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Wireless BB

Coleslaw 15 13.4k 28 Wales
27 Mar 2007 11:13AM
I am using a wireless modem/router for my ASDL broadband.
I am just wondering how do I know if someone else isn't using my connection secretly? And how do I prevent that from happening?
BTW, I do use Zone Alarm Pro.

* Reason of asking is because when I connected my Wii to the internet, what I did is just select the modem/network it detected. No secutiry questions, no nothing.
Mike Gray 16 382 United Kingdom
27 Mar 2007 11:18AM
You need to go into the settings of your router and apply a password to the WEP settings, to make it even more secure then only allow machines that you have connected by turning on only use these MAC addresses.

Hope this helps
Coleslaw 15 13.4k 28 Wales
27 Mar 2007 11:24AM
ok, will try when I get home.
Ta, Mike
KevinGoodchild 19 1.2k 9 England
27 Mar 2007 11:31AM
I was chatting with my neighbour about this recently, he readily admits using my connection one night when his connection was down! cheeky bugger .....BUT just goes to show you that you need to secure the network!
User_Removed 17 17.9k 8 Norway
27 Mar 2007 11:38AM
The number of people who are not aware of 'bandwidth theft' - and the security issues - is legion.

Went for supper at some friends recently; both are in IT and have company laptops - but no internet connection at their place. Chris wanted to show me something online - so he logged onto next doors router Smile)

I've even been in a restaurant where they use those wireless card swipes to take payments at the table. Got my little 'sniffer' out - and found out their EPOS system wasn't locked down!
keith selmes 17 7.4k 1 United Kingdom
27 Mar 2007 1:16PM
A couple of backgrounder links.
The first has a list of things to do to ensure security on a home wireless network. The details may be a bit technical, but the outline is a pretty good run down.
The second is a briefer overview, and covers some of the same points.


User_Removed 17 17.9k 8 Norway
27 Mar 2007 1:17PM
Some good stuff there Keith...
Mike Gray 16 382 United Kingdom
27 Mar 2007 7:35PM
Its amazing really when i visit friends in the city, how many unsecure networks i can pickup on my PDA phone. So i just logon and use a network.
Coleslaw 15 13.4k 28 Wales
29 Mar 2007 8:36AM
I tried WEP yesterday, piece of cake!

But when I tried MAC filter, and somewhere kicked myself out of the wireless network! Scared the hell of out me. I have to call to my broadband provider to ask for help! Luckily, I can just connect it wired and changed the setting back. What a relief!

Won't touch Mac filter again....;o(
DaveU 15 1.4k 127 England
29 Mar 2007 9:52AM
I think it's too easy to get paranoid about wireless security. IMO as long as you've got even basic WEP enabled then it'll stop your neighbours hitching a ride on your connection and do the job. OK you can go to town with MAC address filtering, WPA encryption, hiding the SSID broadcast and encasing your house walls in 6 feet of concrete but it's all a little over the top.

No doubt someone will point out that WEP is easily hacked, but my neighbours are all computer dummies and if I see a guy on the pavement outside with a laptop then I'll switch my router off Smile
ellis rowell 16 2.0k United Kingdom
29 Mar 2007 10:46AM
I agree with DaveU.

As I live in the country and my router is screened from the road by various bits of metal, I am not unduly worried. I only have the router on when I am using the computer. If someone wants to risk a connection for a short time they are welcome. I have been out with my laptop to check and I can't pick up a connection on the road. My next door neighbour may well be able to connect but I doubt if they would bother. After all, you would not want to rely on an iffy connection which might be switched off at any time. If you really are that worried why not have your walls lined with aluminium foil and earth that out, It would be better barrier than anything else.

In the early days of VHF radio communication (line of sight transmission) I was in the signals section of our Civil Defence division. We did a survey of the local town for transmission problems and found that steel framed buildings, steel clad buildings and fences were a serious problem.
Coleslaw 15 13.4k 28 Wales
7 Apr 2007 6:18PM
I have set up WEP a while ago. My main PC and Wii access internet wirelessly fine.
But when I tried to access internet on my Mac today, I can't. I put in the same and correct password, but just can't. The Mac is just beside the Wii.
Can someone tell me why?
ruralscotland 16 1.3k
7 Apr 2007 8:31PM
Could be that the MAC is not recognising the hexadeciaml characters in the WEP key.

Is everything set up correctly, does the MAC have a wireless card?

steveb 16 343 United Kingdom
7 Apr 2007 8:43PM
I have found that earlier versions of OSX will not recognise all the routers password security options, I've come across this with 10.2.X and early 10.3's. Tiger should be fine. There's usually no problems with WPA, MAC address filtering and hide the SSID if you want to be the most secure.

Superficial 14 147
8 Apr 2007 1:06AM
I also found that OS X (Tiger) is pretty finicky about which encryption it will use. However, I have found that it works fine with 128 bit hex WEP encryption or WPA.

With regards to wireless security, I don't see why you shouldn't have WEP encryption + MAC filtering + SSID hidden. It's a 5 minute job if you know what you're doing, and I'm completely bomb-proof now :o)

The problems you're having with MAC filtering (Coltranekoh), you need to make sure that your computer is in the 'allow' list before turning the mac filtering on. As you have already found out, it pays to have another computer connected by a wire though.

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