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Wing clipping

ZenTog 19 7.9k 1 England
20 Jun 2006 9:54PM
went to clip the wings of poaching photographer at a recent horse event, I was the official paying photographer. so went up to the guy to explain my position nearly ended up in an agument, then found out he was a fellow ephotoziner and had a right laugh when he found out who I was!!!!
samfurlong 15 2.5k United Kingdom
21 Jun 2006 7:52AM
So was he 'poaching' then?
I always find horsey photographers to be a bit of a closed shop, very cliquey lot, really dislike outsiders (even if you're there for a legitimate reason.

As a staff photographer for a newspaper I meet a lot of other photographers at photocalls, press conferences, sporting events etc... Generally they're all very nice, we get along and have a laugh, they'll help you out if you break a lens or something and some have even become good friends too.

This spirit seems to be lacking in what I term 'the horsey set' this is mostly photographers who cover country shows etc.. the three counties show from last weekend and the great yorkshire show being good examples.

The question i am getting at is why did you nearly end up in an arguement - you had been comissioned to be there so presumably he wasn't going to do you out of any money so what's your problem??
Even if he had been there 'poaching' it's not your place to question him, that's for the event organisers! If they want rid of him then they will remove him.

A couple of months back I have a similar situation, I had my passes and everything was all above board, I was a bit late so I carried on and went into the ring. The first thing anyone said to me wasn't 'hello', 'how are you' or 'nice morning' it was (in a very surly tone) 'who are you, you're not meant to be in here, clear off!'
To which i replied that if hes is that insecure about the quality of his work that he can't stand a little competition (even though i wasn't there in competition with him), that he should consider a different profession.

SO any of you horsey lot out there hear this.... not everyone is out to steal 'your' pictures (even though they're not really 'yours'). If you have a problem with aother photographer alert the event organisers and let them deal with it. Accept that competition is a fact of life and if you can't handle it go and find another job. Photographers in other (highly competitive) fields get along very well - why can't you?
BOB S 19 2.6k
21 Jun 2006 8:46AM

Quote:Went to clip the wings of poaching photographer

Could you explain this in a bit more detail please.

samfurlong 15 2.5k United Kingdom
21 Jun 2006 8:48AM

Quote:Could you explain this in a bit more detail please

Basically to tell him to piss off
beauvale 15 9
21 Jun 2006 8:54AM
If you were the "official" paying photographer then presumably you had access to areas that non paying photographers didn't?. If you didn't then what is the point of paying? - just turn up like everbody else and take photos.
I wish you good luck trying to sell any of these pix to competitors, they've normally got a drawer full at home already.
ZenTog 19 7.9k 1 England
22 Jun 2006 8:45PM
basically he was giving pics free to show people by email if they wanted
yes we get more ring coverage so most cases are ok, but we pay for the privalage some times three figures at big events forthe rights to sell images.

we dont pick on ams there taking pics but if others are poaching sales then i will clip thier wings where I cna, normally a word in the organisers ears normally curtails such activity

I am not a sour puss, anybody who has met me wil swear by that, , in Fact the guy got taking to me and we had a right laugh and he may come and do some images for me at events in the future

I always talk to the staff photographers from the newspapers when they come into the ring to shoot the supreme winners etc, most of them need help getting the ears forwards on the horses etc so I do talk , I dont ignore any person unless they are really snotty arogant t#####ers

we did have one girl though selling off a website at the show I have to catch up with yet , anybody heard of Image-raider website????
wotashot 17 2.2k
22 Jun 2006 8:52PM
Wrong place Paul, Wrong place all together!

You have a network of pro's in your area, talk to them.

Airing your dirty laundry here isn't the answer.
sheilarose 15 203 England
22 Jun 2006 8:59PM
sorry mate sounds like your the one comming across as the arogant t#####er here!
wotashot 17 2.2k
22 Jun 2006 9:00PM
Giving event photographers a bad name me thinks!

laura16 17 606
22 Jun 2006 9:03PM
Regarding the girl selling photos from a website - surely even though you have paid to be an 'official' photographer you cannot stop members of the public taking their own photos and attempting to sell them? Are there rules forbidding others to take any photos?
caireyhunt 15 26
22 Jun 2006 9:05PM
I'd soon tell you where to shove your pro camera.
sheilarose 15 203 England
22 Jun 2006 9:09PM
Ahh would his camera be retrievable, and would that sort of thing be covered under your equipment insurance - do you think?
wotashot 17 2.2k
22 Jun 2006 9:09PM
At most events of this and similar sort's Photography is not banned, but selling shots if someone else has paid for the rights exclusively isn't allowed.

Of course if the event is on public land or on the street then there isn't much point selling an exclusive license and its a bit of a free for all... May the best/most efficient man win and all that,

barnowl 16 697
22 Jun 2006 9:19PM
I have recently met Paul and can confirm that he is not a "sour puss". Course I had to clip his wings about taking pics of my puffinsSmile

Oh, and he's a big guy so you might want to reconsider telling him where to put his camera!!Smile
wotashot 17 2.2k
22 Jun 2006 9:21PM
Big Guy... Big Lens.... Perect combination Wink

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