed. John.
BOB S 18 2.6k
25 Nov 2002 3:12PM
Not conclusively John no, Microsoft seemed to think the issue was with Norton Antivirus, but I dont think so myself.
Anyway the beads of fear perspiration have now subsided and we will see how it goes.
I defrag about every 14 days normally unless I have deleted a lot of stuff or removed programmes.
User_Removed 19 7.3k 6 United Kingdom
25 Nov 2002 4:59PM
Hi Bob

I have to say that I have had problems with Norton AntiVirus software. It seems to manifest itself when I am trying to write a large number of large files to CD's. Each file is scanned by NAV before it is written and every now and then, NAV just seems to stop responding. The problem seems to occur only with JPEGS and I have reported the problem. I have found that by disabling NAV (temporarily), then the process works.

I have used Windows XP since it was first launched and have to say I am very pleased. Like with everything, there will always be those who have problems or who don't like it (mainly because it is from Microsoft - some people will instinctively dislike any Microsoft offering) but all I can say is that 'it works for me'.

It's interesting what you say about clearing out the crap from your PC. Most people have far too much software installed (you know the sort of thing - "it was free on a mag cover so I installed it"
BOB S 18 2.6k
25 Nov 2002 5:09PM
Barrie, I have to say that I love XP and all the things it does so well, during my recent excursion into PC terror land I also converted to NTFS file system from Fat32 which was a throwback to the fact that it was an upgrade from Win 98.
What a difference the clearout has had - PS 7 now loads in 1/3 the time.
You are right about the Hard drive speed, also the larger drives nowadays are faster to access even at the same spin speed !
redsnappa 18 2.8k United Kingdom
26 Nov 2002 1:19PM
All Anti Virus software should be switched off when burning CD's as the burning process is vey memory & processor intensive, the antivirus scanning files will interupt what is supposed to be a continuous flow of data from hard drive to CD Rewiter drive. This is irrispective of operating system your computer uses.

Why are you burning jpegs to cdr that is asking for trouble, they are more easily corrupted than other file formats such as tiffs.

I would never trust the jpeg process with ANY of my images, as soon as the images are downloaded from a digital camera they should be saved as tiffs & the jpeg deleted.

Any operating system is only as reliable as the hardware and other loaded software, eg a cheapo graphics card with badly written driver software and your system will crash more times than Stevie Wonder in a dogem car
Will 19 1.8k United Kingdom
27 Nov 2002 10:54AM
I'm curious if anyone has tried Linux, or other alternative operating systems?
bppowell 19 2.2k 2 England
27 Nov 2002 11:20AM
About a year ago I tried several different versions of unix based installs, Mandrake, Redhat among them. Most I have found far less relaible than MS software, very difficult to install and to get all the bits and pieces working together can be a nightmare. I gave it up and stuck with MS. They could have improved by now but from what I read I do not think so. You would have a very steep leaning curve should you think of switching.

User_Removed 19 7.3k 6 United Kingdom
27 Nov 2002 11:25AM
Hi Kevin

Just for your info. I only use JPEGs so I can load all the images from my Canon digital SLRs onto my cataloguing software, Canto Cumulus
basically, in my Nikon days, I used to shoot images in the Nikon RAW format (for maximum informnation) and then burn these to CD and catalogue it into Cumulus as Cumulus supported Nikons RAW format.

I shoot now with Canon and again in the RAW format. However, Cumulus doesn't support the RAW format so I have to use the embedded JPEGS in the RAW file and burn a CD from them to load onto Cumulus also saving the RAW files to CD as well (in case you don't know, when Canon creates a RAW file, it also embeds a JPEG version as well - very useful)

As you say, for high end quality work, JPEGs are not acceptable.

photoworks 18 325 United Kingdom
10 Jan 2003 10:02AM
some information about linux systems.

in order to switch to linux, you must be very, very, very computer litterate. i have tried it once a few years ago since it seemed to be a very promising environment, with all the benefit of open souce and very good software for free.

i successfully installed the os (mandrake 7) but when it came to install the specified software i wanted, i crashed back to reality.

Of course that was before the advent of Windows XP.

Forget the other version of windows, XP is a must, especially the professionnal version where you have a built in local server software application. i now have a local server installed without hassle on my machine, very practical when it comes to test a website in "real conditions".

Now, the new version of Mac, Mac OS X jaguar, has a Unix kernel and has all the advantages of Linux, without the hassle. You can run unix applications on it.

As for JPEG, i never had any problem with, though this is a destructive format and every time you open it and save it, the image loses significant quality.

So far, this is the standard format for putting photos on the web, though the png format is a possible contender.
GoodbyeAll 18 348 1
22 Feb 2003 4:15AM
Redsnappa, could you possibly please explain what you mean? All my favourite pics are backed up safely on CD but they are all .jpg's , I thought I was doing the right thing, should I be worried?

Dennis.Alden 19 71 United Kingdom
22 Feb 2003 9:36AM
Wendy you almost certainly have no need to worry. There is nothing inherrently problamatic with JPG files - JPG format is just a Graphics file standard as is TIFF. As long as the program that you used to save the files adherred to the standard when it wrote the file and the program used to read it adherres to the standard when it reads the file there will be no problems.
All programs have bugs of course - as a Software Engineer I have written countless programs and sadly I cannot say that I write perfect bug free programs everytime (if at all!!!) - but if you used one of the mainstream applications I am sure you will have little cause for concern.
GoodbyeAll 18 348 1
22 Feb 2003 9:39AM
MOst of the time I just copied the files from the camera onto the Hard disk and then used the in PC software to write them onto the CD's, it got me a bit worried to be sure!

10 Apr 2003 12:00AM
I need to update minolta film scanner dimage muti for window XP. Where can I get it?
Toymaker 18 587 1
14 Apr 2003 4:05PM
Hoyoung, have you tried Minolta's web site??

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