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Wing clipping

barnowl 15 697
25 Jun 2006 7:03PM
It's the little guys that always want to fight Paul :-} Drop your 600 lens hood over him, that should keep him quiet.
ZenTog 19 7.9k 1 England
26 Jun 2006 8:36AM
LOL Gary funny thing is he was Italian as well not the nation with the top fighting ability!!
HorseyPics 14 15
26 Jun 2006 1:45PM
Hmm... I know, there is a wedding going on at a local church, I will pop down and take some nice piccies of the do and give them to the bride. Nope nope, I will stand outside MaccyD's and give people free burgers, but that is just being silly.How about I come and sit on your desk whilst you do your nine to five job and see how you like it.
What Paul is saying is correct, with the cost of insurance, equipment, staff and organisers becoming evermore demanding of what they want, people hanging over ringsides with a view to giving away pictures damages the official photographers living.
Yes, this is a sore point, as it is with most professional equestrian photographers across the country (i.e full time not just Saturday and Sunday during the summer to fund the holiday). It is a case of respecting the way people earn their living.
Rant over.
keithh 17 25.8k 33 Wallis And Futuna
26 Jun 2006 1:46PM
and what an odd time to join EPZ.......LOL....suspicion over.
Beezy 14 5
26 Jun 2006 2:11PM
It's all really interesting though!!
shooter 18 105 Canada
6 Jul 2006 4:59AM
Is it ok to poach on another photographer? I found this a very good explanation why people get upset:

Imagine when you go into work tomorrow you see someone in your work area doing some of your duties. Your boss tells you that this is an unpaid guest worker that will be taking some of your work away from you. Cool! I don't have to work as hard. Yeah, real cool. What your boss didn't tell you, but which you will find out about at your next payday, is that while the guest worker isn't getting paid by the company, your paycheck has been reduced for the work that you used to do but are not doing now because the guest worker took it away from you. The company says "We're not going to pay you for work that you don't do. That's only fair, isn't it?" What really irks you is that you weren't even asked if you wanted to give up that work. If you knew that you were going to lose some income you certainly wouldn't have agreed to do it, but...nobody asked you!
wotashot 17 2.2k
6 Jul 2006 7:16AM
Yes, thats a good way to explain it. It's not nice when this happens but I hear it happens a lot - there's no wonder some event photographers have a face like thunder all the time! Wink
rodp 16 1.2k England
6 Jul 2006 9:31AM
So are we saying that when I go to a competition next I should not take loads of pics and give any good ones to my mates. These are the mates who have gone out of their way in the past to help me when I damaged something and needed help to finish the competition. I do think that if you have paid to be there to make a profit then yes it should be a level playing field as far as professionals are concerned but if I want to give photos away to friends or the club magazine then tough. If it wasn't for the likes of us sticking together and spending a fortune you wouldn't have any events to go to.
BOB S 19 2.6k
6 Jul 2006 9:51AM

Quote:I am not a sour puss

No spelling or grammar expert either.


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